Did E-Clause lie? Kirk Pendergrass – in his own words – you decide

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 10, 2019 at 7:13 P.M.

On November 4, 2019 Kirk Pendergrass, agent, E-Clause LLC went on The Field Report and announced he had arrived in (Plum City, Pierce County) Wisconsin to perform audits on Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan.

The reason Pendergrass was affiliated with Field McConnell (The Field Report) was because E-Clause was going to audit the courts and bad actors in Wisconsin government that targeted McConnell and violated his rights.

Pendergrass received funds from a private party to purchase an automobile to travel to Wisconsin from his home in Idaho. The private party also purchased two computers for Pendergrass, as well as gas money and winter clothes. The private party told Pendergrass “no” when he asked for a carton of cigarettes.

Pendergrass stated he would be in Wisconsin for 4-6 months.

Field McConnell was kidnapped (by use of a fake arrest warrant concocted by organized crime in Florida) off the street in Plum City shortly after Pendergrass arrived.

Pendergrass attended two court hearings of McConnell. Pendergrass did not attend a third hearing. He sat out at McConnell’s house (smoking cigarettes presumably).

Pendergrass and E-Clause did not file one single document in state or federal court in any attempt to secure McConnell’s release.

Pendergrass lived in McConnell’s house and continued to host The Field Report, as well as his own show Kirk’s Law Corner. Pendergrass exited Wisconsin under cover of darkness without telling a soul after only six weeks – taking the car and computer and leaving McConnell’s two dogs.

Below is the first video Pendergrass did upon arrival in Wisconsin.

Pendergrass and E-Clause never did anything in Minnesota, Iowa, or Michigan as Pendergrass claimed they would. E-Clause did zero interviews with CPS abuse victims.

E-Clause Comes To Wisconsin, Minnesota & Iowa: Kirk Pendergrass,


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