HILLARY CLINTON WAS SUPPOSED TO SIT ON THE THRONE AND PREPARE THE WORLD FOR THE ANTI-CHRIST – “…we make the contract with Lucifer, Leviathan, Ashtaroth, Baal, and Baphomet … the ceremony pool, it was filled with blood and dismembered body parts … filled with remains and blood of infants and the girls or women who had just given birth to them” – Jessie Marie Czebotar

Donald trump's face with the words,the knows.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on September 1, 2023 – USA

Jessie Marie Czebotar is releasing information she says she “buried with Jesus” for years until such time the Lord God would prepare the world to hear her.

It is important to understand that Jessie Czebotar’s affidavits of truth regarding kidnapping, torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism by the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, satanic cults, and the Luciferian Brotherhood, was originally an integral part of a diabolical plan called “Dark to Light” devised by EVIL men to usher in the GREAT AWAKENING under the guise that those evil men were heroes that were saving the children.

If their plan would have worked – the world would have believed these evil men were saviors (when in fact they were the murders and cannibals all along).

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~begin segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~

The Unholy Contract Ceremony

As a child we easily believe in stories of fairytales, giants, trolls, magical creatures, and locations. As we hear the words, our hearts dare to believe and we long to see the truth. What changes as we age? The only thing that changes is that we have adults that tell us they are only make believe. The world I grew up in as a child defied reality because the Luciferian Brotherhood and the U.S. Military taught me how to access the spiritual world and to use my spiritual senses to the full extent. It was my job to understand and manifest that which was spiritual and magical into the physical world. Are there wishing wells, cisterns, ancient magical pools, fountains of youth that reside in the surface of the deep? Is there a fountain of life? To comprehend the answer to these questions, we must refer back to truths in the Bible. These are truths revealed to king Solomon of Israel by God himself and meticulously preserved by the Luciferian Brotherhood. Some of these ancient writings, chronicles, and prophesies I had access to at the Systems underground Library vaults. The following are a few of the locations I have identified:

a)      The Library under the Vatican

b)      The Library under the Cathedral of Luxembourg or Notre Dame

c)      The Golden Library of Moscow

In the books of Psalm, Isaiah, and Job in Scriptures, we read about the Sea serpent Leviathan.  We are told that Leviathan’s domain is water. He is the only demonic principality that has authority and jurisdiction over all waters, including oceans, seas, the waters above the earth and below the earth, and the waterways that are on the land. His domain and territory is vast. This is the main principality that the Luciferian Brotherhood made my alliances with.

Leviathan rules from Ragnarök. The first time I met him was in the Ice Caverns there. Many times, when I had to work with him, he manifested himself physically as a massive red dragon with multiple heads. Sometimes, it was a singular dragon type head. I learned spiritual entities were able to take on multiple forms.  I believe the ceremony I am about to share, took place near Ragnarök, because I remember that as we entered the lower ice caverns where it was, suddenly I unexpectantly felt warmth and humidity which caught me by surprise. As we entered this cavern there was a series of cisterns and ancient pools where the Unholy Ceremony took place. The first ancient pool is nestled into the cavern walls as you enter the first room. This area is small and the ceiling is lower. As I stood in awe of how beautiful this area was, it felt like it was lower in the earth because despite the darkness I could feel deep tones rising from the earth. That area shimmered with an unknown light source that gave the room an underwater feel. The cistern looked like it was carved out of rock, but it was beautifully formed with rounded edges. The very back was decorated with the common brotherhood shells and decorative leaves that I would see on the interior and exterior of buildings and fountains everywhere I went.

As we followed the cave wall to the right it suddenly opened up into a vast cavern with high vaulted rock ceilings. In the center of this area is a singular square shaped cistern. Its edges were perfectly fit to the floor and there was a wide front mouth area with steps that descended into the cistern and steps that proceeded out the other side in the same fashion. The other side the steps went to a platform that faced the sheer face of a rock wall that was covered with a sheet of ice. This sheer face is where Leviathan would appear. The rock face is a spiritual gate and when Leviathan appeared the rock face looked like a glass mirror. This spiritual gate at Ragnarök is directly connected to six spiritual gates that the ancient Queen Jezebel of Babylon used:

a)      Jezreel springs

b)      Spring of Gideon in Jezreel

c)      Spring of Harod in Jezreel

d)      Field of Naboth

e)      Babylon and all the replica Gates of Baal

f)       Nimrod’s Hill (where the Genesis 6 Project is located.)

Ahab’s and Jezebel’s murder of Naboth to attain his field was not just about the coveting lust of the queen. The Luciferian Brotherhood has ancient teachings and books that stem from the time of King Solomon and Jezebel. Jezebel was considered a Grand High Priestess in Solomonic magik. She also was considered the first mother of darkness. The Lord God Almighty has great anger against her and all that walk in her ways because of all she has done to destroy His house and people through her witchcraft, necromancy, and blood magik. These teachings of Jezebel are part of what is considered the Great Apostasy or end time teachings. These teachings are about the chalice and fruit of the womb, fountains of deep, and the fountain of eternal life. Hidden in these teachings are demonic alliances and contracts.

In order for Jezebel to gain the hidden knowledge of where the fountain of youth was, she had to buy a field and make a contract with the serpent Leviathan. Thus, the contract between the woman and the beast was established. This ancient contract is fourfold:

a)      The Mothers of Darkness vow to have a woman sitting on the throne in the last days. (This was supposed to be Hillary Rodham Clinton).

b)      That woman’s job is to raise up the Anti-Christ and the Anti-Christ System. The vow to raise up means to literally place in the hands of. (With Hillary not on the throne, this did not happen.)

c)      A woman would be established who would raise up a generation who would prepare the way for the beast so he can rise out of the water and take authority and jurisdiction of the land.

d)      The woman would prepare a people who will worship the beast.

The woman represents the Luciferian Brotherhood System, the five Mothers of Darkness, and their chosen face front woman the world would see (Hillary Rodham Clinton). This contract is to be upheld through the generations between Leviathan and the Mothers of Darkness. The contract is to use spiritual gates located in the waters, for the rights to access water ways above the earth and below the earth, altars and sacred spaces for rituals. It also gives the right to turn the water into blood in these areas for ritual use. This contract was broken by me in the Fall of 2018 when I took my position, laid it all at Jesus’ feet, and then divorced myself and everyone in the System from all vows and contracts made.

The Ceremony

What did Jezebel establish? Jezebel is the one who established this unholy vow with Leviathan. Scriptures teach that after the Lord God Almighty brought Israel out of Egypt and the 40 years in the desert, He commanded them to partake in feasts to remember the great work He had done. One of those feasts was called Sukkot or the feast of booths. During sukkot, the Israelites were to make temporary booths to reside in during the feast. The booths were to consist of three walls and a roof (four pieces total representing before the Lord the four priestly houses that He had established). These booths represented the three-fold body (spirit, body, soul) that we temporarily exist in while residing under the headship of God. At a deeper level, it represented the three items in the Ark of the Covenant and the intimacy we are to have with God. The roof represented the headship of the Lord God Almighty in relationship.

Jezebel changed God’s temple design of four walls which was to be a visual reminder to the people that the place they were stepping into was God’s house by removing a wall and putting water (fountains) in front of the outer structure.  The structure was fashioned to replicate the gates to Baal’s temple and represented her contract with Leviathan. Jezebel established herself as the head over the house. This two-wall structure was made to resemble the two poles with a roof covering that represented worship of the beast. The poles on each side, represent the poles of the principalities Ashtaroth and Baal that Israel would worship in the high places. This same image became the Brotherhood’s symbol for the poles they call Boaz and Joachin. Upside down, this symbol represents a cup of wine, a chalice, and the sacred space of the womb. These symbols became a part of the building designs used by the System.  Jezebel’s contract with Leviathan was made “unwillingly” on behalf of all women and gave Leviathan the rights over the waterways of the womb and the children who resided in the womb. In exchange, Leviathan taught Jezebel the secrets to the fountain of life.

In exchange for these secrets, Jezebel raised up woman as the divine womb. The divine womb contract is shared between Ashtaroth, Baal, Leviathan, and Baphomet and in each generation, the Mothers of Darkness and those in the System who rule the Quadrants. This treaty is signified physically through the imagery of the gate of Baal in building structures. So, this can be seen in the front entrances of the White House, State Capital Buildings, and elite member’s homes and would be placed in all major territories connecting mid-level spiritual gates in those areas to the gate of Baal. White is the color for Lucifer. The white color tells Brotherhood members that it’s a place where Lucifer will appear at ritual times.

Those under the Jezebel contract with Leviathan curse the womb by raising up women (priestesses) into places of headship and in the house of Jezebel. This is connected to their ancient teachings of the seed of Cain and the seed of Christ. These teachings are not about the true Messiah, but the false Messiah that Israel is trying to procure for themselves thru breeder programs and cloning. These teaching are part of the great apostasy and elevate Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus. They claim that Mary Magdelene and Jesus were secretly married and had a daughter who bears the seed of Christ. They also venerate Mary the mother of Jesus and put up her picture and statue in Churches. Those who are not Luciferian do not know that this really does not represent Mary the mother of Jesus. Rather, it really is Nimrods (the King of Babylon’s mother). Nimrod’s mother Semiramis, who also was bound by this contract and raised her son up to be god (the Messiah) thru incest.

Therefore, part of the moon child ritual is that father’s (who are in the Order of Melchizedek, rape their daughters after their first menstrual cycle. The child is induced early. If it is a boy, he is sacrificed in the moon child ritual as a mockery and to pay back to God for killing the first born of Egypt. If it is a girl, she is adopted out and raised up as seed of Cain and marked as those who bear “unholy seed”.

I submit for the record that I witnessed these incestuous rituals occurring at white houses. This included at the State Capital of Madison, WI, The Greenbrier, and the white parish house that was at Cathedral of St. Peter in Ashton, WI. I testify that the structure of these buildings is meant to signify access to the gates of Baal. Many also have fountains in front that signify the contract with Leviathan. I submit for the record that the structure of Court Houses and buildings of the Judicial System are structured to represent the gate of the temple of Baal. Many also have fountains in front that signify the contract with Leviathan. I submit for the record that in the Luciferian Brotherhood, the White House and Capital buildings, and prominent white house homes are distinguished as places where incest, the menstrual blood contracts, Marriage to the Beast ceremonies occur. These locations also have access doors to underground ritual areas and to the generational ritual walls with handprints in blood if they are near System Training Programs.

I submit for the record that I witnessed satanic rituals and killings, decapitations, and dismemberments at State Capital buildings in honor of Lucifer and the demonic generals.

I submit for the record that the seal used to represent the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a sigil representing Luciferian Brotherhood and authority in regional jurisdiction. It really represents the gate of Baal with two pillars, the Ashtaroth and Baal poles and the scale of justice being the top of the gate of Baal. The red in the background of the seal represents the financial backer in the System which is the Sanhedrin. The gold stars represent a special chamber of the Satanic Council, the Council of 13. The blue behind the stars represents that the Vatican has authority over the Council of 13 and that they are financially backed by the Holy Sea.

Leads to further contracts with Baphomet and producing on own. Because Leviathan has no jurisdiction over land, he contracts with Baphomet to seal the deal on land, so he has authorities and rights to those who are born from the womb. Baphomet’s price is the raising up of homosexuality, mutilation of body which is God’s temple thru gender mutilation, mutilation of the womb and female parts thru abortion.

God’s design was that His house (The true Church or Ecclesia) was represented in the image of man. The name “Adam” when broken down in Hebrew is, “A” meaning a type or image and “dam” meaning blood. Thus, man carries the image of God’s glory (the seven-fold Holy Spirit) in the blood. The purpose of the Unholy contract is to break the sacred covenant with the Holy Spirit of God who hovers over the surface of the deep and gives Leviathan stolen authority over the waterways within the body. Who is the source of life and the Giver of the well springs of life? It is the Holy Spirit of God, the very breath of God.

Before I get into what the Unholy Contract entails, let me share about the ceremony I and other quadrant leaders have had to endure. As we go through the ceremony, we make the contract with Lucifer, Leviathan, Ashtaroth, Baal, and Baphomet on behalf of everyone in the quadrants we have governance over. We were at the ceremony pool, it was filled with blood and dismembered body parts. I had to pass through the pool of blood being fully submerged and walk through the pool and up the stairs on the other side to present myself before Lucifer and Leviathan. The pool was filled with remains and blood of infants and the girls or women who had just given birth to them. This pool had to be at least 8 feet deep and about 10-12 feet long and wide. We were dressed in white robes and veils when we each went through individually. When we each came out, our attire was changed to black and covered in blood.

I remember a feast taking place after. I was commanded to eat the circumcised flesh of the infant males that had just been slaughtered. I refused and fought when they tried to shove it down my throat and tried to make me swallow. The next day, the flesh was ground up and served to me with lunch. When I refused that, that night meatloaf was served for dinner. That was the day I forced myself to start gagging and throwing up every time I saw meat and refused to eat it unless it was chicken on the bone.

The Rights the Unholy Contract Establishes For The Order of Melchizedek:

This contract establishes the blood of death or tainted blood that leads to death instead of life giving waters that the Church of the Living God is supposed to give out. The natural is tainted by the use of menstrual blood representing a dead womb instead of life. Quadrant women will order the collection of menstrual blood in their areas and use that to taint the water in the water tower reserves, water facilities, and lakes and rivers. This is one way they curse humanity. God’s design is that through intimacy and relationship the womb would bear forth living seed. Jezebel and the Principalities entered into a sinful contract by procuring their own way. Meaning that instead of attaining eternal life and bearing forth life through God’s design, they tried to establish other ways that achieved the same means based on death thru necromancy and blood magik and cursing the earth and flesh to attain life from the consumption of blood. Life through blood could be attained several ways:

1)      Vampirism and adrenochrome harvesting: Drinking of another’s blood, adrenal gland hormones, and pineal gland hormones.

In previous affidavits, I’ve shared how I witnessed adrenal and pineal gland harvesting at several military bases. I submitted for the record that Nazi Michael Karkoc, Clara Odilia Acker Church, and Laurie Cabot Kent practiced the ancient art of procuring these hormones by hand. I witnessed children chained to palettes and hung from the ceiling. Then long metal taps were inserted into their face and bodies so hormones from the tapped glands could be collected and procured. The procuring technique depended on what it would be used for. If it was for elite daily functioning and heightened spiritual acuity, it was procured in vodka. If it to induce psychosis during certain rituals, it was procured in formaldehyde.

I testify that I witnessed many Luciferian Brotherhood elite, U.S. Presidents, and U.S. Military members partaking in drinking blood and cannibalism at satanic rituals both on bases as well as at civilian locations.

2)      Bathing in blood, including menstrual blood.

Bathing in menstrual blood was commonly done at elite rituals and sometimes during the Breeder Program inductions during the Spring and Fall Equinox. The girls are induced. As they are laboring, menstrual blood is poured over them to make it an “unholy” birth contract. Sometimes they are made to drink the blood when an elite member wants soul rights for the child being born. This gives the elite member rights to pull soul energies throughout that child’s lifetime and access to blood from the victim. They have ways of gathering. Some are notified so that when the victim is cut or hurt, they will collect blood through the spiritual realm. They also can Astral project and vampirize the person in their sleep. In this, abortion and drinking menstrual blood is a contractual sign signifying the dead womb. Why do they drink or take blood of virgins? It is because the womb is dead and has not yet brought forth life. This is done to curse the womb and the flesh that comes from the womb.

Years after I had gotten out, I found out that several such contracts existed between me and those who were considered my teachers in training. Such individuals were: Clara Odilia Acker Church, Nazi Michael Karkoc, Laurie Cabot Kent, Gloria Vanderbilt, Col. Michael Aquino, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John O. Brennan. I would never give blood willingly for rituals or events. However, I somehow always tripped or fell or cut myself. I would be bleeding and who would clean it up? One of my teachers would. Each time comments were made about how clumsy I was. Because I allowed them to tend my wounds, they were able to use the blood as willing blood in rituals, unbeknownst to me.

I submit for the record that I witnessed U.S. Presidents, Politicians, and U.S. Military individuals bathing in menstrual blood at the main four Bases I have named, as well as at civilian locations connected to the Breeder Programs, and in wooded areas and islands. (These locations named in affidavits.)

3)       Contracts for children in the womb through abortion or those ritually killed at birth.

 These contracts are made through cannibalizing the face or neck or decapitating and drinking blood from the neck. I witnessed this being done with both infants that were born dead and decapitated through the aborting process and those born living. If the baby is a male and larger in size, they will bite the uncircumcised flesh off and consume that before they kill the child.

I submit for the record that I witnessed U.S. Presidents, Politicians, and U.S Military members of the Luciferian Brotherhood torture unborn children in the womb and then rip them graphically from the womb only to consume them and drink their blood while they were still alive. I witnessed U.S. Presidents, Politicians, and U.S. Military consume the dead.

I request that these matters be investigated, that current military programs involving children be stopped and that there be accountability and justice for all victims for physical and spiritual crimes committed by members of the Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military.

~begin segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~


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