timothy charles holmseth reports on the pentagon task force

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 1, 2020 at 9:44 A.M.

On October 14, 2019 the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force reported 2,100 children were rescued by U.S. Marines from underground bases in California.

The children were rescued during night raids conducted by U.S. Marines using night vision at five different locations in California.

The military had PG&E cut the power in advance.

The children were held in hell-on-earth conditions of Biblical proportions.

My source, who I will refer to as Pentagon 1, referenced movies such as It, The Matrix, Back to the Future, and The Wizard of Oz to describe the insanity.

There were arrests and the children were taken to various medical and psychiatric facilities.

“I’m almost going to guarantee the majority probably came from CPS,” said Pentagon 1.

The children’s ages are “anywhere from three to seventeen,” Pentagon 1 said.

“There’s both girls and boys. I would say mostly girls but there’s both. All their needs are being met right now. They are being taken care of – the military has stepped up,” Pentagon 1 said.

“Not all those kids are making it. There all in base hospitals. There all trying to be fixed up and made whole and get some nutrition in them and they were in incredibly bad shape. And it’s going to be a long lengthy process to get those kids back on their feet” Pentagon 1 said.

“To investigate – to find all their parents – I mean it’s going to be a freakin’ nightmare,” Pentagon 1 said.



Pentagon 1 said the operation was done under cover of darkness.

“Why do you think PG&E shut the power off? That was the military telling PG&E to shut the power down they got to go in in the dark. So, they went in with all night vision – all in the dark. They did this stuff in the middle of the night,” Pentagon 1 said.

“And they blew – all those underground fires was because [those] military boys were pissed. They just blew it. There was tremendous amount of emotion there,” Pentagon 1 said.


“A lot of [the children] are not from the U.S. A lot of Spanish (children) from Mexico and Guatemala and South America. You know? Who knows who their freakin parents are? That’s a big reason [Trump] is putting up the wall. It’s to protect all of us – everybody,” Pentagon 1 said.

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    1. Thank God for thos who are helping these and are presented.how did we not here about this.this was in2016. If read that right.

      1. Trump was the first president to save these children. How many did nothing. BUILD THAT WALL. FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.

        1. Weren’t they being held in California?? That is within the USA…within the “wall” correct???…Our biggest enemy is in this damn country..a wall will not help that.

          1. Christine, it’s all over the world, not just in this country. The whole planet is under the control of an evil cabal, and it’s been this way for many decades.

          2. “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”
            I forget the author/originator of this but when supposed good people not only do nothing but speak out and oppose those fighting evil, then they themselves pretending to be good are the evil ones. LOOK IN A MIRROR CHRISTINE

        2. God bless the President. He’s trying to keep us safe. And he’s receiving nothing but contempt for his actions. Let him and his men do their jobs for GOD’S sake. Let me see the liberals do anything good for us Americans. God bless the Marines and God bless these innocent children.

      1. Thank you Tim for your great work when do you think that the president will release this information publicly God bless brother and have a great day

        1. Because it never happened. It’s just some twisted response to the REAL kids in cages (immigrant kids) held by our government.

    2. They extracted the children and blew up the place ( tunnels I’m presuming) so why no media attention regarding large underground explosions or locals reporting underground explosions?

      1. Because Hollywood involved also. Along with some politicians (Dems) in high places

      2. They don’t report it because the mainstream media is complicit in it as well. Like Anderson Cooper is a CIA operative. All those that scream the loudest are complicit. And CPS now means “CHILD PREDATION SERVICES”. Some of these kids have not ever seen the light of day. Bred, then born below ground. These evil people must be eradicated. I cannot wait.

        1. Amen! Praying often and daily for Pres Trump and family. God bless and always protect them.

      3. Those are reported as “earthquakes” over 100 “earthquake’s” this last month. All about 6 miles deep.

        1. Amen!!!

          As a former radio newscaster I followed all these stories throughout Calif. The Presidio, Spielberg, et al; the Bakersfield underground tunnels, etc. Spielberg bought a big piece of land near SF. No one ever brought to justice in the 70s. Money always talks.

      4. Social media is full of people claiming sounds of explosions and some even feeling the Earth shake.

  1. Tim I posted your article here on a group page. One person said, “Sounds fake to me. No details, just one guy doing a youtube post.” I posted a search on your name. He hasn’t said anything back to me.

    1. Tim’s always been about the children,been through alot!!He’d be easy search(although some of it may say opposite of him FAKE NEWS!) Look up Field McConnell. These men are great Patriots. Look up his videos early 2019 till now. Info about jfk jr.to. This is amazing news! central park too ,they are saying thousands of kids IN tunnels under park. PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN and those who are saving them..

      1. AC’s father was also CIA….
        Also, underground tunnels (see: Bakersfield, the Preschool investigations; also a lot of tunnels under LA). See: McMartin Preschool Tunnels; the Presidio….

      2. Lots of tunnels run all under Los Angeles. Gee, I wonder why? Who would believe a child? Epstein was only one of many; he was an open secret who partied with powerful politicians from all over the world.

  2. May the Lord protect you and she’ll you from any harm continue your continue your good work and the name of Jesus Christ give you all the equipment you need to save the children of this land or we all belong to Christ hey man

  3. Merciful God! My soul aches for the Children. I give thanks and praise for your courage to record and report.

    Thank Mr. President Trump
    I would volunteer to help. To hold those children, read to the, feed them. This hurts my soul! What is the reason
    Who and why????

    1. Satan is the reason. He uses people and their evil spirits to do his bidding. Jesus’ precious Blood spilt over 2000 yrs ago, now, plead Jesus’ Blood over all the children of this world in the tunnels and in the wombs!

    2. I’m sure the children will need experienced care givers. You might start by taking adoption/foster classes to gain some of the challenges that come with caring for such damaged children. Priorities start with patience of a saint and guppy love and lots of courage to listen as they must speak it out to cleanse it from their psyche. Monumental tasks yet love is the answer…..guppy love….un-ending ….always there. The child must have their voices heard.

      1. This is so very true. As a victim of sexual child abuse for 8 yrs, it is a task to understand who we are and how we think. I am 62 yrs old now. I’m a survivor who hurts everyday for these children. Politicians turn a deaf ear. Please help the children by educating yourselves on how to help give them love. Don’t give up if you don’t see them accepting love. It’s a misunderstanding for us. We never heal completely.

  4. I wish i could help… i wish i was part of your quest and bring these monsters to there final sentences… i cant believe what kind of truth is taking shape into my mind? These childs missing at a scale that is unimaginable….

  5. This is unbelievable.how come no one knew about this.how could they keep it a secret.what the hell is going on.please God help theses children and are presented get theses people there not human.that is the worst thing I have ever heard.

    1. No one knew about this because rich, powerful pedophiles can make sure the Fake News Media will never report these pedophiles. I’m surprised Harvey Weinstein ever got arrested. He was an Open Secret in Hollywood’s powerful circles for decades. Money kept it quiet.

  6. I just want to say thank you to this courageous reporter giving true and honest news it is so horrible to hear about these children and people are not going to want to believe it but it’s the cold hard truth. Thank God for president Trump.

    1. Amen & amen! People would be stunned if the full truth ever comes out! Some big politicians, moguls, politicians run our world, sad to say. Fake News “reporters” are TOLD what to write. Sickening!

  7. In the netherlands our king must be atrested too.he is guilty too the whole royal club with him.all members of politics they must be arrested too they are demons.

    1. Are u insane? I guess it’s the kids fault this happened to them. We need to do whatever it takes to help these kids…all of these kids!!! They were brought there by evil evil people. God help these kids recover if that’s even possible. Amen. ????????

      1. There is so much wrong with this story.

        Putting two and two together, brings Epstein to mind! So, if my hypothesis is correct, then the deal that Federal Prosecutor made 20+ years ago paid off. They lost their key Witness, but so what, he too was a very Evil man.

        If you think about it it is not surprising that a large majority of these kids were taken by CPS, and look how the upper tiers in city, county, state, and national governments, how they live. The Social Workers, do they know about the Racket? How far does it go?

        No wonder that there are so many people hate and distrust the Child Welfare system.

        We need to allow our Federal Investigative agency, to step it up and start working under, More controlled atmosphere. A number of nice safe houses, with a foster couple.

        This will allow the kids, young adults, and whomever else the opportunity to get involved and allows them to not ONLY help, but gain an education. A HANDS on education.

    2. Tammy the Troll: Or is it Tammy the Chromer? Just FOAD… you’re a useless, evil POS, and your callous comment shows the filth in your heart. IMHO… your Soul is going someplace very, very HOT… very soon.

    3. Are you saying those children should be sent back with no treatment? Without knowing who they belong too?

    4. What’s your problem lady these are children, it doesn’t matter where they are from. What matters is they need love and help.

    5. Have you ever asked yourself this question. What do they do with the full term abortion that survives hunni ?

    6. what is wrong with you?! these are abused and tortured CHILDREN! some of who have never seen the light of day. Where is your compassion? Your humanity?

  8. Thank you Jesus!
    If I can help at all with those precious kids please let me know 805 479 2123

    1. Julie, You volunteered & shared your number. We have to warn the parents!
      Do you have a twitter account? Contact me there @BreathAgain777

      1. May God hold these children In his arms and make them whole again. In Jesus Holy Name AMEN This should never happen. It is a disgrace to our Country

  9. So very happy this is happening. Those poor babies are going to need very special care and treatment. No one can possibly have any frame of reference as to what they’ve been through. I pray for their recovery but they will never be the same. I pray for God to hold them.

  10. you are a hero, I wish I could help you. My humble best wishes are sent your way

  11. Child Protective Services?!! Wow, I heard they were dangerous. What a mess, you wonder how we could do such a thing and sleep at night. Thank you for this news I live in Cal. and we were never told the reason of the blackouts. Now it makes since.

  12. Godbless Timothy and covered him with arms thru this tasks that he does. Thanks for your good things that you are doing gor this kids. God has a big purpose for you. God bless you every moment of and your family.

  13. Please email me and let me know how we can help the children/families. My husband I are retired and available for prayer, comfort, support etc.
    we have followed and supported awareness of the missing and trafficked for years. May the Lord cover each and every rescue operation and all involved!

  14. God bless Timothy, President Trump and all those involved in the rescue. May Jesus comfort and heal all the children. I am praying for them. This is the greatest sin on our planet.


  16. I adopted my son thru for 14 years ago, learning this breaks my heart. My son could have been one of those children in that tunnel. May God help them heal. Bless the men who saved them. I can stop crying.

  17. Mr. Holmseth, I followed and supported you in the early days of your persecution and harrassment until you were put under Federal protection. I’m glad to see you are alive and well and I hope your back is better. Much love from this DoD retiree. May God bless you and all who work to save the innocent children.

  18. You sick bitch! They need help! How do you think they got here? By themselves? Get on your knees and pray to God for forgiveness!!!

  19. I pray that every word is true and we are on the path to put a stop to all of this

  20. Past years I be noticed shoes mostly tennis shoes string over telephone lines. Is this related to shoe trees in any way?

    1. There is a street corner in the middle of nowhere between Cedar Lake, IN and Lowell, IN. They call it the lost shoes corner. It’s a big joke to people there. I always thought something sinister going on. What if?

      1. Take a look at Tom Hanks’ red shoes photos. Very weird. Anderson Cooper’s family were allegedly involved at the Vanderbilt Mansion. His brother, as I recall, jumped off a high balcony to his death & Anderson witnessed his death.

        1. That’s the story put out. His brother didn’t die, he transgendered into Cathy Griffin, the comedian. Gloria Vanderbilt was their mother, one of the high witches of the Satanic cult.

  21. I want to help those kids somehow. I would take care of some of them and give them a home. Praying for the children.

  22. We so appreciate modern heroes like Mr. Holmseth. God bless all those involved in retrieving these poor children.

  23. You are mean spirited! These,are children of the world! These children have been mistreated they need our love and our prayers not, “send them back”! you ought to be ashamed of yourself!

  24. Tammy,how do u expect them to find their parents,your an idiot, wetook them we should provide for them and give them a million dollars at age 21,and suport them till then, and close fuckin CPS down.

  25. Help!
    I know a young mother in Pa, whose 2.5 yr old son is in danger of being trafficked by his rapist dad, who is a very active pornographer, takes vids of the boy, I;m pretty sure he is trying to monetize his efforts, and isn’t beyond “renting out the boy”, if he could. The county authorities are too corrupt to trust, cps (CYA, in pa) has been involved in the past, HELPING the rapist dad take vindictive action against the victim/mom. I don’t know if he is in a pedo ring, but not far from it. Who can help us STOP HIM from TRAFFICKING our (family’s) little boy? The mom is too scared of his retribution, the court has been of little help so far.
    I would love to hear back from the owners of this website, to take effective action.

    1. Rosalie: I know what you´re saying is the truth. CPS IS demonic. I have watched them and others in our “government” support pedophiles every chance they got. I practiced law for some 40 years til I resigned in disgust, finally, on July 4, 2019. We don´t have a single real court in America, not even the USSC. They are all private, for-profit corporations and they are trafficking children. Our economy is BASED on this. I am currently advocating for the rescue of a 13 year old girl from a California trafficking center called Promesa Behavioral Health. Trump will NOT help us. She´s an American girl with an American father, a veteran, who she is BEGGING to be reunited with and who is trying hard to find a way. kshine@wljaradio.net. I am also on Facebook. Katherine Hine

      1. Katherine Hine, Who do you think has shut the whole world down and is rescuing these thousands of children? And you are here dissing him while verbally advocating for one distant child. How can this make sense? Cali has brain damaged you

      2. Katherine, Why do you people have to slur pres. Trump? Who the hell do you think is the Commander in Chief leading the military to rescue the children? For God’s sake, get off the soapbox and support Trump. After all he is leading the charge against this evil faction of America deeply rooted in the DemonRat party and the rest of the haters in America. How can you help anyone when you are full of hate? God bless President Trump and the patriots and protect them all with the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    2. Tell the mom to go on Friday and Saturday nights to simply tell her detailed story to veterans anywhere they can be found. Any age vets or even disabled vets. Start with local recruiters and work her way to VFW, American Legion and the VA hospital.

  26. Help!
    I know a young mother in Pa, whose 2.5 yr old son is in danger of being trafficked by his rapist dad, who is a very active pornographer, takes vids of the boy, I;m pretty sure he is trying to monetize his efforts, and isn’t beyond “renting out the boy”, if he could. The county authorities are too corrupt to trust, cps (CYA, in pa) has been involved in the past, HELPING the rapist dad take vindictive action against the victim/mom. I don’t know if he is in a pedo ring, but not far from it. Who can help us STOP HIM from TRAFFICKING our (family’s) little boy? The mom is too scared of his retribution, the court has been of little help so far.
    I would love to hear back from the owners of this website, to take effective action.
    Thank you and God Bless you, in advance. WWG1WGA

    1. Please contact the regional police center make a report also online and write to the white house staff. If this are that bad, simply take the child and run to your parents/relatives, seek protection from family. I’ll pray for you.

  27. When I dug on Guatemala and Honduras a year ago, it was specifically to find stats on missing children. Turns out there is/was NO recording system in either country for missing Children. There are 10’s of thousands of homeless kids that were easy pickings for Coyotes to transport. Ever since, I have had no doubt that Trump’s mission was sound. I am so grateful he is doing this amazing service for the world’s citizens and I pray for all those kids. I really hope we can move forward peacefully and help those kids heal.

    1. CPS, sadly, has a documented history in different states & the kids go from bad to worse. Watch those Open Borders activists. Sure makes things easier for the pervs!

  28. I hope someone could use DNA blood tests to help locate their parents. This is so sad . ..

  29. If the video above was put out around Oct 2019, what is taking place just now in April 2020 exactly? We hear about the ships off the coast of both CA and NY…Are the children now being taken somewhere else? Why is this information coming out just now? Thank you.

    1. Apparently theve just discovered and are in the current process of rescuing some 35,000 more children from all under places like New York and Florida as well as more from California and I’m not sure where else because I havent actually watched the videos or read the articles, just saw that there is new articles here on the website.

    2. No this is more of them that is happening now !!!
      Trump has to do all this behind the scenes…so nobody tips them off or gets in the way. There is probably more after these too !!!

    3. Info comes out now, because when you are doing something that needs to be secret to take out evil and it is entrenched and hidden in the world, do you really want to announce that you are coming. People really are as stupid as they say. Main stream media is involved therefore they do not report on those found or those doing the crimes. Please tell me people are really not this stupid?

  30. Tremendous job and well done. It’s great news living 3,000 miles away on the east coast to read this. What a blessing brave individuals as yourself and others are doing to rescue them. They are in good hands now and God’s blessings to all on the road to good health.

    1. It isn’t just ONE coast. Pedos were all over the Heartland as well as Calif. These sick bastards are found in health care (sic) facilities, in Boys Town, Scouting, movies, CPS, the ministry. Even the military.

  31. It is nice to see this many people support Timothy. I am usually the one of few who do. This spiritual warfare is REAL. TIM and Field are getting torn up out here. Keep to the plan. Have faith God is still in control.We are all human and are wounded souls. We must carry those who are wary. WWG1WGA.
    especially when we start to lose site in the plan.

  32. @Timothy:

    On a related story, Schaeffer Cox was living in Alaska, and he was trying to expose CPS, state, and federal officials that were involved in pedophilia and other corruption. He was declared to be a terrorist (which is nonsense), and thrown into a CIA blacksite. They tortured him for a long time I think. They took his kids from him (and God only knows what they did with them). You can find out about his story here: http://freeschaeffer.com

    Timothy, please use your connection to have Trump’s people take a look at this. As far as I know the corruption and pedophilia is still going on in Alaska, and poor Schaeffer is still rotting in prison for doing nothing wrong (except maybe being naive). My message to the POTUS:



  33. I knew this was occurring. They torture the kids in cages to get that adreniline from their blood. They are researching how to produce it without the children. CPS needs to be shut down. Call the church if children come up without homes due to arrests. Call the family. DO NOT call CPS. They violate parents rights to take children for no real reason the majority of the time and put them in more danger than with the parent.

    1. THEY ARE NOT RESEARCHING HOW TO MAKE ADRENOCHROME WITHOUT CHILDREN. This is satanic ritual sacrifice and partaking in the remains. Everything else you posted looks legit. Please warn the parents and grandparents. If they won’t believe it…that is on them. Print a flyer! We had 2 attempts at our 3 children being stolen from us during broad daylight. I researched to try and find out why our children were targeted. The only answer I found that made any sense at all was near unbelievable. There is a large number of drug addicts using a drug called Adrenochrome which is made from adrenal gland secretions. The elites believe they have found the “Fountain of Youth” in harvesting children for their fluids and organs. This is real folks and they have been disappearing children all over the world and they are never seen again. Epstein Island was just one of many places all over the world processing our precious babies and children and even the teens. Young women are caged as breeders. Wuhan was a main hub of organ harvesting and transplants. Recently defunct “Evergreen Container Lines” (Clinton owned) delivered thousands of living souls in shipping containers. Possibly even millions were sent there for liquidation. Please research while google is unlocked and get the crucial info. Our troops are on the job freeing children right now. But these satanists know how to make fresh Adrenochrome from a victim in less than an hour. We need to hand deliver this warning to parents and grandparents IMMEDIATELY. Go to this link I set up for you and print a flyer: https://pastebin.com/H65RKKwW

      1. So these children where put in a state of despair to satisfy the thirst of those who believe they are god????? May these few be punished severely and may they suck on a rusted nail instead!

    2. Add certain prominent politicians, female as well as male! They have money & power to do these things. I knew one victim who was herself a medical doctor: her own father raped her & at a weekend retreat I saw the grown woman suddenly revert to baby talk. Frightening.

  34. Thank you for everything you are doing for these children God brought you when these little children need you to tell the truth the ones that knows the can’t sleep I know I’m one of them people my heart and soul is broking for these children

    1. Old news is safe news. 35,000 rescued is current news. We waited 55+ years for information…be thankful

  35. Is there any way to get involved and come help somewhere cooking meals or anything, please. I have always believed evil like this to exist I just didnt ever think I would get the chance to be alive and witness any of it actually being brought to justice! But it cant stop here, we have to restore the media and communications and prevent things like this chip and whatever other kind of serious evil is brewing! Please email me if there is a way for me to get involved.

  36. Dear Timothy, I watched you when President Trump first became President.How is it you are 1 man away from President Trump when you accused VP Pence of Pedophile? How does that work? Just asking? Sincerely seeking truth, DMW

    1. Allow me to answer so Timothy can move forward doing the reporting. VP Pence and wife have a new look. Google pics of his swearing-in vs. current. Figure this out and move forward waking the parents and grandparents. Every child in the world is in danger. They know how to make fresh Adrenochrome…even in darkness. It’s good that you are analyzing but don’t get paralyzed. Listen to Juan Savin and get motivated

      1. Phil thanks for sharing your insights. The link is already removed you shared. Also any chance the youtube on Pence might be restored? It is listed up top, but taken down.

      2. I knew it. The “new look”…I’m sick.

        Dear Lord Jesus please provide the strength and sound judgement to your patriots all over the world. Please wrap the children in Your Almighty power and cover them in Your protection as You have done for us.
        Thank you for the courage and strength and to all the wonderful souls in this world. Never ever give up.

        God Bless!!

      3. There have been rumors but nothing confirmed. Pedos don’t have horns & jagged teeth. Shock, huh? Usually in positions of trust. I don’t know but heard a few rumors. If they are ministers & teachers & politicians with great images are caught, don’t be shocked. But proof is needed. Could be a political enemy.?

    1. The San Francisco Presidio; Hollywood; Mega churches. They look like anybody. Southern Calif. (McMartin Preschool near Bakersfield; the Midwest; in the military. They look like nice people. Check out the Lincoln pedo rings in the Midwest & the ring was run by a pleasant, black leader with a strong following. I’ve forgotten why it was called the Lincoln ring but Holmseth probably knows. Check our David Zublick’s You Tube channel. He was hot on the trail of known pedos but I think he spent a lot of his own money for files & I don’t think he still pursues the pedos. See if he still posts videos. Researchers suffer from burnout & run ins with powerful people who can destroy you.

  37. If there were children rescued will they be dna tested to be reunited with their biological family

  38. May God bless you and protect you and yours always! Thank you for being part of the effort for exposing the horrific situations in our country! I can’t thank you enough!


  40. Hundreds of children being held prisoners in underground facilities!? Well, now we know that it is TRUE. I CHALLENGE ANYONE to REFUTE, point-by-point, EVER CLAIM that appears in the link below (the Dulcematrix). OR, they can accept the fact that, as Shakespeare wrote… “There are MORE things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreampt of in your philosophy…”

    I think that I can safely say that the “Dulce” (Dul-see) facility beneath the Archuleta mesa in north-western New Mexico is by far THE (EPICENTER OF THE) WORST AND THE MOST EVIL underground reptilian network in the USA. It may be as bad as the 7-leveled ancient REPTILIAN underground system/network/world below the Benares region of India, known as “Patala”. Here is the most extensive expose-website in the world on Dulce… http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/DulceMatrix.html . Since the first “Dulce War” ended in a stalemate with many casualties on both sides (although several hundreds of human prisoners/abductees were reportedly rescued in that ‘war’ or military operation), it may be possible for the Navy SEALS, etc., to attack the “Dulce Matrix” FROM BELOW via underground “sub-aquatic” SUBMARINES. Just HOW could this be possible? Well, reality is NOT what you think it is… Prepare yourself for the incredible TRUTH… http://theantibeast777.angelfire.com/Sub-Aquatic-Labyrinth.html

    1. Hi,
      I’m a patriot from the UK, following Qanons, etc. One thing that hasn’t been made clear about these abducted kids(although we know who is abducting them and what for) just WHO is the Military fighting in the DUMB’s, military from other countries or ET’s??

    2. Check out Jeff Epstein’s PEDOPHILE ISLAND & his Lolita Express he used to fly kids in for “parties.” Epstein was close with the Clintons & their friends. I think the island was closed & Epstein supposedly went to prison, but I’m sure his circle of pedos are still having pedo parties. Some of his friends would shock you.

  41. It’s not that I don’t believe these reports – I do believe them – but I’m looking forward to seeing photos and video of what the soldiers are seeing, or of who/what they are bringing out of the tunnels.

    I’m thinking Trump wants control over that, to make the big reveal when the time is right, a time that is right for his plans. No doubt this would be tied to getting confessions and reports of arrests lined up, which would involved the opinions of all prosecuting attorneys. Everything has to be tight.

    We’ve only gotten hints and verbal reports so far. This waiting game is exasperating.

  42. Timothy, I’ve heard about “earthquakes” in strange locations. Could these earthquakes be the military blowing up these tunnels?
    Can you guys get the older 17 year old kids to testify and identify who kidnapped them?

  43. It’s been All over the internet. YouTube. Trump in his briefings everyday give us Q followers coded messages that Only Q folks know of. It takes a lot of serious work to know about Everything that’s Really going on. Not what Your being told. Don’t say it’s not line. Ice found approx 100 different stories all about the children being saved. And guess what. The ventilators and all these temp hospitals being put up. And both those hospital ships east & West coast. Are All for the children. Not the Fake Corona Virus. WAKE UP. KNOW THE TRUTH.

    1. Sadly, you can’t throw a rock without hitting one. I don’t think Trump was ever involved but the pedos have lots of money & influence so its hard to be sure. Obviously the Catholic Church & the pedo priests were outed years ago, but like cockroaches: find one & 100 run out.

  44. These dear children need loving hugs to survive and heal/become whole. Homes or facilities much like homes must be setup, where these babies, children, teens can experience a semblance of loving homes. They need truly loving parents and grandparents surrogates/volunteers to come to these homes and hug them, spend nurturing time with them in activities that will build them up in various ways. In short these volunteers must be true, dedicated child advocates. I am one, and I am willing to be one. CASRE/California Against Slavery Research and Education would be a good organization to assist to this end. Please pass this message on to the appropriate people who are fighting for these dear children. I am sending my prayers and best intentions for these Dear Ones, now…

  45. This is to express my deepest gratitude to all who are giving themselves to save our children. Every time I see/hear anything like this it is terribly painful for me and I pray for a way I can help…It haunts me, as I know it haunts others who love and respect children. I see every child as a child of mine. The Africans have a wise saying: It takes a village to raise a child. Please contact me, if you see a way I may be of help.

  46. thank god those children were rescued, thank god for president trump,the best president this country has ever had,he loves and cares about america and his people and thank our awesome marines who get the job done. how many years have these children and others been living thru this nightmare, and that pos former president probably knew about it and done nothing.build that wall mr. president and protect our children,close our borders and protect our country.god bless president trump and god bless america.god bless timothy holmseth and keep him safe.faye

  47. Thank you for all the hard work you do – Saving children and young adults from human traffickers is one of the4 most honorable jobs on earth, and dangerous as well – God bless you all – Stay safe!

  48. Thank God and the USMC that those precious children were all rescued. I’m in tears. Timothy thank you for your coverage of this. Having been a print journalist for three decades I had always hoped some day to use my skills, knowledge, education and inquisitive, curious mind, and my devoted heart for The Lord to do good. I still hope that. I’m the proud daughter of a USMC Officer, dec., and to this day, I’m proud of the USMC and all the military and first responders. I hold them all in my prayers. I will add you, too Timothy, to my prayers.

  49. I surrendered to jesus and had close encounters with white orbs of white fire weeks before I encountered this underground trafficking operation I was lead by the holy spirit in 2017 and came upon this trafficking operation by the train tracks in yuma foothills az. I was ontop of my car singing to God and I saw pink/purple popping apparitions on the ground 100 feet infront of me. Then I saw long distance lighting flashes with no lightning or clouds in the distance. I would see trucks and diesels being escorted by bikers on the road by the train tracks come out of a cloaking sphere where then I would see the lightning flashes from the distance. They shot some kind of neurological weapon that produced holographic spheres. I was brought to me knees then an orb of white fire starts flashing at me 200 feet away. I believe it was an angel. I stood up and yelled at the sand rail with the men in them where they fled about 200 meters away where they stopped. I drop to my knees and put my hand up to the north star to pray. After this a few days later they blocked me from going into the desert with a sand rail. Soon after we saw black helicopters routinely patrol the area and my house. Weeks later we saw a black helicopter drop down and signal to us with his lights. We both went that’s wierd. I then ask god what was that in vision, he showed me he protected me from their attack and they want you. I then walk to the desert close to where the operation of moving children took place. I see the black helicopter do a raid in the trees with his lights on lighting up the area. I see two men with blue flashlights run from his location to the houses where they get two sand rails. While moving they put on cloaking tech where you could see them but it was like seeing through water there were ripples. Then holographic screaming pumpkin’s came from the cloaking tech. After this I was told in visions it was a human trafficking operation. I was shown horrors of what they do to children. God has shown me this child trafficking operation has a pyramid temple as their base showing all of creation that satan is the strongest. With an underground railroad system not discovered yet. The liberators are walking with God. They must keep filling up the underground bases to reach their temple. The liberator will place his hand on the pyramid and pray to God and it will fall. The evil is working overtime doing child sacrifices to suppress, distract and hide. It is crucial you stay on the path. Surrender to christ and let him work through you.

    To the satanic entities and the people deceived by them. God is coming for is his children.

    1. Thank you, for being a witness, to those who choose not to believe or care about these children. Thank you, for telling this story and for standing for the children. It’s so difficult to carve out time to pray for these forgotten babies, every day. Maybe we should organize massive, regularly occurring prayer vigils, to include visualizations and affirmations that all are delivered forthwith and given comfort, love care and mentoring into the Heavenly new lives they need.

    2. God bless you & all of you. Our military has had cloaking devices for awhile. An evil segment of the military learned years ago to use hallucinogenic drugs on unsuspecting victims in the 1950s after defeating the Nazis & stealing their secrets. These are not all military, of course. Most are good people but every group has a few bad eggs.

  50. I had a severely messed up.. dream? Vision? About 6 years ago that I was in New York, Central Park (though I’ve never been there or seen it) and my daughter was missing. I was handing out pictures when I noticed a strange man and I followed him to a concealed trapdoor that went to a many level deep base where children were being kept in cells, cages. Right underneath Central Park. It felt so real – this can’t be understated; I know there’s something to it
    I’ve never forgotten it to this day. That’s how I found this article, I was searching abducted kids in Central Park to see how many came up.
    If this site is legitimate.. please look into what I’m saying. God Bless

    1. I trust this dream. It was remote viewing. You went there in your astral body. The question is, why was this shown to you? Perhaps, there is a good reason and only you can determine the answer. When we have these types of dreams, we are communicating on a deeper level that reveals truth to us.

  51. I love it when our President says something is going to be a priority (human trafficking) and his words are as good as actions. God bless America, God bless our President and administration and God bless those saving kids.

  52. Where are the pictures, images or video of the marines and navy seals carrying these children to rescue? Why do we not see the children being rescued if there are thousands and thousands of them?

    1. Weil genau diese Ungeduld und mehr Alles gefährden würde, was noch ansteht……

  53. We must make the harvesting, selling/buying, possession and consumption of adrenochrome a felony, punishable by life sentence or death.


    1. richtig liebe Sandra
      Robert F.Kennedy jr. hat nun auf Telegramm Fauci im Visier
      Gott schütze Euch ……….
      Thimothy Dankeeeee für Alles . Ich werde es in Deutschland wieder verbreiten…..
      Hier schläft man noch

  55. It is time to push back and regain our freedom. The NWO is trying to fast tracktheir evil plans.

  56. Hi. I am from Malaysia. I am quite open to all this stuff for some time now, though I need to learn a lot more! Just want to share this one thing. I googled “Timothy Charles Holmseth” and I did not find this website. But when I searched the same name via Bing.com, there it was, timothycharlesholmseth.com was at the top of the list! Now I am certain, all these MSMs, they are blocking the info alright! Too bad I still depend on Google Chrome (could it be it comes from adrena-chrome?).

    p/s: To all those who risk their very lives doing good things, God bless all of you.

  57. send all those kids got taken and was lost from CPS when those kids were put into detention I knew it then I was telling people that somebody took those kids for sex trafficking and here it is

  58. Please do something about rescuing children who are trapped inside tunnels who are
    malfunctioned by the U.S.

  59. This is how the politicians/elite compromise each other. To be part of the secret society of exclusives, they force you into the most vile acts so that they know you will never talk because they will expose your criminality. Then they have control over you. Why do we think so many vote against their own constituents, or don’t call any REAL witnesses….Lindsey Graham anyone? Obviously some prefer this and they have to keep the “pipeline” filled.

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