BREAKING! 35,000 kids rescued from captivity in New York, California, Florida, Washington

Timothy charles holland reports for the peterborough philanthropy task force.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 3, 2020 at 5:25 P.M.



Pentagon 1 confirms children continue to be rescued in locations that include New York, California, Florida, Washington, and the numbers have seen a dramatic increase.

Pentagon 1 said the number increased from some 3,000 children to 35,000 and advised there is “more coming”.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force is currently assisting the U.S. Military with actionable intelligence and will continue to report developments.

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107 thoughts on “BREAKING! 35,000 kids rescued from captivity in New York, California, Florida, Washington

  1. Thank you for sharing this report, Timothy. Many of us are more worried about the children than the virus. Just knowing that there is great progress being made is a real Godsend.

    1. Hi although we want updates. Do you think
      It is a good idea to be posting this now?

      1. This is so serious yes it needs to come out now, the torture those kids went through is the worst, most will never be right again. This has been planned for the last 20 yrs, big names are going down for this , wait and see

        1. I can hardly wait!! I pray they don’t spend a day in prison and they’re immediately executed! Or better yet, let’s torture them for 20 years!! Disgraceful beyond belief! Pray for these children !!

      2. Of course it is the time! Perhaps if it was your own child you wouldnt be asking that.

      3. How long should we have these traumatized children wait? Do you realize the impact these traffickers have on the children? As an Adult Survivor of Molestation and Domestic Violence, I still suffer PTSD at the age of 56. You have no idea what captivity does to the mental well being of a person. This will take an “Act of God ” to rehabilitate these children.

        1. Some of these kids were bred and born underground and don’t know any different.

          1. That is absolute B.S. Even chickens who have been in cages all their lives when rescued, could not move on grass for hours. Gradually their inbuilt instincts kick in… YEP, ptsd will be a problem but they will make it.

          2. Omg they are children doesn’t matter where they where born,what colour they are,they are children. Children are what make the world go around.What if it was your child ,think.

        2. Yes it will!! As the mother of a fallen SF soldier, I will do whatever is asked of me to help! I’m so happy I want to drive everywhere honking and waving our great flag! WAKE UP CRY BABIES, Here’s your proof of God’s love! You are the bravest men and women alive, Thank you?????

          GOD BLESS YOU, ?????

        4. My thoughts also. I’m a Counsellor who has worked with people, young people & children with PTSD. It is wishful thinking to believe these children are being saved. Many ‘have never seen the light of day’ (feral) & most are kept in cages. Many who do not have parents. 1000’s of tortured, traumatised, feral children. Think about that.

          1. What is the purpose of keeping them caged up? I thought they used them in sex trafficking. Let’s rescue these children. I will take a few of them and give them a home full of love.

        5. There are new technologies, previously unreleased. We will all have a fresh start in life.

        6. I’m in tears . I was hoping for this news and I hope more good news comes. Thank you for such good work and I hope that in the future I can assist in helping them in a meaningful way.

    2. I won’t doubt it, thankfully there is a global lock down to deal with these monsters. A million children go missing every year here in the States and most are wards of the State,and a lot of people in the CPS will have to answer to these crimes, smh.


    3. What is wrong with this country, we have kids locked in cages going through the worst things that these sick & I can’t even call them people, are doing to them & the media doesn’t say a word about it, or if they have its only a few words. This should be FRONT PAGE and all these sicko’s need to be put to death, & I’m normally against the death penilty. These Are kids here that have been taking by CPS and then handed over to these sick child molesters & this has been going on for a long time. None of the other presidents but trump has done a thing to help these kids & don’t tell me they didn’t hear about it, they were just cowards & did nothing. This is why he was asked to run for president & he still has work to do until the last kid is freed. People need to wake up & do something about whats been happening in this country to OUR KIDS & make sure it NEVER happens again. My Prayers go out to these kids & we owe it to them to be known whats happened to them..

  2. Thank you so much for this report. Been so worried about the children, and couldn’t care less about the virus. Thank you so much for letting us know that things are getting better slowly. God Bless

    1. It’s real!! It’s not a hopeful rumor!!tears of sadness n joy! Much work ahead! <3


    2. Im Namen Jesu Christi mit der Kraft des Heiligen Geistes bitte ich Gott im Himmel um die Befreiung aller Kinder aus den Klauen der Huldiger Satans für immer. Liebe Licht ins Dunk❤️?

    3. You beautiful person, thank you for saying words I can’t even think of I’m in so much in awe about this rescue. Yes I have known about this evil to our children for a long time & have prayed, it’s on my mind all the time. Thank you Yullie & God bless you with the love you have.

    1. WHERE have I been???? This is the first I’ve heard about this, and you’ve been praying about it almost 20 years?? Where did you first learn about it? if you don’t mind telling me.

      1. Read Children of the Matrix, by David Icke. And watch his videos – though he doesn’t like Trump, but I think this will change when learning what’s taking place now..

        1. I pray it will iv been praying this would be exposed I pray all CPS lies come out amen

  3. Thank you for the work you do and the faith you have in God that you follow your heart to share this important coverage.

    I pray for the children. We want to bring Heavenly Light and Our Lord Jesus’ Healing Love to the children. We pray for them to know love, comfort, care, trust, nourishment and nurturing. We love them with all our hearts.

    We want to get symbols of comfort to them such as teddy bears; or anything like this- We want to help them. What can we do? What would help?

    We are so grateful they have been freed.

    Thankyou to all
    Thankyou God ???

  4. I am so very very proud of President Trump, The United States Military and Mr Holmsmeth and that astoundingly brilliant and courageous man between you. I think about all of you and these children all day long and pray. This is soooo very very great. I am beside myself with excitement as I gave been doing research for a few years now but just discovered Q just in time to wait for everything to take place. I am so with you in my orayers and spirit and I know others who are also. Ive read many replies of orhers who are with you. Maybe the rest will listen now. Its a new America!!! Many many blessings, love and prayers!!! On high alert!!!

  5. God Bless you and all the troops ..words cannot discribe the feelings! Blessing.

    1. Thank you troops sending prayers to you all makes me cry it was so shocking to see such hidden exposure


      1. Technically we have been in a state of war since September 11, 2001 so a person guilty of treason during wartime is put to death!!!! I hope they broadcast his execution all over the Earth

  6. We are all responsible for every one of these Children,

    We are all responsible for these Precious Children, Our nation must now come together as one caring body, once and for all, Our beloved President Trump is showing us the way. These broken children, are Gods children, Thier lives and safety, are now in our loving care. God Speed, everyone.

  7. Thank you!! Now will they be going after the ones that were attempting to research to produce that fear in the blood agent that the elite claim?

  8. Keep rescuing the children and never stop…and arrest, prosecute and destroy these evil perpetrators!!

  9. Am I missing something? This is the report? No details at all? If this is supposed to be a secret mission, then why are we hearing anything at all? This “reporting” is just rather odd…BUT: Praying 24/7 for you, President Trump and our Military. There is hopefully more to this than meets the eye.
    Some evidence that this is actually taking place, though, would be most welcome and reassuring.

    1. Homie relax there is clear evidence. The virus is the complete hoax. The medical supplies are for the children. The hundreds of thousands will be from people fighting arrests as well as children not healing. This is huge. Just know the MSM is lying ENTIRELY about the virus but for a good reason, for once! Xd but yes if children are being saved this is huge. You understand that that many kids on a scale this big means the people involved are the rich greedy corrupt evil bastards weve been hoping get brought to justice our entire lives (well I’m 27). But think about this, they were so smart as to use all the co conspiracies and agenda 201 bullshit and all that to really shut down this evil in reality which is a disgusting pedophile ring, period. This is the real truth, just wait we will get more. I imagine although yes this guy is just a reporter, he is probably very busy trying to “get the details”. And it’s probably on the super hush because they want to surprise the criminals. The only people even aware of this guy are people that truly dig and dont buy all the bullshit we are seeing left and right on youtube and everywhere else on the internet. God has a plan and granted we might not weed out all of them as I’m sure there are more evil powerful people than just the pedophiles but we will get there one step at a time. Just trust in the Lord, it all makes sense now why all of this has been happening. How amazing. Fr God bless

  10. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding these children. I just wonder how many parents are holding their breath, hoping they will see their child again.Children from all over the world were kidnaped

  11. Praise God for this REPORT!!! I pray EVERYDAY for them to be “found out” and for Justice to be served!!! My husband and I just finished the Foster care training in TN and would be honored to receive children from this and help them be restored and healed physically and emotionally and spiritually through God amazing love for them!

  12. I thank God for the president Trump for taking action to save these children. I declare the Lord restore these children’s lives to fulfill God given destiny and become instruments of righteousness for God. I thank you Timothy for carrying out God’s calling in your life, the Lord richly bless you with wisdom and creative ideas to fulfill your calling! Lastly, thank you all for those who prayed for these children.

  13. Thank you so much for the rescue. We Christians have been heartsick over what we have read about these evil pedophiles.Please track them down to the very last one so that this cruel torture will cease and our children will be safe. May God and His Holy Angels protect everyone of you and expose supernaturally these horrible people.

    1. Back in 1985 in.Calif. I had many disturbing significant dreams about missing children in cages, I wish to share this in private with one of your staff people, thank you

  14. God Bless you! Will more details be revealed? Such as, is there rehab in place? Can they be returned to their families? Will the perps be prosecuted?

  15. Sir
    I first want to say GOD BLESS YOU!
    I cannot thank you enough and I will pray for you.
    I vf would like to know what your thoughts are in regard to COVID19 and this Huge undertaking of the worlds evil human traffickers
    Please if you are able to help me understand whether COVID19 is coincidence or was this all planned for this time?

    I wonder who knows…sigh
    How can anyone sleep knowing and not helping.

    1. ??? Could care less about the Fake News …please Help People Wake Up and share this news with All and God Speed / Safety for All Involved. Q

    2. I Know?????I am so very Proud of all our Brave Men and Women who Saved them putting it all on the Line!!! I’ve been up all night waiting, I could fill it in my Gut! God Is Mighty and so are his Warriors!! Free fishing break, come on down!

  16. JESUS SAVES!!!!

    John 3:16-18 King James Version (KJV)
    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    1. What´s really amazing about all this is the absence of any real evidence that ANY children are being rescued, especially not Caucasian children trafficked by CPS. I see nobody is interested in rescuing 13 year old Aliyah Banta, who is being trafficked at Promesa Behavioral Health in Fresno, California. The people involved even ADMIT they kidnapped her, but it so doesn´t matter, not even to “truthers”.

    2. All over US in underground bases, Elizabeth.
      Didn’t read & watch all the available reports on this website before to ask questions as if you were doubting all this was true?

  17. Dear God. Bless these children with supernatural healings. Dear God so unbelievable evil. Dear God send Angels on assignment to comfort the children and their families and the workers who are caring for their needs. Dear God….

  18. It’s my guess that the virus was created and spread by the bad guys to crash the economy and disgrace President Trump. But the good guys took advantage of the “stay home” situation caused by the virus! Sounds like an act of God to me!

  19. Great news and yes, bless everyone involved. Our President “Trump” ‘GOD blessed you.” First Isreal & Jerusalem now the children. American’s we need to rally and back up our President and let him know were all thankful for him. We are all behind him as one nation under god invincible with liberty justice for all
    We as a nation will stand with him and unite as one and be there to back him up. Walk beside him as a proud American as we are. Now lets get our freedom back before the trumpets blow.

  20. I could hardly believe this number of 35,000 kids snatched away and made to live miserable lives. It is beyond the truth what president said about these guys involved. “These people are sick.” Let me add, these people are evil and deserve to rot in hell.

    1. I HOPE That’s the Least that happens.
      Sad to say, I pray The Good Lord Deals no mercy on these Culprits ?????

  21. Thank you for all of this! What about Justin Trudeau? Will he pay? Please?
    God bless you!

  22. I knew that when they would start bring the children out of those deep underground prisons that even the strongest and toughest of warriors would be sickened and dismayed by the appearance of these innocent lambs who had been tortured and slaughtered for the Cabal’s Godless rituals. Let’s all pray for the uplift of these fine men and women who are doing God’s Work down there in the darkness and slime of these hell holes. Also pray for the Comfort and Healing of these Found Children.
    And for Our President Trump as he continues to lead our Armed Forces to rid our great country of these Godless Satanic Parasites!


  23. Unbelievable story but believable at same time. We hear about kids disappearing everyday and i feared they were being sex trafficked. God bless all those involved in the rescue. And all hells damnation to any and all the pervs involved. God help the children.

  24. Will we ever receive confirmation? When will this information become more then just a rumor? Will our POTUS address this when all is said and done?

  25. Praying for Archangel Michael to overshadow each freedom-fighter, the blessed children,
    all in this battle and for the American people to be illumined, awakened, united in this historic fight.
    Always Victory!

  26. I have been alternative praying, bawling and praising God that these precious lives have been lifted out of pure evil darkness. I cannot imagine the horror of their little lives or the sick feeling turned fury of our heroes that brought them out.

    I do know that all sins are paid for. Jesus paid for the sins of those that repent and place their trust in him. The rest will pay for theirs for the rest of eternity!

    For those asking if this will be made public, let’s pray that it is. I hope that is what Q drop #1072 refers to:
    Border states are VERY key.
    Bigger than you can imagine.
    The pipeline.
    Not R vs D.
    CA is special.
    Public will learn.

    I cannot imagine being able to keep the rescue of 35,000 children secret! When it is made public, you can bet there will be April Showers. I think that is what Q is referring to.

    May God bless you Timothy, Field and all brave patriots behind the scenes. Your courage is admirable!

  27. I have been prayerful for the children and this whole operation. Some of these comments sound like this has already happened. Is this so?! I can’t imagine this has happened yet! I’ve not gotten the indication from the President, not any others that I look to for the REAL word and truth of what is happening presently. I am continuing to pray. My heart aches every day. I am in morning. I hear their cries. I feel pain! I await the word that they have been rescued and safe, and healing! Dear Jesus! Resque your children. Please don’t tarry!!!

  28. Wow, great news. I have been praying for some time. Let justice be done.
    Such evil, Thank you Mr President Donald J Trump.
    God Speed

  29. Why isn’t it a good idea? Some GREAT news is needed for many of us & I personally care more & want more updates about the innocent children who can’t protect themselves from pedophiles than to hear the same thing every day about Covid 19 “wash ur hand for 20 seconds, social distancing, cough into elbow not hands, dont touch ur face etc. We have all learned how to lower our risk of getting Coronavirus or completely avoid it by staying inside. America has made tremendous progress & we proved that we are UNITED STATES by working as a unit though this pandemic. Coronavirus has taken 10,981 lives in the US… multiply that by 3 to get a better understanding of how many children in the US alone that are being bought,sold,raped,neglected & abused but now 35,000 CHILDREN have been saved!

  30. God bless the soldiers going into these caves to rescue the children and women from the hands of these monsters!
    God bless them! – I have sent so many prayers to heaven!

    Steffen from Germany

  31. Thanks for all you do, ive been following you for a while now, thank the lord for you..Im from ND, hope the people in grand forks also get arrested for harasseing you. praying for you and your family to be protected by the lord and please be safe. I have a feeling bismarck is also in for a surprise when this is all over..

  32. We forget to remember always how vile the animal in humans can be. God thank you for dealing with humanity for all of the murderous death allowed to go on in broad daylight. This should not be a surprise at all, I guess. Think about it. They harvest unborn babies to market in parts and pieces ABOVE GROUND in broad daylight.

    What would be worse than that? What would be complimentary more than what we now discover the same wicked demonized humans have been doing BELOW GROUND in dark tunnels. Thank God for the forces doing this work.

  33. I think that I can safely say that the “Dulce” (Dul-see) facility beneath the Archuleta mesa in north-western New Mexico is by far THE (EPICENTER OF THE) WORST AND THE MOST EVIL underground reptilian network in the USA. It may be as bad as the 7-leveled ancient REPTILIAN underground system/network/world below the Benares region of India, known as “Patala”. Here is the most extensive expose-website in the world on Dulce… . Since the first “Dulce War” ended in a stalemate with many casualties on both sides (although several hundreds of human prisoners/abductees were reportedly rescued in that ‘war’ or military operation), it may be possible for the Navy SEALS, etc., to attack the “Dulce Matrix” FROM BELOW via underground “sub-aquatic” SUBMARINES. Just HOW could this be possible? Well, reality is NOT what you think it is… Prepare yourself for the incredible TRUTH…

  34. I HOPE That’s the Least that happens.
    Sad to say, I pray The Good Lord Deals no mercy on these Culprits ?????

  35. Back in 1985 in.Calif. I had many disturbing significant dreams about missing children in cages, I wish to share this in private with one of your staff people, thank you

  36. 35000 was one of a few stockpiles of people waiting for the stuff to die down and they could resume there crud, we get the kids back and they have zip no leverage no chrome crud no sex crud no nothing and then we can get them with zero fear of kids being shields they get what they deserve 100% go for it all.

  37. What???? That is perposterous. That means there sfe breeders involved. There must be 2 generations down there. Will need a big staff of Drs and counsellors for healing to take place. If some of these children were born and bred there thst means they have nor real parents. Oh how shocking. God have mercy

  38. Omg they are children doesn’t matter where they where born,what colour they are,they are children. Children are what make the world go around.What if it was your child ,think.

  39. Thank you troops sending prayers to you all makes me cry it was so shocking to see such hidden exposure

  40. I found you by accident today. Yesterday was the first day I saw a photo of a toddler with what they call “panda eyes” my stomach flipped, I started to cry. And asked God to please help all these children.
    Today in my suggested videos was this video. And as I’m listening to it the song from Mike and the Mechanics comes on which is completely a God message for me because this song was used in a communication from God then to me.

    So one random video gets suggested and its the one video that pierces my heart. I know God has this! And us! And me.

    I just wanted to share how God communicates with someone who has a relationship with him and who cares about trafficking and children for about 15 years now.

    This makes me want to quit my job and join in the force to help rescue these kids and to set things straight with the world.

  41. Thank you so much Timothy!! What an honor to be you! Be safe, God Bless you!!

  42. How do we know this is real though? Is there any pictures? Any physical reports? I do believe there are hundreds of thousands of children held captive, I do believe the elites are the reason for this… but are they really being rescued? Are they really found? The video posted as “confirmed” didn’t really confirm anything.

  43. I wonder if the mainstream release of this information has anything to do with the Q post that read THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO WALK DOWN THE STREETS.

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