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Jeffrey Epstein

Genesis 50:20 – But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on February 25, 2024 – USA

On December 14, 2012, the home-office of Timothy Charles Holmseth, and investigative journalist, was raided in East Grand Forks, Minnesota in a search and destroy mission by law enforcement after Holmseth conducted interviews and obtained recorded confessions from child kidnappers tied to Jeffrey Epstein.

War Correspondent Timothy Charles Holmseth, his children, his grandchildren, his family, his business colleagues, and his business colleagues’ families (and their children and grandchildren) are under perpetual life-threatening attacks that include written threats of kidnap, rape, torture, forced bestiality rape on film, and murder.

Below are a few samples of MANY (visit PACER and view the Federal COMPLAINT of 3:22-cv-00912 – Middle District of Tennessee).

The attacks initially began on Timothy Holmseth, an award-winning news reporter, beginning in 2009 after Holmseth, who was reporting on the child kidnapping case of HaLeigh Cummings in Florida, was told about an FBI agent and convicted sex offender named “John Regan” involved in the HaLeigh kidnapping case, who was trafficking babies and children through a secret FBI-CIA black-market human trafficking and child exploitation operation through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Holmseth was interviewed by FBI agent A.J. Eilerman in 2010 and deemed a “credible” witness for the FBI.

The attacks, slander, and defamation against Holmseth, often sexually charged, crafted and published by child sex trafficking deviants, have continued through today’s date, and involves the publication of stolen (wholesome) family photographs of Timothy Holmseth’s children and his children’s friends, playing dress-up. The photos were stolen by CIA-FBI black operators from Holmseth’s home. The wholesome photographs have been illegally published by paid agents (whose names are KNOWN) of high-profile members of the judicial community and the situation is being addressed.

Wholesome photographs of Holmseth’s 4-year-old son that were taken in 2009 are regularly published by members of a nefarious network. Some of the perpetrators are named in a document filed by the Marion County State’s Attorney’s Office in the First-Degree Murder trial of State of Florida vs. Neely Petrie Blanchard.

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While the CIA-FBI black operators continuously publish photos of Holmseth’s son from 2009, reports filed with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota by Detective Michael Norland PROVE that in April 2013, Norland searched Holmseth’s hard drive and “did not find anything that would show illegal activity on the computer“. POLK COUNTY SHERIFF INCIDENT REPORT

Holmseth’s hard drive was seized in a sudden raid by the Minnesota Pine and Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force by police who stormed Holmseth’s home-office wearing bullet proof vests. The East Grand Forks Police Department and/or the Polk County Sheriff’s Office destroyed the hard drive in a failed attempt to eliminate evidence and recorded interviews Holmseth gathered regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s child abduction teams.

Every attempt by Jeffrey Epstein’s crew to fabricate evidence and create the false appearance that Holmseth was/is a bad father was an EPIC FAIL.

In one instance – Timothy Holmseth and his two children were interviewed by the State of North Dakota after bogus child abuse claims were made. Holmseth’s little family received a PERFECT SCORE, which means the interviews revealed there was ZERO (0) signs of any abuse or neglect whatsoever. Holmseth received a very nice phone call from the social worker who appeared to feel bad about the lies that were told about him and his children, and pointed out to Holmseth that in order to receive an affidavit clearing him, an entire TEAM comprised of the Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, mental health community, and other experts had to unanimously agree there was no risk.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has publicly shared on occasions, recollections of his children regarding their family’s plight. Holmseth said that on one occasion his son got into the vehicle, looked at Holmseth and (out of the blue) proudly said, “My dad is TIMOTHY HOLMSETH!”.

On another occasion, Holmseth said he woke to find a post on his daughter’s Facebook. She declared how much she admired her dad and provided a link to the song “You Got To Stand For Something” by Aaron Tippin. Holmseth pointed out that in the video there is a scene where a bully pushes a smaller boy and another boy intervenes. Holmseth said that when bullying becomes kidnap, rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism of small children, we all need to be that person that intervenes.

And because of President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Orders protecting children and his willingness to be abused by judicial community – the kinds of people who LOVE Jeus and LOVE babies have been encouraged to step in and are beginning to defend the children.



Timothy Charles Holmseth



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