“We The People Are Watching!” – BOLD AMERICAN Contacts Sheriff in Pierce County, Wisconsin over ABUSE of Field McConnell (OPERATION MORSE CODE)

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Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on March 20, 2023 – USA

Timothy Charles Holmseth announced on his Truth Social that he is receiving information from Americans concerned about Field McConnell (Operation Morse Code).

The following was received.

It is a letter to Sheriff Chad Koranda – Sheriff of Pierce County, Wisconsin.


Dear Mr Koranda

I am concerned about the welfare of an elderly resident of Pierce County Wisconsin by the name of Captain Field McConnell a retired fighter pilot.
There was a “Steven Tenner Broadcast”
Who said he believes McConnell is in danger.
This man is supposed to be or SHOULD be in protective custody because he is a whistle blower in regards to child sex trafficking with leads tied to Jeffrey Epstein and the Ukraine. The people in his home do not belong there and they should be considered dangerous to Mr McConnell.
Please refer to Timothy Charles Holmseth on TRUTH social for information he posted today regarding this.
I have looked over your facebook page and shared it on my own TRUTH social page.
We The People are watching!
And We will hold those who cover up child trafficking accountable!
Your oath is to the people, not those around or above you!
Thank you for your attention to this matter and your time!
Mr McConnell is an honorable man and you are sworn to protect him!
Sincerely Mary

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