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Evidence shows Attorney Jack Maro deliberately implicated his own client Neely Petrie Blanchard for the first-degree murder of Christopher Edward Hallett.

According to Neely Petrie Blanchard she is being tortured and raped during satanic rituals in the Marion County Jail.

In an interview from jail, Alexandra Koukounakis spoke with Neely Petrie Blanchard and the conversation was staggering. LISTEN

And… according to Blanchard, Attorney Maro originally wanted her whole case to be tried in the media, but now treats Blanchard like she is crazy if she brings up the original legal strategy.

Evidence shows Attorney Maro was/is not protecting his client Neely Petrie Blanchard, but rather, was/is protecting the interests of the BAR Association, as well as a spectrum of other agencies and entities that were/are engaging in human trafficking, child sexual exploitation, the trafficking of children for profit, rape, torture, Dark Web pornography production, murder, cannibalism, and to assure the invasion of the United States across the Southern international border could happen.

On November 1, 2020, two weeks before Christopher Hallett was murdered in his kitchen in Ocala, Florida, his E~Clause associate Neely Petrie Blanchard conducted a recorded interview with a defector of a satanic cult that was trafficking children, including names, places, and time that babies were transported in wheelbarrows, underground in the United States, and across the Northern Border into Canada.

Neely Petrie Blanchard was arrested suddenly on November 16, 2020, for the murder of her beloved friend and business associate Chris Hallet.

The world was not to immediately hear the satanic cult and child trafficking interview.


Evidence shows the plan was for Neely Petrie Blanchard’s attorney Jack Maro to PUBLICLY implicate Blanchard in the murder of Hallett by creating the appearance that Blanchard murdered Hallett – but to admit it with an explanation.

The ‘admit with an explanation‘ plot would suffice and substitute an actual confession – which would then allow Maro to make the focus of his legal case about Neely Blanchard’s mental health.

After Maro used the media to splatter the so-called confession all over the world, the genie could never be put back in the bottle, and even if Blanchard was/is not guilty, it would always appear that she is.

Evidence shows the plan was developed by the FBI well before the Hallett murder on November 15, 2020. Evidence shows Maro is working closely with the FBI in the ongoing plot against his own client, Neely Petrie Blanchard.

Evidence shows the plan, which was devised long before the Hallett murder, involved orchestrating scenarios that created the illusion that mothers around the country were kidnaping their own kids back from Foster Care and/or situations that involved people’s children being removed from their home by Child Protection Services (CPS). The plan was to use the media to connect these desperate mothers to “QAnon” and “E~Clause LLC”.

Some of the mother’s used in the FBI psychological operation that was deployed to protect the ongoing trafficking operations were:

The Daily Beast published carefully prepared propaganda that featured Neely Petrie Blanchard.

However, the involvement of the Daily Beast in the plan showed itself before the November 15, 2020, murder of Hallett, when the faces of Cynthia Abcug and Field McConnell were published, along with the face of an award-winning news reporter named Timothy Charles Holmseth who has never in his entire life been accused of “stealing kids”.

An online article about conspiracy theories

The media dynamic to the plan that involves Maro was/is to make Blanchard appear crazy and guilty of murder.

Some of the media that was deployed as part of the FBI PSY-OP was The Daily Beast, Wall Street Journal, VICE NEWS, From The Desk of Murtwitnessonelive, Meko Haze, The Levi Page Show, The Randy Davis Group (The Watchman) (TEAMREVITUP), and others.

In a piece about Blanchard published by the Wall Street Journal, the WSJ referred to Blanchard’s lawyer.

While in jail, Blanchard was interviewed by VICE NEWS who led the segment with this statement – “Neely Petrie Blanchard was one of four parents who plotted to kidnap their biological children out of foster care“.

The plan included a narrative in the media that Blanchard had gotten caught up in something called “QAnon” which, according to the planned deception that the FBI created, caused Blanchard to ‘erroneously’ believe that children are being kidnapped, raped, murdered, and satanically sacrificed. However, true facts and circumstances that are part of the public record and news headlines of the day, show that such things are in fact happening.

For instance… in Delphi, Indiana, it has been revealed by the attorneys of Richard Allen that Abigail Williams and Liberty German, the two children who were found murdered in 2017, were actually the victims of a pagan cult called Odinites and their murders were a ritual sacrifice. It is also part of the court record in the Indiana case that Richard Allen, a man who by all accounts appears to have been completely framed for the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, is being electrocuted, starved, and tortured in jail by Odinites.

Nonetheless… Attorney Jack Maro hung his client out to dry by working with the media to defame and discredit Blanchard and he hasn’t since done a single thing to rectify it.

The plot against Blanchard utilized a deceptive plan that required LIES about Hallett in order to succeed. It was published that Blanchard believed promises made to her by Hallett that he could get her kids back, but that Blanchard came to realize Hallett was not actually trying to help her, but rather, he was working with the traffickers.

Attorney Maro has allowed that garbage to saturate the news and media.

Yet, evidence shows the opposite is true. Documents dated November 15, 2020, PROVE that on the day Blanchard supposedly gunned Hallett down in a fit of rage, Blanchard and Hallett had actually filed documents by fax and were very excited and looking positively into the future.

Those documents and that truth disappeared when Blanchard was jailed and Maro took over.

Evidence shows Maro tainted the Jury Pool by deliberately deploying a legal strategy that involved himself/Blanchard partnering with the media, and then counseling Blanchard to do live phone-cam interviews from within the correctional facility in Marion County, Florida.

Evidence shows almost every single news item or journalistic piece published about Neely Blanchard presented her in the worst possible light imaginable, declaring her a kidnapper, connected to “QAnon” and reporting that she confessed to murder.

It has now been revealed, from Blanchard herself, that Maro was slipping questions to Blanchard on behalf of an FBI operative named William Kevin Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida. Murtaugh, who met with the Minneapolis FBI to discuss Hallett shortly before the Hallett murder, wears FBI on his person as he reports on his Livestream that Neely Blanchard “confessed”. Records of the Eastern Tennessee Federal District Court show a letter was submitted to the FBI showing Murtaugh suggesting he may in fact be the infamous FBI informant, mobster, serial killer, and pedophile James (Whitey) Bulger. The U.S. Marshal’s Service published a sketch of James (Whitey) Bulger that was sketched by an FBI artist. The man in the FBI sketch looks EXACTLY like Murtaugh. WATCH VIDEO OF MURTAUGH AT FBI IN MINNESOTA

An article about the FBI post with some images

Image of a man wearing a black jacket smiling at the camera

A cartographic sketch of an old man

A screenshot of a video of an FBI

A collage of two arrested people  


Neely Petrie Blanchard has been in the Marion County Jail for over three years with no Bond hearing. Blanchard has had no Bond hearing at the direction of Attorney Maro, who according to Blanchard, told her he wanted to keep her in jail to keep her “alive”.

Blanchard recently spoke with Alexandra Koukounakis, a talk show host from Canada, who began providing Blanchard with facts and information about her (Blanchard’s) case.

Koukounakis authored a document called the Nefarious Network Report that was entered into court evidence in State of Florida vs. Neely Petrie Blanchard. The document is the SKELETON KEY to the FBI operation that targeted Neely Petrie Blanchard and Christopher Hallett.

A document with a red arrow pointing to it.

Statements by Koukounakis during a phone conversation recorded by the Marion County Jail sound like a scorching indictment against Maro.

“He’s trying to slip you questions from people who are calling you a fucking murderer … slipping you questions from the people who have completely smeared you in the media,” Koukounakis told Blanchard.

“Yeah, at first he wanted to do a public everything and on TV and now he’s like ‘oh no, we’re not going to do that’ – like he’s trying to make like I’m crazy,” Blanchard said.

“Yeah, because he’s a shit lawyer because he’s working for the network,” Koukounakis said.

To learn about the plight of Neely Petrie Blanchard and Richard Allen read ARRESTED SUDDENLY.


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