Chauvin/Floyd (False Flag): Breakdown by Ronald F Owens Jr

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Ronald F Owens Jr

Submitted by Ronald F Owens Jr – published June 8, 2020 at 4:57 P.M.

Ronald F Owens Jr

A former CIA officer, a New York alternative journalist, and a Missourian running for Congress said it was a lie.

Robert David Steele said all these riots in the United States, overseas, Berlin and elsewhere are false flag operations.

“It is absolutely certain now that the cop and the alleged murdered guy were both —basically paid provocateurs,” Steele said. “This is a false flag operation.”

Young Pharaoh, a knowledgeable truth teaching YouTuber, noted the video shown from across the street of Derek Chauvin kneeing George Floyd on the neck does not show the person standing on the sidewalk video recording the incident.

(Click on this <> link to view Young Pharaoh’s long video, titled: “DEMOCRAT SATINIST STARTED THE RIOTS TO PROTECT HILLARY, OBAMA & ELITES FROM COURT.” Be advised that he utters a plethora of expletives).

Furthermore, Young Pharaoh shows —at the 1:06:00 minute mark of his video— police officers kneeing on the necks of black men in Spain and France, just like how Chauvin kneed on Floyd’s neck.

Isn’t that a coincidence!

Dr. Winnie Heartstrong, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, challenged people to stop being emotional and start asking questions. She said what happened in Minneapolis on Monday, May 25, 2020 was a hoax. Concurring with Steele who said that Floyd got paid, she said Floyd is alive and asked viewers to prove that he’s dead.

Heartstrong notes the gas prices seen in the video aren’t the current gas prices. She said depending on the camera angle the numbers on the police cars change. She also notes that the police officers badges aren’t the same.

Click on this <> “George Floyd IS ALIVE and the video is FAKED. History is the conspiracy” to view her short video. And touch this <> link to watch her “Dr. Winnie Heartstrong for Congress” political ad.

Heartstrong is an academician who studied rhetoric. Young Pharoah studies history and is a consummate researcher. Steele ran a false flag for the CIA and wrote multiple books about different false flags.

Amongst the three Steele is the most credible —as a false flag subject matter expert— but unfortunately he does not provide any specific details.

Please touch this <> link to view Steele’s “Riots as Sedition, NSA and OSA as Solution, Restoring Made in America & America the Beautiful” link.

Here are my thoughts about the Floyd incident.

“He’s posing,” were the very first two words that immediately struck me when I first saw Chauvin kneeing Floyd’s neck.

No police officer “in their right mind” (I’m hinting of MK ULTRA mind control possibility, portrayed in Manchurian Candidate/Jason Bourne movies) would unabashedly, boldly and defiantly not flinch. No police officer “in their right mind” would not cower in embarrassment and not exude any agitation when the supposed crowd formed and watched and pleaded for him to stop.

I hinted that Chauvin could have been under mind control when I parenthetically inserted “that’s really odd behavior” in the eighth graph of my <> May 27, 2020 post.

If you want to see a good movie about mind control, please watch “The Manchurian Candidate.” Touch this <> link to read my June 24, 2018 Facebook post.

“Raymond, why don’t you pass the time with a game of solitaire,” are one of the patented screenplay lines of “The Manchurian Candidate,” a mind control trigger that allowed his handler to order him to kill.

Well on January 29, 2019 California Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted another patented line from that 1962 movie, which is about brainwashing American POWs so they could be used as assassins.

Sen. Harris tweeted: “@JussieSmollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. The wording of Sen. Harris’ tweet is eerily coincidental to “The Manchurian Candidate.”

Corporal Allen Melvin (portrayed by actor James Edwards) said: “Raymond Shaw is the bravest, kindest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

Isn’t that rather coincidental!

Click on this <> link to read my February 20, 2019 Facebook post.

Read this <> February 19, 2019 post how a black man raped a white woman false accusation caused the June 15, 1943 Beaumont riots.

In addition to “The Manchurian Candidate” all of those five Jason Bourne movies (2002, 2004, 2007, 2012 and 2016) show mind assassins, called “assets.”

My gut feeling all along was this Floyd/Chauvin incident was a false flag. That’s why I decided from the get-go that I wasn’t going to watch the entire video, because I didn’t want to traumatize myself witnessing an actual or alleged murder that was intended to be real. Plus I didn’t want to be emotionally manipulated by the cabal of people who I suspected staged it.

But I think we’re all being played. I’ve tried to suppress what I’m discerning. In addition to viewing Steele, Young Pharaoh and Dr. Heartstrong’s videos I’ve watched another from the Truth Community who questioned it. I’ve taken notes about it. I’ve analyzed it. I’ve discussed with family and friends about it. I just can’t ignore that’s something is wrong. I keep wanting to move along and I’ve told people close to me that I’ll move along but I know deep within me that the official narrative is a lie and we’re all being lied to.

I am convinced this incident was planned and executed to cause what we’re seeing and hearing and feeling and experiencing.

In this <> aforementioned video Young Pharaoh shows law enforcements participating in the rioting! I’m so naive. That was truly a shocker!

At the 17:00 minute mark we see two Boston Police Officers unloading bricks from their police car. At the 21:32 minute mark one police officer (believed to be in Los Angeles) is seen shattering a car window. At the 24:32 mark police officers are seen busting a storefront window. And at the 25:11 mark police police officers are seen vandalizing a building.

The video graphic evidence is clear in the Chauvin/Floyd incident. The video graphic evidence is clear in the rioting resulting from it. I’m sad to say that some law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated by more bad actors we care to admit and many law enforcement personnel are corrupt.

The blurred picture becomes clearer when we see the following: When all of the majority of rioting was done in Democratic governed states and Democratic administered cities; When Democrat mayors have no curfew or don’t allow the police to enforce curfews or there are elastic curfews; When we hear reports of bricks, tire irons, crude arms and water bottles filled with accelerant prepositioned all over the place; and When we saw and heard a black woman castigate a car full of whites who were handing out bricks to black men. (Click on this <> link to view a black woman, who catches a car full of whites handing bricks out to black men).

This is a distraction —a major distraction. But what are they distracting us from?

Well for starters they are distracting us from United States District Judge Emmet Sullivan —for the District of Columbia— for refusing to dismiss the Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn case. The Department of Justice ceased prosecuting Flynn, thus paving the way for Judge Sullivan to dismiss the case but Sullivan refuses to do so. Why?

They are distracting us from President Donald Trump tweeting that “Obamagate makes Watergate look small time,” hinting that former President Barack Obama committed treason. That’s a serious charge. A President doesn’t make that charge of a former President lightly.

They are distracting us from media coverage of a June 2, 2020 hearing regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and Benghazi. She is trying to avoid giving an in-person deposition to Judicial Watch. To refresh your memory about President Obama, Clinton, and U.S. Ambassador to the United States Susan Rice, who lied and framed an innocent man over the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack, click on my <> October 22, 2015 post.

This is a distraction from former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testifying at the Senate Judiciary Hearing on June 3, 2020. Rosenstein created and oversaw special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation whether President Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election. We all know that that was an outright lie!

I’m sure there’s a lot more going which this is distracting us from.

Not only is this George Floyd incident/riot distracting us from Sullivan, Obamagate, Clinton and Rosenstein, but this is a Deep State attack on the United States; an attack on President Trump; and an attack on the American people.

Democrat politicians, politicians on both sides of the aisle, retired military personnel, corrupt law enforcement personnel, mainstream media personalities, Hollywood A-listers, even/especially religious leaders etc. who attack law and order and attack the President and defend lawlessness and lawbreakers are either complicit, suspect, or just outright naive.

Did Floyd and Chauvin know each other, since they both worked for Minneapolis’ El Nuevo Rodeo Club for 17 years? We’d like to know. Why does the mug shot of Chauvin not look like Chauvin? Can’t mainstream media anchors and reporters throughout the United States see what my octogenarian Mother even saw? What about Floyd’s survivors, you’re wondering? Are they in on it, you’re asking? Those are excellent uncomfortable questions. I don’t know. I really don’t know. There are so many questions I have and you have and we all have.

Steele, Young Pharoah and Dr. Heartstrong —among others— are onto something. They have confirmed what many of us feel and have felt and will continue to feel.

I’m sad to say that we may never know the truth. If we ever come close to the truth the Deep State will throw another police brutality incident or mass shooter to cause us to forget this incident.

Dear Precious Ones, that’s the main purpose of this post. I pray there won’t be another incident. But the Deep State will not give up attacking this Constitutional Republic. They will not abandon attacking this President. When they attack him they are attacking you and me and yours and mine and millions others; whether you love him and are behind him or loathe him and are opposed to him. So if another incident does happen —please don’t let it emotionally manipulate you.

They’re playing on our humanity and our virtue. They’re playing on our sympathy and our empathy. They’re playing our feelings of shock and anger; of sadness and rage; of depression and despair.

We are in the midst of a civil war — a spiritual, psychological and information war, and truth has become the first casualty as a result of it.

I am sad to say we may never know the truth. But I am convinced that Derek Chauvin kneeing George Floyd to death is a lie!

Ronald F Owens Jr

(I invite you to visit my <> website to check out my five books, consider downloading my two newly-released audiobooks, download seven Testament Spectator —representing 10 percent of the Bible rewritten in newspaper— editions at no cost, read my blogs and listen to my podcasts. Thank you.)

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  1. Considering that George Floyd’s personal attorney posted that the real George Floyd died three years ago in Corpus Christi, Texas, and his family know about it, I’d say his family were in on this charade, and are now collecting more than One Million dollars from go-fund-me. The way they whisked that crisis actor away without any medical attention (and they weren’t EMTs), he must be alive, because they don’t kill crisis actors, or do they? Dead men tell no tails. Who is to say? These days, we have to question everything. If we don’t, we will be made a fool of.

  2. I feel that both youtube and facebook need to ve investigated for their involvement with both the political interferance efforts and the global riots from the Floydcase. I tried to watch the video links in this article. I was unable to, due to youtube removing it!! Which is happening any time i try to look for myself any evidence that goes against any main stream reporting. I think whom ever is responsable for determining what content we are allowed to see by both youtube and facebook need to be seperately investigated as well!!! Because its very clear if they can leave a murder on for the world to watch yet remove these clips of the said video murder. Its very clearly collaberation to control the masses perception and emotions!!! And interferes with bith politics and judtice systems along with endangering lives of protester across the world!!! Please help launch an investigation into these two companies for Americans well being and the individuals across the world who believe they are fighting for our rights with us and risking their lives too.

  3. Oh and everytime i attempt to leave a thank you from me to the first lady and president Trump. The function errors, and I’m unable to. This is not ok with me. My child was taken by cps and adopted to a woman that conffessed to 13 crimes she committed against the government. 1 of the crimes being treason, and did not 1 day in jail for any of those crimes. I had a misdemeaner on my record!!! Was never found to be neglectful or abusive to my child. Yet never allowed to have her back after illegally kidnapping her from me!!! So. Simce something is wrong with the commment button for thanking our president I would like to do it here. From the bottom of my heart, my soul, my i thank both president trump and Melania for risking their lives every day to rescue our children from evil i cannot even imagine. I pray for both of you all day everyday. Your our only hope for a safe world for our children and for parents. If your successful, i pray, that you will bring me my daughter home some day. And i cry every day wondering if she is alive or dead or being horribly torchured. Its extremely hard to get through each day. So i focus on the fact your all still here and thats all i can do til its over. God bless you timothy for your selflessness even after your kidnapping. Ive stood against these evils all alone and refarding other abuses. Then targeted to be murdered. I still fear for my life daily. God bless you all!!

  4. Try to find the G Floyd film transcript. Can’t find it. Wikipedia states it has been copyrighted.,by whom? The ambulance that came to Floyd’s site for medical attention were not EMT s . Not dressed in emt garb but dressed as policemen. Hmmm

  5. Timothy I have started many times to tell you that fire tablets from Amazon (Bezos) are interfering with your articles. I have been dealing with this now for months and it is really starting to piss me off. I have a fire tablet and when I am on your web page and there is an article like this one with links and really good info they are removing sentences in your paragraphs. Some times 3 or more. At first I just thought you were leaving big spaces between paragraphs then I noticed you wasn’t doing that in all of your articles. Also the content wasn’t making sense really because information was missing because of the missing sentences. Well one day I scrolled the page down and back up real quick looking for something and as I started scrolling back down boom! Sentences showed up that were not there before and the paragraph spacing was right. They are doing this to this article as well. I am having to move the page up and down to get the sentences that are removed to come up. I don’t know if it is just my tablet doing this or if others are having this issue with there fire tablets. It is so annoying!!! I also noticed on fire tablets you can not go to some things in search…every thing under the sun will come up before what you search for or the opposite comes up. When you put in President it wants to only give info on Obama. If you add Trump to President you may get two things come up the rest is Obama’s BS. I just thought I would let you know they are removing sentences from your paragraphs some how. God bless Tim

  6. I believe until I see the body and actually touch it, THAT THIS WAS ALL A HOAX and that the rich Soros and others have paid actors to create this chaos to take away attention of something else they are doing. People don’t believe anything till you see body and do some research on all the players.

  7. Where can I get a copy of your Brief demanding the Court to show jurisdiction. I need to write a similar brief in the state of Wyoming. Same kind of kangaroo justice as you went through, also dealing with freedom of speech and freedom of press and lack of jurisdiction. I don’t need to copy your brief, but if I could see it, I am confident that it may help me get mine right.

  8. i TOO thought it was ODD behavior…
    The cop LOOKS DIRECTLY INTO the camera
    Is filmed with his left hand in his pocket, as if to say,,,this is no problem…i got this and…
    His police BADGE is PINNED ON in a 45 degree angle, sending a DIRECT message to POTUS
    (Also #45 president)

    So YES….totally STAGED….NOTHING organic…
    In fact we are now thinking those who were CLOSEST around the cops and “floyd” who did nothing but said a few things….were also “in on this staged event”

    I HATE LIES and i’m not even happy with “DID-information”
    because no one seems to think that the citizens of the world are WORTH telling the truth to!!

    And i would venture a guess….that when all the staged actors are removed… and the world is back on track and JFK Jr…has come out to be seen by all, that there will always be CLASSIFIED info that we will never get to know….that they WON’T trust us with.

    Like with the assassination attempt on Trump’s & the younger Prince’s life at MANDALAY in Vegas October 1st, 2017 (from Saudi Arabia).
    Everyone KNOWS there was not a “lone” shooter.

    The citizens of the world are tired of the COVERUPS….the LIES, and there is now a video surfacing on ANGEL WALLACE’s page that JFK’s wife SHOT JFK and there is footage that shows this new narrative. She puts the gun(?) behind JFK’s back, BEFORE going over the back of the car to retrieve ‘something’.

    I think the video is called “WHO shot JFK….”
    The citizens want everything UNmasked and DEclassified….yesterday!!

    It’s like they all think they are Jack Nicholson…
    “YOU can’t handle the TRUTH !!!

  9. Here is the ANGEL WALLACE video:
    Remember we have all been given DIS-information not only on ‘floyd’, but on Mandalay/vegas event, as well as on the JFK assassination for over 50 years !!

    you can watch the whole video OR… just Minutes 14-16*

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