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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on February 19, 2024 – USA

In 2019, War Correspondent (under JSOC) Timothy Charles Holmseth was quietly moving within the circles of a ‘Sovereign Military Brotherhood’ operation that was internationally trafficking babies and children at the industrial level and plotting against the President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

Holmseth was infiltrating the coup so he could warn the President.

In mid-December 2021 Holmseth traveled to Keene, Texas to meet with David Lester Straight who along with his fake wife Bonnie Thomas (Straight) had set up an “Embassy”.

When Holmseth met with Straight, he (Holmseth) showed Straight evidence that showed the names of U.S. Military brass and federal agents and others (e.g. Navy SEAL Jeff Wobig and Wobig associates, Gen. Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, FBI agent John Regan, etc.) who were trafficking children and involved in orchestrating the chaos of January 6, 2021.

When Holmseth arrived in Keene, Straight was agitated that their mutual colleague, former Minnesota government judge Randi Lynn Erickson did not accompany Holmseth. Holmseth told Straight that Erickson would be coming in a few days. When Holmseth met with Straight upon arrival, Straight told Holmseth his (Straight’s) “son” was coming to visit for Christmas. Holmseth said, “Oh, is that the son who worked for Blackwater?” Straight replied, “yes”.

Holmseth, who was already receiving assassination threats in writing (see Holmseth v. Page et al – 3:22-cv-00912 – Middle District of Tennessee – RICO) immediately believed he was marked for assassination which, Holmseth believed, was supposed to occur at the Straight’s home.

Straight repeatedly told Holmseth he was like “family” and asked Holmseth if he would stay at their home (home of Bonnie Thomas Straight in Keene) and feed their chickens while David and Bonnie Straight traveled out of State. Holmseth agreed, but unbeknownst to Straight, Holmseth strategically stayed at a motel in a neighboring town.

On December 17, 2021 Holmseth was in a motel where he listened to a talk show on Telegram. The talk show appeared shortly thereafter on a Bitchute channel called The High Command in a video.


The description box under the video said, “Attorney Lin Wood spoke TRUTH against the enemy for nearly nine hours last night on The Patriots Voice on Telegram (12/17/21). Wood talked about Timothy Charles Holmseth and recommended people listen to Holmseth and hear what he is saying. Wood began his famous Tweet storm against pedophiles and crimes against children with a link to a MEMO sent by Holmseth (an award-winning news reporter and credible FBI witness) to AG Sessions warning President Trump about Mike Pence and an international human harvesting operation being run by the CIA involving sex abuse of children, cannibalism, and satanic ritual abuse”. 

During this time while Holmseth was in Texas, there was definitely people thinking about “Timothy Holmseth”.

During the talk show a man who calls himself “Breb” called in to talk to Wood. “Is this Breb Room,” Wood said. “Yeah it’s the Breb Room,” Breb replied. “I just found your channel several days ago – you’re doing some great work putting truth out,” Wood said.

The Breb Room is a channel on Telegram located at https://t.me/thebrebroom.

“I just wanted to ask about Timothy Holmseth’s work and what’s your relationship like with him,” Breb asked Wood.

I have looked at some of the things recently that Timothy Holmseth is saying and I think he needs to be heard. There’s a reason why he’s being attacked. When you start attacking people it strikes me that you may be attacking people because they’re telling the truth. So I think the man’s voice should not be suppressed. I think his truth as he understands it should come out. But it’s important if we’re going to get to child sex trafficking to figure out who we can trust and who we can not. Some of the things I’ve seen recently led me to believe Timothy Holmseth may be telling the truth. I certainly thought he was telling the truth about Mike Pence ” Wood said.

The timing of the obviously planted question by Breb, where Wood appeared very complimentary and supportive of Holmseth, would become hauntingly cynical in the fullness of time because, although the public statement by Wood created the appearance he supported Holmseth, the exact opposite was true.

Twitter article by timothy being shared by Lin Wood


A screenshot of a page with a picture of a president.

During this exact time period Erickson arrived in Texas. Erickson attempted to telephone Holmseth, but Holmseth did not answer because his battery had gone dead. Erickson texted, “I’m leaving too dangerous. Heading north home,” Erickson said.

Holmseth texted Erickson when he realized his battery was dead and asked her where she was. “Driving.. I really thought they did something to you,” Erickson said.

Erickson subsequently reversed course and drove to Keene, Texas.

When Randi Erickson arrived in Keene at Straight’s “Embassy” she attempted to hand Straight the cannibalism affidavits of Jessie Marie Czebotar.

“Give them to Lin Wood,” Straight told Erickson.

Erickson asked Straight where all the evidence she had been giving him was, including “infant rape” evidence Straight had personally collected from affiant Traci Jo Remington at an airport in Colorado. Straight tapped his desk drawer and said it was in the drawer.

A few nights later, Holmseth, Erickson, David Straight, Bonnie Straight, Straight’s son (Blackwater), and a gun dealer named Robert (along with his wife) went out for supper. During the supper, Straight, out of nowhere, attempted to persuade Holmseth to purchase an untraceable handgun. Straight wanted Holmseth to purchase the gun from “Robert” and then go out and do some target practicing.

Holmseth knew EXACTLY what Straight and his group were up to and declined – leaving town quickly thereafter.

Holmseth and Erickson then traveled to the residence of Attorney Lin Wood in Yemassee, South Carolina, where Straight said Erickson should deliver the Czebotar affidavits. Holmseth and Erickson spoke with Wood’s property manager Ronald Stanley (which was recorded). Stanley said Wood was in “Atlanta”.

Later, dash cam video appeared online that showed Holmseth at the gate of Wood’s plantation Tomotley as Stanley pulled up in Wood’s truck and spoke with Holmseth (and Erickson).

A man standing in front of a gate with spanish moss.
Timothy Charles Holmseth at Attorney Lin Wood’s Tomotley Plantation as Wood’s property manager Ronald Stanley pulls up in truck.

Wood made statements online that the man at his gate was not Holmseth.

Breb, who is an Agent of Wood, posted on his social media that the video of Holmseth was a fake video created by the former Executive Director of #FightBack, former Navy SEAL David Hancock.


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