by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on May 12, 2024 – USA

Dr. Jan Halper Hayes, who once received a compliment from President Donald Trump on Truth Social, while also being a staunch supporter of retired General Michael Flynn, issued an alert to the world this morning that Flynn has had a secret agenda against Trump and planned to run for President.

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“Times will get tougher as this movement is getting closer to success. Please prepare yourself for some shocks. Resilience to adversity is key to keeping your sanity.

A friend was at a dinner with Flynn, his sister, bodyguards and a private jet. Flynn admitted to the group that he had planned on running for President. Clay Clark helped him fundraise.

Flynn said at the dinner that he had given up on that since Trump was doing well.  That was February of this year.

Ariel could be right about him.

He and Roger Stone are joined at the hip. I will be very sad if it proves they had a hand in J6.

I can accept people might have done things in the past that are questionable.

My colleague in Australia called to tell me someone I know has turned out to be connected to the Freemasons and has started trying to sabotage people.

Evil intentions can only be suppressed for so long.

I have done several spaces warning people that when a people led movement is close to success that is when the shills betrayal comes to light.

But to violate trust, to intentionally deceive people while operating a hidden agenda is unforgivable.

Psychologically that is my biggest worry for people in our movement.

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