Drugged and Raped by Rev. Billy Graham: The Teddy Bear Picnic

Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite Luciferian pedophile gatherings.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 30, 2020 at 10:57 A.M.



Fiona Barnett, another whistleblower and survivor is covered extensively in my blog. A summary of her posts is here, and also the updated version of her free ebook.  Fionas Barnetts Eyes Wide Open, updated, Lockdown Edition [44]

Fiona Barnett

She describes one hunt.

[They] took me to national park land situated on the coast, between the Sutherland Shire and Kiama. I recall subtropical looking trees and foliage, and a picnic table laden with sweets and coloured cordial. A group of blond children were gathered around the table. The cordial was laced with drugs.

Later that night, a group of men from the local hunting clubs arrived in pick-up trucks, dressed in caps and gingham shirts, carrying hunting and surveillance gear. The children and I were stripped naked. I was taken aside and instructed to take the children and hide them.

Their lives were my responsibility, and if I failed – they would be killed. They painted something on my back before I briefed the children best I could. I had just turned six, but my mental age was far older. I desperately told the children they were to run for their lives, stay as quiet as possible, and find somewhere far away to hide.

A gun was fired to mark the start of the hunt. I shouted at the kids to run. I drove them from behind like a cattle dog and pushed them up over the first hill. We were halfway up the second hill when I heard gunfire. Kids began dropping around me. When I realised all hope was gone – I took off. I dissociated from the pain and ran for hours and miles over hill and dale, through the wild fauna. A search party did not find me until the following afternoon.

Fiona also writes

USA Ritual Abuse victim David Shurter and I were trafficked to Bohemian Grove as children. There I was dressed as a teddy bear and made to participate in a pedophile hunt amidst the redwood forest, and was drugged and raped by Reverend Billy Graham in a pink bubble themed cabin.

Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite Luciferian pedophile gatherings.

In 1966, the USA branch of the Bohemian-founded all-male secret Order of Saint Hubertus (aka the American Knights) held its first ever meeting at the all-male secret Bohemian Club in San Francisco. The Bohemian Club owns Bohemian Grove.

So, Bohemian Grove is a Luciferian pedophile club that provides opportunity for attendees to engage in their favourite pastime – hunting children for sport. This is the real hunger games.

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11 thoughts on “Drugged and Raped by Rev. Billy Graham: The Teddy Bear Picnic

  1. Breaks my heart thinking about the unbearable fear, pain and suffering these children have endured ? I can’t even imagine how they will ever recover from these experiences!

  2. OMG, when will all this be announced to the public. I have been trying to red pill as many people that I can, but they look at you like you have lost your mind.

  3. When I heard POTUS give the first 30 names on a list for those to be honored with historical monuments, there were a few that I would not have had on the list. Billy Graham was one of them. I have known for years about the accusations re him and assumed that Pres Trump must have the same info. I was trying to decide why Graham’s name had been included. I concluded that maybe POTUS knew that Graham’s name would soon be revealed as associated with pedophilia and that he wanted to show he appreciated the man’s religious work before he became more publicly “Outed.” That means I think it was an entirely political/strategic move. Added to that Graham’s son, who, of course, has quite a following among those in Pres. Trump’s base. has also raised suspicion, for instance his visiting of Voodoo Donuts in Portland, which has been accused of association with child sexual abuse. And some of its employees were said to have come from Comet Pizza in Washington, DC.

    1. Trump for the past 20 years has infiltrated these circles, and based on my research (and I’ve been looking), and has NOT participated in the SRA practices that he has encountered. This is further vindicated in Virginia giuffre’s testimony that was unsealed this week. It sounds like Trump avoided the island all these encounters, but certainly knew of what was going on.

      I say this to say, if Trump visited a place like Voodoo Donuts, he assuredly was informed what went on there. Perhaps it was part of a ploy for something else. You never know.

      We’ll never know until we see all these confessional videos they supposedly have. All the tapes from Guantanamo Bay where all these creeps are stored and/or were executed there.

    2. Claudia, you’re the first person I’ve seen to comment about Graham and his son since I read about them a couple of yrs ago. Those were my thoughts also.

  4. It is the movie, HUNGER GAMES is based off of

    PLEASE PLEASE let us know if ANYONE knows if Fiona is still alive.
    I last saw her with “KAPPY” on video.

    Before Kappy “committed suicide” he said on youtube in a depressed state, (and i HOPE i am not mis categorizing him), that he had done something bad/wrong (?)…
    He felt there was no forgiveness (Judas?)

    I HOPE that this was not the case….
    WHAT IF….
    He gave up Fiona’s whereabouts because he might have found himself in a precarious
    threatening position and was afraid for his life??
    What if?
    WHERE is Fiona?
    IF people do not post regularly the citizens who follow them
    will think the worst-that they were abducted…

    I HOPE Fiona is well and good.
    The last movie/doc made was “Candy Girl” (Parts 1 & 2)
    And then i saw her on youtube with Kappy

    IF ANYONE has ANYTHING RECENT…please post

  5. It sickens me!!!! It really sickens me what they have been doing for years to kids. God bless Tim

  6. Billy was a fair dinkum sort of bloke, his son, Franklin, is a horse of a different colour. Behold.

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