Emergency message to President Trump from inside CHAZ: Children, Men and Women being sodomized

Emergency transmission on a red background.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 21, 2020 at 11:17 A.M.

This video was sent to Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force along with a request for help by people who are trapped in Seattle.

Children are being raped with no 911 assistance.


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17 thoughts on “Emergency message to President Trump from inside CHAZ: Children, Men and Women being sodomized

  1. Time to make trip to Seattle and do some clean up ! Sharp shooter units load your bags , WE going on a trip !

    1. You may be on to something. This poor man is begging for help and describing a nightmare in 3D. What better way to screw up Antifa’s satanic rituals than to serve as RESCUERS and deliver the victims of ‘chaz’ from their living nightmare? This might diminish the luciferians’ special day, but, whatever. If we’ve been waiting for the right time or a compelling enough reason, why not let this be it, and totally put the kabash on their f’d up “holiday.” Hey, I got an idea, CNN, show this video on prime time….I dare ‘ya. These people are sick.

  2. If this is accurate please get this to The Gate Way Pundit, BreitBart, and POTUS. Post this on Breigton. You Tube could take it down.

  3. Apparently, today is a major satanic ritual day- Here’s their calendar. Look at June 21st. Summer Solstice requires the exact things this man is describing and reporting as happening right now this very minute, today June 21… kinda makes ya wonder…. PS All, please be warned that if you have a weak stomach, it may be best not to look at this calendar, its verbally graphic. The truth really does hurt, as we are learning more and more.

  4. SHARED !!

    THANK YOU for letting us know
    SOUTH AFRICAN FARMERS have always told me is that what THEY have been going through for 20 years in South Africa was COMING to AMERICA…

    THEIR farmers have been TORTURED, RAPED in front of wives, husbands and children, and THEN MURDERED…THOUSANDS of them !!
    Their media covers it up and calls it a robbery…it’s so much MORE!!
    Groups of 3-5 ambush them at their homes or coming to or from Church…

    NOW it has come to our beloved country.
    THANKFUL that this message was able to get out…
    PLEASE share and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY !!

  5. With all due respect! What more needs to happen, before we do something about it?! Enough is ENOUGH!! President Trump, you know exactly what needs to be done! The time is NOW!! Round-up these assh**es and the mayors and governors too! There are children and families suffering, while we play the waiting game!!

  6. Men, women, children being sodomized? Whoops. There seem to be a few problem with this little Communist Democrat Cult.

  7. Just an alternative point of view here. How do we know that this guy is telling the truth? Maybe the opposition wants to ignite a conflict.

    I truly believe that if this was happening Trump would send in protection. He wouldn’t sit back and do nothing, so I kind of smell a rat here, but I don’t know.

    1. I know what you mean – we’ve been floating around in a Lie Stew for such a long time. Marinating in Mainstream News. How do we REALLY KNOW what’s real, true and what isn’t. Its all getting to be very surreal. This MUST be what the Twilight Zone feels like. So, here’s an old musical version of The Twilight Zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8th-I5LsK_c

    2. “How do we know that this guy is telling the truth?” Excellent point. We need to apply this sort of critical thinking to anyone who makes statements that can’t be backed up by research and facts by others elsewhere. Unverified, unproven statements can not pass any truth test and turn out to be lies. Being asked to believe is a tell tale sign.

  8. If this is true, We the People of Washington State, the citizens of Seattle, MUST ASK PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR HELP. HE CANNOT TELL WASHINGTON WHAT TO DO.
    Assemble some citizens in Seattle and start notifying the White House.
    IMMEDIATELY. Your State’s elected officials have violated their oath, and are being paid by the People Of Washington State. They are on the Payroll. It is not up to them what should happen. Perhaps they should be arrested. ASK THE PRESIDENT TO ENTER INTO THIS CONFLICT. IT IS VERY SIMILAR TO MINNEAPOLIS.
    GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GET THIS DONE. Fascist Militants posing as BLM? Who has the time to find out? Is is going to take human sacrifice in the middle of “CHAZ”, or now it is “CHOP”???? Does this mean Guillotines?

  9. If antifa has been labeled a terrorist group by trump then why hasn’t he done anything?!!!!

  10. Everyday, every hour, every second is critical. We can’t give this another day or week to think or plan strategies. President Trump and our fellow Americans need to muscle up and take drastic action NOW!!!!!

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