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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 18, 2019 at 8:46 A.M.

In Re: Field McConnell

There is an ongoing and growing misconception that Kirk Pendergrass and Chris Hallett, E-Clause LLC, are representing Field McConnell.

That is not correct.

E-Clause does not have Power of Attorney for Field McConnell and has filed no documents with any court on Field’s behalf. E-Clause is auditing Pierce County, Wisconsin for emoluments violations and bad actors in government.

However, the actions being taken behind the scenes to free Field McConnell are being executed by members of a Task Force whose names you never hear for serious security reasons.

Several areas regarding Field are being addressed. One is securing Field’s release from imprisonment; those efforts are being executed and orchestrated by very high level agents of a Task Force. Another area being addressed is the attempted seizure of Field’s home and property by the corrupt government which is also being fought by upper level Task Force and a personal agent secured by Field (not E-Clause).

I am present in the War Room. I am the reporter for the Task Force. I am on the Board of Directors for the recently incorporated Children’s Crusade (no affiliation with E-Clause) and was appointed to that position by Field himself.

There are a lot of moving parts so clarity on these matters will help avoid confusion.

What is occurring behind the scenes is a battle that involves expertise of Task Force members at very high levels who do not appear on radio shows.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command,
Timothy Charles Holmseth

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  1. Tim, I have followed you for a long time and I thank you for your
    Good works exposing the disgusting evil on this earth. Soon God will deliver justice for the righteous and get rid of some of these bad actors

  2. Looks like the OBrien Video was taken down. The MK-ultra guy that allegedly was given certain authority under a part of the constitution something (28). Curious why it’s down and how much of it is truth. I heard Tom Henegen & Stu W. talk about Gore being the duly elected president. Thank-you for taking on the fight!

  3. I hope you’ll continue to keep us updated. Is there an address i can donate by check?
    God bless and keep you.

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