General John Kelly Attempted to Assassinate President Trump

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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on September 4, 2020 at 10:06 P.M.

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6 thoughts on “General John Kelly Attempted to Assassinate President Trump

  1. Many of us (INCLUDING Field McConnell) thought Kelly, Dunford and Mattis were the good guys. We now know Mattis and Kelly are NOT….
    Does ANYONE know if DUNFORD is a white hat player (behind the scenes?)

    I can’t tell you HOW MANY people i have told about PENCE NOT going to be the VP in 2020 (per a video you made (TCH)….
    Ever since the PP Task Force came into view…there have been absolutely NO updates on this matter.
    Either PENCE IS a pedophile or he is NOT and Trump plans to keep a Judas for the next 4 year term….at least this is how things APPEAR to most, who listen to the news.

    Can’t Trump release you from your silence-TCH on Pence and someone give us an UPDATED story on the guy??

    No one believes me TCH, yet i believe you
    It would be dangerous to keep him, especially after knowing his attempt on Trump on July 4th of 2019, where he was called back mid air, again according to Field McConnell…
    By the way, could we all have an UPDATE to HOW he (Field McConnell), is, and WHERE he is?

    1. Do your research, Ms Smith. Pence was arrested, taken to GITMO, had his tribunal and executed quite awhile ago. Dig and research, you’ll be able answer your own questions without needing to make public your dormant and unawakened condition. Just sayin’

      1. I do a lot of research. I read reports of several who are either in GITMO or have been executed. Hanks, Wilson, Obumer, big Mike, 2013 old bug eyes Gates and his wife or husband dead,Hillbilly, Bill, Robert Downey Jr executed, Ellen, Oprah in GITMO, name after name. If this is correct who cares announce it to the people.

    2. I know Pence and someone else tried to have Trump assassinated. Pence is Luciferian. I asked why Trump would choose him. I got 2 answers. 1. Presidents doesn’t chose there running mates and 2. Pence was the only way Trump could get elected. I keep remembering Trump saying Pence was taking a trip far far away which to me meant arrest, military tribunal, Gitmo, clone OR he wears and ankle bracelet and comes out when he is needed I’m not sure. But Trump said a place far far away so I think he’s gone. I’m waiting for an announcement of all names of arrests including Pence before the election but I’m not sure if that would cause chaos or not so perhaps a sickness shortly after reelection? I don’t know

  2. Dear Candice, a lot of people are “star struck”, so to say and would freak out to learn their favorite star or stars were involved in pedophilia and all that goes with it. With all that is going on in the world right now, this new knowledge could “add fuel to the fire”. Pun intended! Their is a place and time when this knowledge will be made known. That is the going narrative, when researching such things. I hope that helps You. God Bless You Always.

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