by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on September 1, 2020 at 2:31 P.M.

Little Sophie is desperately trying to avoid painful sexual assault – she says she’s “tired of it”.

We’re tired of it too, Sophie.

We are tired of being poisoned and almost dying on the living room floor.

We are tired of people threatening to kidnap our children and little ones because we won’t stop fighting for you.

We are tired of being kidnapped by the government and tortured in prison because we won’t sign papers.

We are tired of fake child rescue groups like Craig Sawyer of Veterans For Child Rescue pretending to love and care about little children like you while threatening to kill us using Navy SEALS and Delta Force.

We are tired of Facebook removing our stories and Facebook accounts when we try to help you.

We’re tired of You Tube removing important videos we publish – videos that will help make the world safe for you.

We’re tired of Twitter removing accounts that are there to make the world safe for you.

We’re tired of death threats and UPS, FED EX, and U.S. Mail trucks pulling up to where we are with hit-men inside.

We are tired of people like Filthy Murt and MONTAGRAPH and the devils the they work for.

We are tired of all those monsters out there that hurt beautiful children like you.

But we promise you Sophie…

Beautiful little children like you make us feel brave and we ask Jesus everyday to make us strong so we can keep fighting.

President Trump and his wonderful wife asked us to form a task force and fight for little children like you and we won’t ever stop.

We promised President Trump we would fight for you Sophie.

We’re tired too sweetheart, but we can get the job done to make the world safer for you.

President Trump has many big, strong, brave men and women in the military who will follow his orders and protect you.

Someday there is going to be a huge parade with Kool-Aid, games, and fun prizes; after all those monsters go to jail.

Jesus loves you Sophie.

God bless you sweetheart,

Pentagon Pedophile Task Force



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    1. If possible, please post the video you link on an alternate site (preferably Like many other people with benevolent intent, my access to F***book was revoked with no explanation.

  1. Thank you Timothy Holmseth. Your words are so powerful it is difficult to react at first. 1) does not censor 2) how can I join in the underground fight – millions of children underground – whom do I write to? Whom can I trust ?

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