by Carlene P. Lisden on July 6, 2020 at 11:01 A.M.

In the wake of the Ghislaine Maxwell child trafficking arrest… Melania Trump’s fashion statement at Mt. Rushmore has taken the world by the storm.

On July 3, 2020 Melania Trump captivated the world with her dress when she appeared with President Trump in South Dakota for a patriotic event at Mt. Rushmore.

It didn’t take long for the search of the hidden meanings behind Melania’s dress-design to sweep social media.

On July 5 Dawn Michael PhD posted on Twitter PhD and said, “The First Lady it amazing wearing a dress designed by Alexander McQueen using sketches drawn by victims of child sexual abuse to describe their feelings and the media makes fun of it!”

A short time later…

Twitter user Khasoggi’s Ghost replied to the First Lady’s tweet and said, “Maybe if the First Lady acted like she cared about children, including the ones in cages, people would be more empathetic? Besides, it’s not like anyone knew what the drawing was about. Most of us just thought it was a stupid dress. Most of us care more about abused children.”


It appears Khasoggi and other Trump haters took the bait.

According to sources, as the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator  Ghislaine Maxwell dominated the news, Melania Trump specifically intended to bring attention to child abuse and crimes against children.

And of course – as usual – the Trump haters got trolled big time.

On March 31, 2020 investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth published a video entitled 2100 CAGED KIDS IN TUNNELS RESCUED BY US MARINES IN CALIFORNIA – MOST BELIEVED TO BE ABDUCTED BY CPS.

The video has nearly 222, 000 views.

“[I am] the only journalist authorized to report exclusive content for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and there is one person between me and President Donald Trump and that person meets face to face with President Trump and his wife Melania,” Holmseth said.

According to Holmseth’s bio he is a news reporter assisting investigations taking place under Joint Special Operations Command with the U.S. Army.

Holmseth reported 2,100 tortured ‘kids in cages’ had been rescued from underground tunnels in California by U.S Marines.

And he said this…

“Our President – Donald J. Trump, and our First Lady Melania Trump want the world to know that. And now you do,” Holmseth said.

14 thoughts on “Melania Trump’s ‘kids in cages’ dress causes Twitter explosion

  1. 220,000 views are very short of the whole world knowing it. Now that another top Mossad operative (Maxwell)has been arrested an avalanche of arrests may be underway. With 2000 new Federal Marshals from active military added to the force, things could really get rolling. There lots of facilities prepared by the Deep State to put them in. Such as the formerly bustling Sam’s Club in my neighborhood. It abruptly closed and has not reopened. I’d like to see the new decor in that building.

    1. Some time back a young man posted photos he took of a closed Walmart building, here in the U.S. He surmised it was being used to put people in cages, underground, and even posted photos of those cages! There was an armed guard there, too! I wish I could find that and post it, now. It was so long ago, I didn’t know about this horrible trafficking of our children…I just saw a post, yesterday, claiming that creep Walmart is planning to fire all cashiers and put in ONLY mechanical checkout machines. How much money does the creep need off the backs of those who buy from him and make him wealthy!?

  2. When the media freaks and trolls come out over a dress, you know a nerve has been struck. We should thank these dummies who don’t even realize the attention they are bringing to the cause. FLOTUS often communicates beautifully with her wardrobe. I always look for her obvious and not so obvious signals. She’s beautiful, brave and brilliant. If I were American, I would be so proud of her.
    Thank you again Timothy. God bless.

  3. “Our President – Donald J. Trump, and our First Lady Melania Trump want the world to know that. And now you do,” Holmseth said.
    There’s a big problem elephant in the room with that statement. If they wanted the world to know, they have a larger platform than Timothy Charles Holmseth. Gigantically larger. If the goal is to let the world know, this way does not accomplish that. POTUS and FLOTUS have the world’s ear any moment they desire and the world would know within a moment. But, they say nothing about 2100 victims, why?

    1. First of all the President has had darts thrown at him from day 1! You think this is a good time to bring up a horrific thing such as this right now close to election with everything else going on in this world and on top of that do you not think Mothers of children everywhere would not be outraged and protesting and raising hell and wanting people to be held accountable. Do you think that’s what is needed right now? Enraged broken hearted mothers running around? Lastly we have Maxwell in prison. Wouldn’t the plan be to get all information from her instead of Trump spewing this to America, again enraging mothers who would.. God knows. I cry and pray and cry over these children. I want to kill somebody so you honestly think Trump announcing this would be good. Do you not understand Timothy as he said is reporting this to the people who are awake right now and apparently you aren’t so bug off

      1. Julie, so being awake means keeping everything on the hush-hush and the down low. I see. And POTUS is afraid to upset mothers. Ok.

      2. As a mother, I want to be informed of the evil in our world. To have de it would be worse. I praise God that we have a President that cares . One if the first thing he did as President was to bring to attention about the human trafficking issue, but no reporters ever ask. Funny don’t you think.
        Our wonderful First Lady always wearing something that has meaning, but again the haters will still find something wrong with both President Trump and Melania.

  4. (People who delete questions are questionable.) If English was my native tongue, perhaps that would seem less logically jarring. Maybe not.

    1. Hey kirby. Did you know that the NSA can trace trolls through their email address(es)?

  5. This is so sweet of our First Lady and so loving… but it’s not obvious enough.It needs blatant stuff, like maybe “Saving/Help save thousands of our abducted kids from underground tunnels…” “Join our cause @—“…maybe have some actual photos of these babies/children/teenagers on the dress. Make it available for us to buy at a very inexpensive price. Perhaps POTUS would wear a hat that obviously speaks to this or a badge/pin/tie. The party could sell these to fund the reelection campaign. Creeps will get nasty about this, but I think patriots would support this and it would reach the masses, like a bomb going off. Maybe they should sell wearable items that tell the public about the 21 special forces troops per day that the Deep State Satanists are covertly murdering under their guise of suicides on the parts of our troops. Perhaps they should be more vocal about their work for our poor children… Maybe people should be invited to care for these rescued victims, on a strictly voluntary basis, in homes/hospitals created by the task force … The Children’s Crusade should go forward and be expanded, but all who show interest must be cleared by the U.S. Attorney General…The truth about FIELD MCCONNELL should be blasted before the world…The world cannot care and be a support base if they don’t know…

  6. Another perspective is to consider how FLOTUS dress draws attention to designer, Alexander McQueen. He’s a member of a group of designers, celebrities, models (ie. Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Annabel Nielsen, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and more) who committed suicide, allegedly by hanging themselves on doorknobs. The theory is that “death by doorknob” is the Cabal’s signature of pedophilia related assassination. Those who knew too much, said too much and became a liability. Maybe its time to look into their connections & deaths.

    1. wow you are so right ..i just wish thy would air how these kids are now and video of pervs being arrested so the world will know thy are who thy are ..

  7. I keep seeing these posts saying that the dress was drawn by dancers of different ethnicity? They still appearm ore nefarious when looking at them, but every time I see this post of her and the dress saying it is children expressing their feelings, somebody posts that it was really just dancers. Which is really correct? Here is an example. Are they just covering with this dancer story or is it mistaken?

  8. Hey,hey Paula. An idea who’s time has come. Updates are strongly encouraged now that the proverbial dust has settled.

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