Greenbrier academy for girls.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on August 21, 2023 – USA

The following statement (below) is from Jessie Marie Czebotar.

The testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar witnessing the torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism of a child by Hillary Clinton, with the help of a high profile former military person and federal agent, was found credible by Attorney Steven S. Biss, Charlottesville, Virginia. Biss has drafted a RICO complaint against various Defendants on behalf of his client, Randi Lynn Erickson, Minnesota. Biss is the attorney of retired General Michael FlynnTruth Social CEO Devin NunesCIA agent Robert David Steele, and Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Czebotar’s experiences during training for “Queen Mother of Darkness” by the Luciferian Brotherhood is extremely vast and could fill volumes of books.

~begin segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~

I testify that these locations are used as a Breeder Program where I witnessed crimes against humanity and children being committed in the 1980s. These crimes include rape, torture, satanic ritual and murder, grotesque experimentation, bestiality, breeding programs, adrenochrome harvesting, and cannibalism. Secondary crimes that were sometimes worse than the first were committed at these facilities as well. Secondary crimes occurred after those selected for the harsh training programs in the Luciferian Brotherhood System broke mentally. This mental breaking could stem from:

  1. Physical complication to abuse and torture
  2. Emotional trauma and PTSD
  3. Mental programming failures
  4. Demonic possession and torment

Twice a year, girls ages (8-18) are bred. The breeding is on a rotation according to the Spring and Fall Equinox. If they are bred in the Spring, they will be delivered during time of Fall Equinox. If they are bred in the Fall, they will be delivered during the Spring Equinox. There are several crimes I witnessed being committed against girls in the breeder programs:

If it is the girls first time being bred, the infant, if a male will be killed in a Moon Child Ritual. A Moon Child Ritual is where the male infant is dashed against a “grandfather” tree until he is dead. Then the blood is drained on the roots of the tree and offered as a sacrifice of the first-born child to principalities Baal, Ashtoroth, and Moloch. After the blood is drained, the child is cannibalized, the body is put into an incinerator to be turned into a blood diamond, and the ashes will be sold to food companies. The slaughter of the first born is considered a rite of passage for priestesses in training. Those who kill their own child or delight in the act are elevated to higher positions. Those who break mentally from this ritual are put into asylums for mental health management and oversight against breaking the silence on occultic rituals. Breaking does not ensure their freedom from the breeder programs. I witnessed those who broke still being used twice a year to birth children. I believe I witnessed about 13 Moon Child events from 1981-1987. Some of these rituals took place at The Greenbrier at the ancient grandfather tree. There was a forest near the Greenbrier Academy for girls that was also used for these rituals that had ancient trees. I believe it is what is now known as the Pence Springs Forest. Most of the time, old Oak Trees were used for these rituals.

If it was not initial birthing, there were a couple places the girls would be brought to deliver induced premature babies that were about 5-6 months gestation. Deliveries took place at two places in this area that I witnessed. The first was at Trans-Allegheny. These girls or women were managed but still used for breeding. I remember the rooms in this place being set up similar to the Breeder Program rooms at the Chicago base. The rooms were bigger, so there were more beds.

The babies in this facility were usually used for further experiments and projects. This is where I saw the aborted baby girls having their eggs harvested before they were killed. This was a form of black-market currency in the System. The Brotherhood conceptualize the eggs and create souls for their soul torture program and to buy, sell, and trade energy on the black-market. There are vaults underground where the “descendant rites” eggs and sperm are stored. Nazi Michael Karkoc, Col. Michael Aquino, John O. Brennan, Clara Odilia Acker Church, and several others had access to these vaults.

The second area of delivery was off campus on an island. It was similar to the island Clara Odilia Acker Church used in Spring Green, WI at our family cabin. I believe this island to be Bushes Island in Hinton, West Virgina. The island is about 20 minutes SW of the school. There is a direct spiritual gate access from the school to the island. Once transported to the island, the girls were given medications to induce and cause delirium. After the babies were delivered, the girls would be given frankincense to forget. Some of the babies were ritually drowned to the water gods. Others were taken for organ harvesting and sale. One or two were chosen to live and were taken by nurses for adoption.

~end segment of Jessie Marie Czebotar statement~

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