by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 14, 2019 at 5:43 PM CST

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59 thoughts on “SEALS and Marines Rescue 2,100 Children From California Underground Bunkers

  1. Was beginning to doubt it would start happening. I pray this is the beginning of the end and criminals from all walks of life and caste involved will be tried and convicted. Satanisn is rampant and we’re racing against the clock.

      1. God bless you Mr. Holmseth! You are a hero to so many people! I pray for your continued safety!

      2. Is the initial video on YouTube somewhere? The link doesn’t work.


  3. Thank you for all you have done. God bless you. Joe to work with you and Field and Children’s Crusade and MVR one day soon. Dr Joey

  4. thank you so much.. I cant Express the love and support I have for what your doing. great job

  5. ThanQ you; Timothy and God Bless You and ALL who R in this spiritual fight; to liberate Beautiful OUR Earth and #SaveTheChildren!??❤️???

  6. Now to get rid of what is happening above ground and in plain view – Comprehensive Sex Education being taught in the schools. Planned Parenthood is the largest group teaching this to our precious and innocent children. This needs to be banned! Work with your conservative legislators to stop it.

  7. Nothing said about arresting the people responsible for these kids captivity! Any info on this??

  8. Wow! Thanks for the great news Mr. Holmseth! I was getting so worried living in Ca. with all that has been going on. So happy to know these kids are safe now. Praise be to God.

  9. Y’know what works well when connected to extraordinary claims? Extraordinary proof. Or…y’know….any.

  10. God has shown me He has had enough and is coming after the John’s and the traffickers. He is revealing the evil that is hidden. I am so thankful beyond words for this mission and all the others to come. Raising awareness about human trafficking in Wyoming

  11. God Bless you and your family Timothy Holmseth.
    I have followed your plight for years, and this bittersweet success is prayers answered.
    More will be sent for those facing this hell on earth,
    Soldiers of God, rescuing the innocent.

  12. Re how did they locate? I read that this is why power was turned off in such a vast region of California. They could then detect underground activity more easily. What about UNDER THE GETTY MUSEUM ??? Have they raided the Getty yet???

  13. How can U.S. Marines operate in this capacity on U.S. Soil? Trying to explain to husband as he said that would not be in their realm of authority/posse comitatus (sp?)

    1. The “as the President may direct” portion of the Marine Corps’ job description puts them in quite a few non-amphibious situations, including combat far from beaches, running security detail on some Navy ships (originally the Corps’ primary function), protecting U.S. embassies as well as the White House

  14. What happens to the children after they are rescued? Who cares for them? Church prayer group asking.

  15. Omg Lord and Savior Jesus Christ take me home now!! I don’t want to live where such evil Exists. What can I do to help?

  16. May every good act be rewarded back to those in the trenches 10,000 time’s. Thank you and God bless you and your family’s.

  17. So why haven’t we heard anything? And I don’t mean from the msm… There is nothing being discussed on the back channels.

  18. Praise God for we would be in darkness without Jesus Christ. Expose the wicked and save the innocent. Thank you Timothy for your relentless truthful journalism. You are a hero!

  19. Timothy, thank you so much for your reporting. May Yah bless you abundantly. So glad to see you at the top of your game. Your reward will be great.

  20. Thank you Jesus!!! So thankful were seeing some righteous judgement on this side of heaven. God Bless you richly Timothy Charles Holmseth for all you hard work and diligence fighting for the innocent children.

  21. Hmmm. Ain’t it curious how such a blockbuster news story failed to garner the attention of the MSM! There are a LOT of very pissed off satanists right now. Burn in hell, ALL of you!

  22. We the people are so proud of our military members, God bless you and thank you for saving these children. Thank God we have President Trump to clean up this deep state corruption!
    Stay safe!

  23. Mr. Holmseth I have been reading your investigative pieces and listening to your videos for a long time, suffice it to say I have been an admirer and believer of yours for years. You are a real life hero! I am sorry you lost so much but i know your children are so proud of you knowing what you do! Thank you so for your tireless efforts and courageousness! God bless you!

  24. God bless everyone involved. Praise be to God that everything done in darkness and evil will come to the light. God speed to the Marines and Seals who risk their lives the love of our country.

  25. Thank You! I have a question though, WHERE are these children now? Have they been returned home? If so, WHY hasn’t ANY Mom or, Dad come out with Videos of the return of their child? If they haven’t been returned home, Why not? It’s been 8 days since this Aledged rescue and Absolutely not a peep from relieved parents. Interesting isn’t it?

  26. Timothy Holmseth you are quite the man. I’ve been following you since way back on YouTube as it all began to unfold and you became a target. God bless you, angels around you. Someday I hope you get a medal. Thank you for your relentless work to uncover child trafficking. I’m very grateful to you and those boots on the ground. Right now we need are hero’s to be at home. The enemy has severly infiltrated America through out every office. It takes bravery to expose them and boots to surround and capture these psycho’s.

  27. If all of the media was involved and deep state was real, then you wouldn’t hear about it at all. But question begging to be answered here is much more important, where in God’s name is the proof??? Actual physical hard lined legitimate non-negotiable evidence? See, in order to prove something all real, one must obtain more than just knowledge or assumptive knowledge of facts. One must display evidence of precisely what is real. Faith in God is great, faith in man is not great, we are fallible creatures. Meant to be as the imperfect beings God has allowed us to be. But that does not allow us to blindly follow others based on information that is not backed by solid evidence in a faith based way. Instead we should see our collective as imperfect beings we are, salt with grains, and recall that history shows that to follow blindly leaders that insist we dont examine and look for truth in an unbiased way only leads to our own demise. Death or loss. Faith of God,great, we are his community. Not the community of those that say half truths, show little evidence and sell faith for themselves whole sale to us. Be careful lovely souls of God, that the path chosen is of his making and not of man.

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