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The secret truth about the school shootings across the country is coming out right before your eyes.

On May 28, 2024, News 5, Nashville reported, “‘Something’s not right!’ Conspiracy cop pushed bogus theories about Covenant shooting, video shows“.

The News 5 coverage about the Millersville “conspiracy cop” soon merged into a very high-profile feud between Phil Williams and City of Millersville Assistant Police Chief Shawn Taylor’s colleague Craig Randall (Sawman) Sawyer, founder, Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) Arizona. The City of Millersville Police Department has been partnering with Sawyer and V4CR to run “Operation Clean Sweep” which involves a Web-based child sex predator type sting online.

The May 28 news report by Phil Williams, News 5, focused on things Taylor said during podcasts about the Covenant School Shooting in Nashville.

Williams focused in on something Taylor said about a “school official”.

“Even more disturbing, Taylor claimed — with zero evidence — that the shooter was actually trying to take out a school official who was somehow involved in a sinister scheme,” Williams reported.

Williams then used his labeling tactics and the thought-stopper phrase “conspiracy theorists” to throw ice cold water on Taylor’s suggestion that human trafficking may be connected to the Covenant School Shooting.

Here’s how Williams characterized Taylor’s comments – “You guys know that I am digging into the child trafficking and human trafficking — and this woman just happened to be a part of that,” Taylor told his fellow conspiracy theorists.

Williams and News 5 certainly do not hesitate to use their massive reach and influence to assure the public that there’s nothing amiss or cynical about the Covenant School Shooting – including the suggestion by Taylor that the backstory behind the shooting may be connected to human trafficking.

It’s all just a “conspiracy theory” Williams and News 5 will tell you.

However – Williams and News 5 have gotten way ahead of themselves and are much to positive about their own guesswork.

Williams and News 5 might consider using their investigative resources to determine if Assistant Chief of Police Shawn Taylor is part of what is called the “Sovereign Military” and/or the “Luciferian Brotherhood”.

Williams is a well-seasoned investigative reporter, and one might imagine that perhaps Williams has pondered once or twice during his almost obsessive news coverage of Taylor; ‘just exactly WHO are these paramilitary men and Navy SEALS that Taylor hangs out with, and HOW does Taylor come to think he knows so much about very cynical ongoings in schools? 

Here’s why Williams’ reporting for News 5 is incomplete.


The report on TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH REPORTS included sworn statements from federal RICO witness Jesse Marie Czebotar who describes being an eyewitness to crimes against children in the school systems.

Czebotar is a witness in a federal RICO authored by Attorney Steven Scott Biss, Virginia. Czebotar swears she was present and observed “Craig Sawyer” assist Hillary Rodham Clinton in a rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism event where Sawyer scalded tied up children with hot water before Clinton ate a little girl’s Pineal gland.

Attorney Biss is the attorney of retired General Michael Flynn and the Flynn family, U.S. National Security official to Director of National Intelligence, as well as Senior Aide to Congressman Devin Nunes, Kash Patel, former CIA Robert David Steele, former U.S. Secret Service Dan Bongino, former House Intelligence Committee Chair Congressman Devin Nunes (now CEO of Truth Social), former Minnesota Administrative Tribunal Judge Randi Lynn Erickson, and War Correspondent Timothy Charles Holmseth.

In our October 12, 2023, report, Czebotar describes exactly what Taylor is alluding to in his statements about schools. Czebotar is a satanic cult defector who was trained and tortured as a child by the U.S. Military and a witch coven.

Czebotar provides extensive details about the activities of the “Sovereign Military” and “Luciferian Brotherhood”.

Here’s a segment of Czebotar’s statement about child trafficking by the military through the school systems.

Not only did I witness these individuals present when crimes were being committed against children, they aided in the cover up of crimes that included rape, torture, satanic ritual, murder, human hunting parties, adrenochrome harvesting, organ harvesting, human meat markets, and cannibalism.  These individuals worked hand in hand with individuals in the Casper Educational System and Churches to supply the U.S. Military and Sovereign Military with children being trained in the Luciferian Brotherhood, as well as expendable children from outside the area.  As a child I would be marked present at school but not be present all day at that location. How did this work? I would show up at school and be marked present with about 20 other children in the class. Then, I and a select few would be removed from the class and taken to meet up with our “teachers” in the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military. I would be taken out through the underground to different locations in the Casper area. If at Crest Hill Elementary, it usually was out the side door by the gym. I had “defense magik training” first thing in the morning. Several places where that occurred included Cathedral of St. Peter in Rockford Illinois or St. Anthony’s Parish school in Casper Wyoming. During these times, I was removed from class with a few of the other children, while another teacher would come in and remain with the other children in the class. This should be a huge point of concern,” Czebotar said.

Czebotar continued.

What is happening to the children in the Casper Wyoming area and of our country when they are supposed to be in school. The education system in the State of Wyoming cannot say that they are blameless in this matter. They hire a teacher to be full-time in a classroom with a certain number of children. However, if that teacher is considered a “special teacher”, meaning he/she works also with the Luciferian Brotherhood or Sovereign Military training programs, the school pays for or has a third-party payee who finances another teacher to come in to stay with the remainder of the class who are not part of the special program training. How many years has the Casper Wyoming School District along with other school districts in the United States continued to operate this way. Who is aware of these operations within each district?” Czebotar said.

So much for it all being a conspiracy theory (Czebotar’s affidavits are in the possession of the U.S. Court, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division, and President Donald Trump).

Of course – Phil Wiliams and News 5 are at absolute liberty to pick and choose what the areas of focus for their reports and investigations. However, Williams has reported on Taylor and Sawyer extensively, as well as using footage of the Alpha Warrior Show where Taylor makes many of his statements.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage of the Alpha Warrior Show – certainly Williams and News 5 have seen it.

Certainly, Williams saw the big bold caps “GENERAL FLYNN” – their main man.

This is strike 2 for Williams and Channel 5.


In short – child victim Adrian John Wells explains that he knows Craig Sawyer (just like Jessie Czebotar) and says Sawyer is a “pedophile” “child trafficker” and “kid basher”.



In April 2017, shortly after retired General Michael Flynn was fired by President Trump from his National Security Advisor position, Hillary Clinton’s occasional bodyguard, former SEAL TEAM 6 operator Craig Randall (Sawman) Sawyer, with the help of Alex Jones at Info Wars, quickly formed a child rescue operation in Arizona called “Veterans For Child Rescue Inc” (V4CR).

The fact that scumbag General Flynn was removed in February 2017 from Trump’s inner circle was devastating to those plotting against Trump. In August 2017 another plotter against Trump – Steve Bannon – was also fired.

Alex Jones assisted in the April 2017 launch of V4CR – talked wildly about Jesus – described the savage gang rape of a child – talked about Trump and a “task force” – donated $100,000 to Sawyer immediately – and then declared he would be raising $10 Million for Sawyer and V4cR. KGUN in Arizona promoted Sawyer and V4CR and reported that Sawyer claimed he was going to be conducting rescues of children and was going to film the “extractions”.

Notably – by October of 2017 a psychological operation called “Q” and/or “QAnon” that began to reveal the hardcore truths about child trafficking and pedophiles in government was deployed on the Web where its secret progenitors created the illusion that they were working with President Donald Trump who was referred to as Q+.

In reality – the creation of “Q” and/or “QAnon” was linked to General Flynn because he lost his stronghold in the Trump Administration.

Sawyer’s child rescue group has never rescued a single child, but, Sawyer has cleverly deceived the public into thinking he rescues children by setting up ‘to catch a predator’-style traps for perverts. Sawyer and his Hollywood crews film officers employed by obscure police departments arresting some fat local pervert. The videos show the cops brandishing automatic weapons, German Shepherd’s barking, police screaming commands, and multiple camera angles capture the event as if these men are storming the beaches of Normandy, as the terrified pervert stands with his hands in the air in shock. Sawyer then claims the pedophile he filmed being arrested would have gone on to molest some 70+ children, so therefore, Sawyer says, he rescued 70 children.

It’s all a fraud.


On May 28, 2024, Hillary Clinton’s former bodyguard Craig Randall (Sawman) Sawyer appeared on War Room with Owen Shroyer (Info Wars) to confront an ongoing battle between Investigative Reporter Phil Williams, News 5, Nashville, and ranking members of the Millersville, Tennessee Police Department Bryan Morris and Shawn Taylor (along with Sawyer) who claimed they were conducting an anti-child-trafficking operation called “Operation Clean Sweep”.

Sawyer and Taylor have been reporting extensively on podcasts that Millersville and the Arizona-based Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR) “ran a joint sting operation” where they conducted a ‘to catch a predator’-style Web-based child sex predator sting out of a shed. Sawyer and Assistant Chief Taylor boldly claim they obtained “warrants” on 70 sex predators.

Sawyer and Taylor seem to be wearing the ’70-warrants’ claim like a protective shield against outside scrutiny of their actions and motives, and instantly accuse anybody who challenges them or investigates what they are doing of being pro-child sex abuse and pedophile protectors. However, because the ’70’ warrants appears to be a total scam (Taylor subsequently admitted Millersville does not have legal jurisdiction beyond their local city limits) the logical conclusion is that Morris, Taylor, and Sawyer have a secret agenda.

In reality – City of Millersville [apparently] had no Joint Powers Agreement or legal Bonding with V4CR and the whole thing was a publicity stunt that relied on clever wording by Sawyer in press statements to create the impression it was real. In reality – the “warrants” Sawyer describes do not appear to be real, but rather, Millersville/V4CR are seeking warrants because they have “chat logs” of unknown people talking sex-talk online to a 12-year-old decoy online profile they created.

Obviously – luring perverts to an online profile where many men probably simply masturbate from the sick excitement they receive from the on-going chatting (which in this case was Millersville and V4CR adult agents) is not a child trafficking bust, nor is it a child rescue.

Sawyer told Shroyer that Phil Williams and Channel 5 were protecting pedophiles and child predators and protecting a “criminal network”

Sawyer then suggested Williams is related to the “Catalano Crime Family”. Sawyer then went into details about a mysterious death connected to former WSMV Channel 4 Anchor Aaron Solomon whose son Grant Solomon died in a bizarre suspicious accident.

Sawyer said the people in Tennessee want an investigation into “That crime ring that runs children and narcotics and money-laundering there around Nashville”.

This where you need to PAY ATTENTION to SUBTLE DETAILS.

While Sawyer was on Info Wars pushing the ‘child trafficking’ and ‘pedophile’ angle as being the big news story, and claiming Phil Williams is the villain for trying to stop Sawyer and Taylor and Morris from saving children; Phil Williams at News 5 is pushing a different angle on the whole story. Williams is focusing on Assistant Police Chief Taylor who Williams calls the “Conspiracy Cop” and is making Taylor the villain – running stories on News 5 about the fact Taylor believes the Covenant School Shooting in Nashville was staged.

The public would be wise to consider the possibility that the sprawling organized crime network in Tennessee that Sawyer describes has always been allowed to exist because it’s part of an international cartel that was insulated from prosecution by the dirty and corrupt U.S. Department of Justice and FBI.

It would be wise to consider that everyone involved in the present-day drama unfolding in Millersville, Tennessee did not begin to go public or start outing other individual players until VERY RECENTLY – as President Donald Trump begins his approach to winning the November 5, 2024, Presidential Election.

You are FINALLY seeing BOTH sides of an EVIL coin.

Within 6 days of Sawyer appearing with Owen Shroyer on Info Wars – Alex Jones was being stomped by a federal court. The attack on Jones and Info Wars came from the Sandy Hook school shooting families who are now trying to shut Info Wars down completely.




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