The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and the Sheep Dog – (Mr. Tim, you are like God to me)

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 22, 2020 at 10:21 A.M.

I heard there are some wolves out there who are taking a sheep dog to court.

No – it’s not me (I’ve never been sued).


The beauty of it is those wolves in sheep’s clothing will easily be exposed as the wolves that they are.

No problem.

No problem at all.


What is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, anyway?

It’s somebody who is very, very bad that wants you to believe he/she is very, very good. Therefore, the dangerous wolf dresses up like a harmless sheep so it can surround itself with its will-be victims.

I’ll give you a few examples of times I encountered a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When I was a social worker/case manager for a refugee resettlement program, I worked with people that were very vulnerable because they just arrived in the United States and many did not even speak English.

I will give you an example of their vulnerability.

One day a young lady from Bhutan came to the office and pleaded with me to find her a job because her family hated her because she ate food without paying. “Please Mr. Tim. Need job. Please,” she said.

I drove her to a restaurant, and we walked in. I asked for the manager. He came out. I said, “This is (the girls name) and she needs a job. Her English is limited. Do you have a job for her?”  The manager instantly nodded ‘yes’ and told me to bring her in the next day.

In the car on the way back home the girl turned to me with tears in her eyes and struggled to find English words for how she felt. She said, “Mr. Tim. You, you, you like God to me.”

She felt like I was God because I could speak for her.

Some time later a strange man came to the office and wanted to know if he could help with the refugees. I quickly learned he was not married, had no experience etc. He returned over and over wanting to ‘volunteer’ to help the refugees. We took steps to make sure he could not because we knew what he was up to. Later I did a home visit to my client’s family’s home (the girl who got the job) and that weirdo was there sitting in a chair. He had independently made contact with that family and was giving them rides in his car. I advised my clients of what he was up to and told them to call me if they ever need help.

I guess I was a sheep dog.

When the FBI interviewed me in 2010 about a kidnapping case I was covering as a journalist, I provided them with information I obtained about a man named John Regan who dressed as a pastor and interjected himself into the national profile Amber Alert search for the missing child HaLeigh Cummings in Florida.

I learned from Hillary Clinton-associate Wayanne Kruger that John Regan claimed he was an “undercover pervert” for the FBI.

So, what it is an undercover pervert?

I think it’s a pedophile who rapes little kids while saying ‘I have to rape five-year-old’s to play my part as a pedophile. I am actually the most virtuous and Christian man you could ever meet and that’s why I am willing to begrudgingly rape children. I have to do it, so I don’t blow my cover as an undercover FBI informant’.

I soon learned from Wayanne Kruger that John Regan was a key player in a black-market baby sales operation being run with a group of human traffickers that were moving babies and children through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

I guess was a sheep dog.

My friend Field McConnell (another sheep dog who speaks for the helpless), a military pilot, once explained to me that when a fighter pilot purposely involves himself in his friend’s on-going dog fight, they call it ‘jumping in to someone else’s shit’.

Another sheep dog I know is Preacher Dan (Daniel John Lee).

I really like him.

And I really, really, really hate wolves.

Will I jump into someone else’s shit?

You better %$%%$## believe I will.

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4 thoughts on “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and the Sheep Dog – (Mr. Tim, you are like God to me)

  1. I so can’t wait to meet you some fine day! Excellent you are
    Amazing! God Wins! No matter what! We are praying and
    The prison doors to be opened and we had to wait for his perfect
    Timing even in the face of persecution!
    Thank you Lord for this Brother we have come to know!
    May our Lord wrap his loving hugs around you even more.

  2. I really miss Field. I pray he is ok. Timothy I pray Field knows how much you care about him. God bless you for all you do.

  3. I just wanted to say Thank You to those exposing these things! A lot of people once on same teams being pinned against one another out by bogus materials conjured up to look like evidence. I am wondering Mr. Holmseth if you have any knowledge as to how those parents who were in reunification process are being put off by this corona virus. Yet
    stalling only allows foster parents or CPS to push for adoption after 15-18 months

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