Tim Walz  

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 30, 2020 at 5:39 P.M.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

3 thoughts on “TREASON !!!

  1. Take your pick for Treason. So many Governors that are complete fools but yet have their states eating from their palms. NY, Michigan, WA – they have no control and are incompetent. Probably MK-Ultrad in some fashion. The storm is about to begin. Fake News focuses on these protests and just feeds it. It is time to start taking down the corrupt behind the fake media. Everything needs to change. CNN – if people cannot see that this is a scripted narrative by now, then they may never. Super Technology is being hidden from us and we are focusing on riots and a virus that is less deadly than the flu.

    1. I agree that what we are seeing is once AGAIN … a SCRIPTED “EVENT” in front of CNN…

      We are being dominated by “KARENS”
      PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORism is being enacted on the masses.

      Q: WHO allows the government to tell YOU (the general population) what to THINK?
      A: MILLIONS have !!

      Q: WHAT does this tell “THEM”?
      A: That YOU (the masses), are READY to take their luciferian “MARK”
      in order to buy or sell

      The Bible speaks to this prophetic word…
      Q: And those who DON’T take it? US? Patriots? God fearing?
      What happens to us who are rebellious to their NWO Agenda(S)?
      A: Why we get BEHEADED.

      Perhaps by be-heading us, they will be able to HARVEST all our other vital organs
      for their luciferian needs, sacrifices, etc etc

      They are all SICK…sick with control, power, and demons.

      Trump spoke truth to those last week, when speaking to governors of their states…”We need MORE prayer, NOT less”
      ONLY “Fervent PRAYER of a righteous man, Availeth MUCH”.
      Never underestimate the enemy, that they don’t know this too!

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