War-Time President Trump announces military rescuing human traffic victims – “General Milley took care of it”

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 24, 2020 at 9:59 P.M.

President Trump has stated he is a ‘war-time President’ and is using the U.S. Military to rescue victims of human trafficking.

There is an emerging picture that strongly suggests the Coronavirus is a bio-weapon that was released upon the public as an act of war by an enemy of humanity. And – evidence shows that the enemy of humanity has been trafficking human beings.

During a recent press conference, President Trump discussed a rescue operation of a tortured female who was rescued by the military. “We were able to get a young woman released from a certain area who was being horribly accosted – horribly treated – we spoke to General Milley – General Milley took care of it,” President Trump said.

Gen. Mark A. Milley

Today, David Jose, investigative reporter and Constitutional advocate, published a video analysis of the developments regarding Trump and the military on his You Tube channel DavidCaresForYou. Jose broke down Trump’s recent statements regarding the military being used to rescue victims.

David Jose

“Let’s remember about five months ago I think it was, Timothy Charles Holmseth exposed how there were 2,100 kids that were saved by a task force that worked with Trump that dealt with the Pentagon. And I think that Timothy has knowledge of certain thing that were going on – and I think other people has certain knowledge of things that were going on – and they were kind of putting the pieces they had to together,” Jose said.

“I know that [Timothy Holmseth] works with another gentleman that has contacts around the world that definitely works with Trump – definitely provides evidence for Trump to be able to go and knock doors down,” Jose said.

Jose played a clip of Trump’s recent press conference when Trump said “We were able to get a young woman released from a certain area who was being horribly accosted – horribly treated – we spoke to General Milley – General Milley took care of it,” Trump said.

“This is the guy Trump used just like Timothy Holmseth explained to us,” Jose pointed out.


Jose pointed out that amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, President Trump stated he is a war time president.

Jose all pointed that old news releases show the government was investing $500 Million into training soldiers for combat underground.


“Now we see that he’s not using normal police but he’s actually using the military. We went in an we got her out,” Jose said.

“It seems like Trump is using the military to save trafficked people,” Jose said.

“We’ll report further on that one but that was rough stuff,” Trump said.

SUPPORT DAVID JOSE – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClOa3idLnmjO4C1kivfu7hw

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