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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on December 11, 2022 – USA

In December 2018 a jury found Elon Musk did not defame Vernon Unsworth when Musk referred to Unsworth in a tweet as “pedo guy”. The “pedo” reference by Musk stemmed from the international story regarding the Thai boys cave rescue in June 2018 when a football team called the Wild Boars became trapped in a complex tunnel system.


Based upon BOMBSHELL facts and circumstances set forth in a federal civil RICO complaint (Holmseth v. Page et al – 3;22-cv-00912 – Middle District of Tennessee – Nashville Division) we are launching an investigation that we are calling ‘What did Elon Musk know?’


Attorney Lin Wood represented Unsworth in the case against Musk, and unsuccessfully sued Musk for $190 Million.

Since that date, Wood has been highly critical of Musk on social media and makes comments about Musk’s intelligence.


The story of the dramatic rescue of the young boys in Thailand involved the efforts of scuba divers including Thai Navy SEALS.

An official press release online also reported during the rescue revealed a “team” of former U.S. Navy SEALS, that just happened to be in Thailand to save and rescue children from trafficking, were present at the scene too.

The former U.S. Navy SEALS who were present in Thailand at the cave scene in 2018 would later be directly and personally connected to Unsworth’s attorney, Lin Wood, via Wood’s relationship with at least one Navy SEAL named Jeff Wobig.

Here’s the connection.

In the spring of 2020, Wood purchased a plantation called Tomotley in South Carolina and set up a command center with former general Michael Flynn for matters involving the 2020 election.

Wood brought on a team of SEALS for security.

Wood said on Telegram that a SEAL named Jeff Wobig had been referred to him by yet another SEAL – the other SEAL was working for Hotel & Casino mogul Steve Wynn at the time of the reference.

That makes sense…because…

In 2016, Wynn told Action News KTVN 13 Las Vegas that he had 24-hour protection from U.S. Marines specially trained to guard embassies, as well as protection from members of SEAL TEAM 6.

Questions – that may be answerable by Musk – now exist as to whether or not the Thai boys rescue was actually a rescue, as opposed to a child trafficking operation.

Here’s why.

In 2019, Timothy Charles Holmseth reported that an associate of Attorney Wood, a self-professed former “Navy SEAL” and U.S. Secret Service agent named David Lester Straight, said he (Straight) assisted the U.S. Marines and Navy SEALS ‘rescue’ 2,100 kids who were being held captive underground in cages in California.

Straight also told Holmseth a total of 35,000 children had been rescued from underground tunnels. Holmseth came under fire from mainstream news for his reporting. Fact check: 35,000 “malnourished” and “caged” children were not recently rescued from tunnels by U.S. military

Holmseth eventually discovered the children that Straight had been claiming were ‘rescues’ by the U.S. Military were actually transfers of child slaves, and Holmseth reported Straight as a child sex trafficker.

Holmseth learned it was the opinion of crimes against humanity witness Jessie Marie Czebotar, that the rescued children were actually slaves being transferred from location to location.


Audio of a telephone call recorded by Wood features former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne telephoning Wood, mentioning retired general Michael Flynn, and warning Wood to get rid of the SEALS that Wood brought to his plantation.


According to THE SUN, details from the Unsworth v Musk trial reveal Musk also referred to Unsworth as a “child rapist”.

THE SUN reported what Musk said about Unsworth.

~begin snippet~

“He’s an old, single white guy from England who’s been travelling to or living in Thailand for 30 to 40 years, mostly Pattaya Beach, until moving to Chiang Rai for a child bride who was about 12 years old at the time.

“There’s only one reason people go to Pattaya Beach. It isn’t where you go for caves, but it is where you’d go for something else.

“Chiang Rai is renowned for child sex-trafficking.”

~end snippet~


On September 28, 2022, U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, was featured in an article by Newsweek entitled ‘Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants You to Shoot Hogs From a Helicopter With Her’. The article features video of Greene shooting hogs from a helicopter. Greene was advertising a contest to join her in shooting hogs from a chopper.

Another contest being advertised featured the opportunity to hunt for wild hogs with former NAVY SEAL Jeff Wobig.


All journalistic investigations begin with tips and leads that are assessed by the journalist and may either be acted upon, disregarded, or sometimes, shelved.

The concept of advertising contests to win the opportunity to join a wild hog hunt from the door of a helicopter was widely scrutinized in the independent media and on social media as being very strange.

In December 2022, a post on a Telegram account called Pentagon Pedophile Task Force by a user called Larry Jones SUA SPONTE was interesting and gained a second look.

“I know a couple of the Thai special forces soldiers that found them, he told me they had told him they started out hiking, then all hell broke loose. They talked about being chased by people with long rifles and by helicopters”, the poster said.

Of course – an anonymous post on Telegram does not constitute evidence at any level.

However – the similarities between hunting for “wild hogs” and, the Thai boys football team being called the “Wild Boars” – who according to the anonymous poster were being hunted from helicopters is very interesting.


There is an inescapable pattern that has emerged that shows Attorney Wood has enjoyed very positive relationships with individuals that invariably ended in blow-outs where Wood used his large following on social media to be critical of his newly perceived adversaries.

Wood had falling-outs with:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, retired general Michael Flynn, former Navy SEAL Jeff Wobig, former Navy SEAL David Hancock, Patrick Byrne, Attorney Sidney Powell, self-professed U.S. Secret Service agent David Lester Straight, Steve Wynn, and many, many others.

On January 4, 2021, Wood tweeted a MEMO to President Donald J. Trump authored by “Timothy Charles Holmseth” when Wood launched the most famous tweet storm in history. The MEMO exposed an FBI agent named John Regan as an international child trafficker, as well as information about Vice President Michael Pence.

underlined lin wood name


After the HOLMSETH TWEET, Wood proceeded to tweet that he possessed access to videos of children being raped, tortured, and murdered by world leaders. Wood targeted Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and Vice President Michael Pence as pedophiles.

Holmseth was told by self-professed U.S. Secret Service agent David Straight during recorded calls, that he (Straight) viewed videos of “Mike Pence” raping a little boy. Straight told Holmseth he was meeting “Lin Wood” in Washington on January 6, 2021. Straight told Holmseth they were going to serve an indictment upon Pence and members of U.S. Congress and “hang them”.

Therefore, based upon facts and circumstances set forth in a federal civil RICO complaint (Holmseth v. Page et al – 3;22-cv-00912 – Middle District of Tennessee – Nashville Division) we are carefully assessing this information for our investigative series called ‘What did Elon Musk know?’

Troves of evidence exists that suggests Elon Musk KNOWS a lot.






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