by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on January 21, 2024 – USA

Jessie Marie Czebotar has performed an analysis of a patch, or military appearing type badge, that was published as the feature image on www.defensescoop.com accentuating an article entitled, “US Cyber Command aiming to consolidate disparate programs in warfighting platform in 2024”.

Jessie Czebotar is a federal RICO witness to cannibalism by Hillary Rodham Clinton as set forth in a Complaint authored by Attorney Steven Scott Biss, Virginia. Czebotar is a survivor of ABOVE TOP SECRET child weaponization programs operated by former CIA Director John Brennan, U.S. Army Colonel Michael Aquino, and Ukranian Nazi Michael Karkoc. Czebotar was tortured and trained as a child to be the “Queen Mother of Darkness” in a cult attached to the Luciferian Brotherhood that worships Satan/Evil, before she ultimately defected, described her life’s experiences in affidavit form which were filed with the U.S. Court and U.S. Military, copied to President Donald J. trump, and petitioned Representative Jim Jordan (Ohio) and U.S. Congress to hear her testimony under oath.

On December 20, 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense reported on www.defense.gov – “Trump Signs Law Establishing U.S. Space Force”.

President Donald Trump regularly states during his campaign that one of his great achievements was the creation of “Space Force”.

However, according to the article on www.defensescoop.com that featured the patch, U.S. Space Force is NOT part of the so-called professional affiliation and/or what it calls a “federation”.

“It’s a federation of Army, Navy, Air Force, DISA, NSA, soon to be Space [Force] probably, SOCOM and the command. And there’s no reciprocity between them in terms of interoperability,” he said. For example, “I can’t do a query, take Log4j, and be able to sit at [Joint Force Headquarters-DOD Information Network] and do a query and understand: Have any of the services’ sensors detected Log4j? I can’t do that today because of the way we have architected the big data clouds,” defensescoop.com reported.

According to Jessie Czebotar, the patch contains information that is very BAD for the United States.

The following is Jessie Czebotar’s exact words.

~begin Jessie Marie Czebotar analysis of patch~

X and Lightning bolt

X =Project X=Greenbriar, Virginia, Carolina bases: training with project X.

Bolt=  Voice of God=Thor, Order of Odin ( quantum projects). So training at Ragnarok bases (Alaska, Greenland, and Antarctica)

Key of silence, silence is the key that opens doors. This will be their quantum signature. One of two is acceptable as indicated in the badge.

Eagle with wings being lifted up means training programs for Project X and Voice of God. Lightning bolt alluding to seed of Satan, “Oh how you have fallen from heaven…”

8 stars representing 8 colonnades of temple of Artemis. 33 stars forming the dome around the spiritual gate, like the State capital building designs. Each dome building has special offices marking access above the door frames. The oval office, and oval office replica at the L.B Johnson Library have “X” marked on frames. 33 also marking degree of Illumination in the Luciferian Brotherhood and Sovereign Military.

Globe and lay-lines marking dimensional access. Crest indicating international quadrant jurisdiction.

Thumb print outlines marking quantum currencies.

~end Jessie Marie Czebotar analysis of patch~


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