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Timothy Charles Holmseth is an award winning news reporter and investigative journalist. He is an FBI witness in a national profile kidnapping case. He captured rogue CIA and FBI child traffickers on tape discussing their operations. He has been targeted for a decade. In 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth became part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Timothy Holmseth is the only reporter authorized to report original content for the PPTF. There is ONE MAN between Timothy Holmseth and President Trump.


  1. Just a few questions in my head. I question if George Floyd was “unresponsive” for almost 3 minutes, why wouldn’t that be premeditation? Derek Chauvin could have taken his knee off Georges neck to let him have air, did he choose not to? Is there a set amount of time that makes murder premeditated? I question term they are using of unresponsive, did George still have pulse and respiration’s during that time or had he already died. When paramedics picked him up, did they try to revive him or was he still breathing at that time? Or did he stop breathing at the hospital and were attempts made to revive him? Paramedics and hospitals have records why haven’t they been reported on.

    • I already said to my self theres something fishy here. What cop in their right mind after all other issues in the past continue to kneel on a suspect while being videoed?? I know..not in his right mind..,sure..but reading these speculations it does cause pause

  2. Floyd is chillin on his brand new island up in Fiji watching the news just eating it all up right now as he sits watching all the aftermath.

  3. Not so much inability to breathe as cutting off blood flow to the brain by occluding the carotids. One was compressed by the officer’s knee and I e was likely compressed by the pavement. Google “carotid massage.” A physician will sometimes use that technique to slow a dangerously rapid heart rate. Continuous pressure a visible in that video could cause him to become dangerously bradycardic and result in cardiac arrest.

    • I saw that too and thought about that possibility of the two men together on major artery areas causing his death?

  4. Lots of good questions here. I don’t know about most of them, but I can give you an answer for your first #17, that is indented under #16: I have asthma. When I am suffering an attack, I say I can’t breathe. Fact is, breathing is an entire upper body workout. After just five minutes, taking a rescue inhaler stops the attack, but I am more worn out than after an hour of aggressive racquetball. There have been many times in an asthma attack that I have exhaled and not bothered to inhale again because it was just too difficult to do so. I typically am unaware that I have done this until several seconds (minutes? I’m guessing here) later. People die of asthma all the time. Not from asphyxiation, but because they can’t breathe. There is a huge difference that people who have never experienced it don’t typically understand. The inability to breathe means decreased airflow, and extremely reduced oxygenation of the blood. Under these circumstances, organs begin shutting down and the body eventually dies. George Floyd could not breathe, but according to the ME, he was not asphyxiated. He was strangled to death, in a way that does not show the typical signs of asphyxiation. This seems all too intentional.

  5. Who called the ambulance? Police officers or member of the public? If it was a police officer, surely that would mean they knew there was an issue that needed an ambulance, rather than taking him away in a police car, but still carried on kneeling on his neck. Seems very unlikely. The officer didnt even get off his neck when the ambulance arrived.

    • Oh he’s def dead. Just trust me on this one. I have a source & she confirms he is in fact dead.

      • But does anyone know for sure if it was really the same man they arrested. I’ve seen photos that the man they arrested had a full head of hair, while Mr. Floyd’s head was completely shaved. Of course they could have been doctored but I’d like to know if anyone else noticed this.

    • I think 6,000 in Houston viewed his lifeless body over the course of a day. You didn’t see the tape? He died before it was over. I suspect that even if the cop admits that he did it on purpose, you STILL wouldn’t believe it. George is chillin’ with those Sandy Hook kids in some “undisclosed location”, right? Sheesh!

  6. Would be great to have the pictures /footage refered to the highlighted points. Some are not so easy to identify (couldn´t find the handcuffed man or the diesel fuel price item. Thanks for the research.

    • I agree completely. I expected links to photos or video clips backing up these questions.

  7. This is one of the most upsetting things I have seen on the TV for a long time The heart of the world goes out to his family and friends As for the Police well That is Murder all 4 of the cops should be behind bars Trump should be made to a Doctor the has to be something wrong with this Man’s Mind I fell sad for all the People in the USA having to put up with a Mad Man running the country and destroying so many lives It is mayhem over there right now and This Virus is still going on Does anyone realize how serious this Viris is It has gone crazy over there right now.

    • There’s obviously a lot of things you don’t understand so I don’t know where you’re from but why don’t you just stay there it’s obvious you’re not American and we have a lot of people over here that are not American at heart and they are trying to change America into the places that they came from well we would rather keep America ,America !
      The people that are rioting are not American in their heart. President Donald Trump is American

      • Hi. I am Rafizan and I am no American. At first, I fell for it too. It did not ring in my mind as false flag. When I visited this site and just watched Mag’s video on this matter, my eyes are wide open as to how carefully planned this is. The thing is, I’ve been exposed to a lot of stuff regarding politics/economics/entertainment etc., how it works, who’s pulling the strings but I still need to learn more.

        “The people that are rioting are not American in their heart”
        Could it be, these rioters, were planted among the peaceful demonstrators?

    • The virus is real serious and needs normal applications such as social distancing, mask and hand washing. Otherwise is is the pride of media reporting. Why isn’t China being punished for this? I’ll tell you why to all of this..it’s all about the money honey.

  8. The .99 is the price for coffee. The uniformed so called EMTs were wearing guns and had no medical supplies with them. Others have shown various video angles that don’t show the people who reportedly filmed the viral footage.

  9. 1. He is cuffed the whole time. His other arm is bent all the way over behind is back. You can see his arm in the same position being led to the wall in the store surveillance video.
    2. There were 4 cops involved. Two arrested him at the store. Two others came later.
    3. See 2 above. The two in the surveillance footage were also involved in the actual incident.
    4. That’s the price of coffee at the gas station: See google maps – https://www.google.com/maps/@44.9342265,-93.2624088,3a,28.2y,284.07h,89.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0mTkFtDWB6I8kopGd3Vywg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
    5. Under Minnesota state law, police vehicles that are clearly marked are not required to display numbered license plates. See https://www.factcheck.org/2020/05/minneapolis-police-license-plate-doesnt-raise-a-false-flag/
    6. Chauvin has on one badge. He and Thao seem to have the same design badge with the eagle on top. Thao’s looks a little flatter maybe, but the image is grainy.
    7. It is not that odd considering police are rarely charged for excessive use of force. Chauvin and Tau would probably not have been charged but for the video and protests. Chauvin’s wife is not Thao’s sister https://www.snopes.com/ap/2020/05/31/derek-chauvins-wife-and-tou-thao-are-not-siblings/
    8. Apparently so, but it might not be too unreasonable that he thought he could get away with it. See 7 above.
    9. Yes. Though his fiance did cry in an interview – https://www.wfmz.com/news/cnn/us-national/mn-fiancee-friends-remember-george-floyd/video_ff032875-31b5-56cb-ab1e-be8cc0ad7481.html.
    10. Chavin has on black gloves so it looks like his hand is in his pocket. The real question is why is he kneeling on Floyd’s back in the first place??
    11. He may have some sort of personality disorder? Many murderers do.
    12. Yes. I wonder if played into Chauvin’s motive. Not sure what else the author of the post could be suggesting here, though.
    13. His neighbors also said they didn’t know him. Lol. Most of my neighbors don’t know my profession either.
    14. Most lawyers specialize in certain areas of law and often have similar clients in similar predicaments (often through referral). A lot of the same lawyers end up with the high profile matters.
    15. The original statement of probable cause for Chauvin’s arrest states that Floyd stiffened and fell to the ground, telling the officers that he was claustrophobic, when they tried to put him in the back of the police car. See https://nyti.ms/2ZO9K6X. Chauvin’s lawyer is going to have his hands full explaining why that necessitated holding his knee on Floyd’s neck.
    16. Floyd was a tall/big and heavy man, but the author of the post is right, it seems like several of the Minneapolis police force aren’t trained the best.
    17. Strange! And possibly related to a conspiracy/organized crime. Though I see no logical link to the facts of Floyd’s arrest or the fake arrest conspiracy – and the author of the post doesn’t propose one.
    17(also?). See https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/01/us/george-floyd-independent-autopsy/index.html Dr. Michael Baden, one of the independent medical examiners, said “Police have this false impression that if you can talk, you can breathe. That’s not true.” See https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/the-move-used-to-restrain-george-floyd-is-discouraged-by-most-police-here-s-why-1.4960025 “It’s a dangerous position”, Stoughton [co-author of “Evaluating Police Uses of Force”] said, “because it’s known to cause what’s called positional asphyxia. Someone in that position can draw enough breath to gasp or speak in spurts, but they can’t breathe fully, so they gradually lose oxygen and fall unconscious.”
    18. See 17 above.
    19. See 17 above.
    20. According to CNN, police say the CNN crew refused to move. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/29/us/minneapolis-cnn-crew-arrested/index.html. Also, see 17 above.

    • Can you explain why Thomas Lane is roughly the same height as Floyd in the arrest footage but Thomas Lane is 5’9″ tall and George Floyd according to court records is 6’7″ tall?

    • Per the CDC own website. Their chart showed Covid 19 at ZERO. YES, ZERO two weeks ago!! Go to Dr William Mount on this and this Floyd guy. He has the arrest docs. Stop watching the main stream media, it’s all Propaganda. Period. Also, three labs tested these covid test kits and ALL THREE LABS WERE CONCLUSIVE. THE KITS WERE 100 PERCENT CONTAMINATED WITH THIS COVID 19 AND NANO TECH. So never get tested. Period. Also, never take the vaccine they are brewing up. It has a RF marker in it and Darpas Hydrogel. BEWARE!!!! ALSO, pull up House Bill 6666 on Contact Tracing people. Not good.

    • Also Ray, explain how this exact Sam’s incident played put in Italy and Spain??? An officer had his knee on a black man’s neck and the officer was white. Figure that out Ray. Here, Italy and Spain. Funny hauh????? Maybe RACE RIOTS……..

  10. you forgot the yellow trim on the black man’s shirt, faintly visible in the first video, but absent in the second video.
    Explanation? The first video was taken from archived security cam footage, and doctored. The second video was a “continuation”. Only problem is, they didn’t match up the shirt quite right. Look carefully at the image of the tank top. Also, they forgot to edit out the drug bags/cocaine bags, as this would make it hard to sell him later as a truck driver and not a drug dealer.
    by the way, the previous post by ‘ray’ looks like disinfo.

  11. How was the DA’s office legally able to up the charges against the cops once the second degree murder had been filed? I did not think that was possible.

  12. The one question I had hoped to find here, but didn’t was, “If this happened on May 25th, in the middle of the “pandemic”, why is nobody, including the police, wearing a mask?”

  13. Another question not being asked. Where did Mr. Floyd get the phony $20 bill he was arrested for passing. Was he a counterfeiter? I hardly think so, therefore someone had to slip him a bad bill which he used knowingly or not.

  14. Oh, and one more thing, why did the Minneapolis PD vacate the precinct, without even a fight, yet leave all four of the officers belongings behind in their lockers? I would think that these lockers at the very least would become part of the crime scene.

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