ANTIFA’s attack on Minnesota could have been prevented – FBI buried intelligence

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by Alison P. Hanson on June 10, 2020 at 8:51 P.M.

Do you believe the emerging reports that our nation’s top intelligence agencies used a secret mass surveillance apparatus called The Hammer, along with unlawful FISA Warrants, to help President Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump’s campaign, and try frame him for colluding with Russia in the 2016 election, in a now failed Deep State coup?

Do you believe Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, were involved in a massive scandal involving Ukraine?

Do you believe Bill and Hillary Clinton used the Clinton Foundation to accept massive bribes while running one of the largest crime syndicates in the world that involved human trafficking and paid death squads to murder their enemies?

If you do – you are about to understand why Minnesota was Ground Zero for the Deep State’s attack on the United States, which began with the False Flag ‘death’ of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May of 2020.

ANTIFA’s attack on Minnesota, and the greater United States, following the death of George Floyd could have been prevented using FBI intelligence that was in the possession of the feds (as you will see).


Because the FBI intelligence that would resulted in the arrests of the organizers of the coup.

Following ANTIFA’s attack, the organization was declared a domestic terror organization by President Trump.

The feds learned ANTIFA operatives were being transported across state lines into Minneapolis, Minnesota where their mission was to incite domestic violence in the wake of the highly publicized False Flag death of a black man, George Floyd, while he was in Minneapolis police custody.

But tragically…

Evidence shows the entire attack was a ‘foreign invasion’ by well embedded insurgents and the horrific damage and loss of life could have been stopped.

Here’s what happened.

FBI Had Enough Information to Stop the Attack   

Extremely damning evidence shows the FBI was fully aware of the brewing insurrection in Minnesota.

But they could not act on it.

The evidence was buried very, very deep, and was never expected to see the light of day because Hillary Clinton was never expected to lose against Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

In fact – even after the Deep State realized Trump was going to win the 2016 election – leaders at the highest level doubled down and continued to move forward with their plans to take down incoming President Donald Trump.

They really had no choice.

The Deep State could never allow President Trump or his incoming National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, to be introduced to the troves of evidence being hidden by the Deep State in Minnesota.

Buried evidence in Minnesota, comprised of FBI interviews, U.S. Court files, Florida and Minnesota county records, county and local police reports, all led to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John McCain, many governors, attorney generals, a host of judges and attorneys, and CIA/FBI operatives involved in an international child sex trafficking operation moving kidnapped children to Jeffrey Epstein’s island, and abroad, through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

There was no going back for the Deep State.

When Donald Trump became President in 2016 the winds of war immediately began to blow.

And as we are now learning – the FBI (James Comey) CIA (John Brennan) and DNI (James Clapper) were engaged in a coup against the incoming President, which they disguised as an investigation into ‘Russian Collusion’ by Donald Trump.

The FBI and CIA did have evidence of ‘Russian Collusion’ – but it did not involve President Trump. It involved international child sex trafficking by rogue elements of the FBI and CIA that colluded with the Russian Mob to traffic babies from Florida to Washington DC to Ukraine.

The attack on Minnesota and the U.S. could have been stopped.

But the Deep State wanted and needed it to happen.

The Deep State’s CIA, FBI, and DNI heads were well protected by former President Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder.

The war broke out in May of 2020.

Timothy Charles Holmseth and Field McConnell – The News Reporter and The Marine

At the time of ANTIFA’s attack in 2020, the United States government and FBI possessed a trove of information and evidence from a former U.S. Marine named Field McConnell, and an investigative news reporter from Minnesota named Timothy Charles Holmseth.

The evidence could have changed the world.

Everything could have been prevented.

Instead – Holmseth and McConnell became prisoners of war.

Field McConnell

Field McConnell, 70, is a former U.S. Marine and commercial pilot who became a ‘911’ whistleblower against Boeing after he blew the whistle on the Uninterruptable Auto Pilot that was secretly installed in Boeing’s aircraft.

Field McConnell – Boeing Whistleblower

McConnell knew, and exposed, how flights were being remotely knocked out of the sky and/or guided to wherever a remote handler wished.

McConnell is the brother of Kristine Marcy, who was a member of Senior Executive Services and a close associate of Hillary Clinton. McConnell once told a judge in open court during jury selection in Wisconsin that his sister Kristine Marcy is involved in child sex trafficking with “Hillary Clinton”.

McConnell was/is the host of the wildly popular You Tube show ABEL DANGER where he does everything from present news and information, to reading biblical scriptures, to dancing and singing with a clown wig on while he plays broom guitar.

McConnell has a huge following and is much loved.

And…before November of 2019…McConnell had never been in trouble with the law in his life.

Timothy Charles Holmseth

In the summer of 2019, McConnell met an investigative journalist from Polk County, Minnesota named Timothy Charles Holmseth.

Holmseth, 51, is an award-winning news reporter with several first-place awards including awards for his news reporting and writing from the North Dakota Newspaper Association.

The two men (Holmseth and McConnell) shared a kindred spirit because they both had accidentally stumbled into the same epic battle of Good v. Evil – which involved the battle against child sex trafficking.

Both men have expressed they could not back down to the Deep State while children were being tortured to death.

The bombshell details hidden within the cases of Holmseth and McConnell reveals the attack on the United States by ANTIFA could have been stopped.

It all started with Holmseth.

Holmseth, a news reporter and FBI witness, was arrested several times in Polk County, Minnesota for publishing information he acquired during recorded interviews, which he’d begun conducting in 2009 regarding an international child trafficking operation that involved Jeffrey Epstein, and babies being moved through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Holmseth was interviewed several times by Minneapolis FBI in 2010 regarding interviews he conducted with key figures in the high-profile kidnapping case of five-year-old HaLeigh Cummings in Florida. He was deemed a “credible witness” by Special Agent A.J. Eilerman, Minnesota FBI.

Holmseth provided the FBI the actual names of child sex traffickers; names which were told to him by Hillary-Clinton-associate Wayne Kruger (Kruger’s daughter received an award from Hillary Clinton).

Holmseth learned rape-porn had been created of little HaLeigh after she vanished and was being passed around in a motel room.

Kruger explained to Holmseth how the trafficking operation worked and explained how the (rogue) CIA and FBI was involved in stealing babies and kids from their ‘poor’ parents using Child Protective Services (CPS) and “home studies”. Kruger told Holmseth how the kidnapped children were moved through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC with fake medical documents and church dossiers. Kruger said a convicted sex offender named John Regan was a CIA/FBI operative who dressed as a pastor and helped traffic the children along with members of the Florida legal community.

Holmseth gathered evidence that maps out an entire network of child traffickers in Florida.

During recorded interviews, Kruger gave Holmseth information about how John Regan anally raped a small three-year-old boy so bad that the child’s anus was torn front to back.

Holmseth acquired information that revealed the Ukrainian Embassy kidnappers were also child procurers for convicted sex offender (now deceased) Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein

Holmseth’s evidence linked kidnappers to former Senator John McCain, former President Barack Obama, the infamous Ponzi schemer (disbarred and now imprisoned) Attorney Scott W. Rothstein, and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

Holmseth’s information about Epstein and Ukraine put him (Holmseth) way, way ahead of his time – it also put him in the cross hairs of the Russian Mafia.

Holmseth was told by Kruger and many others that the Russian Mafia was involved in the Ukrainian child trafficking operation staging out of Florida.

Domestic Violence – The Insurrection Act

When ANTIFA launched its attack in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May of 2020 it prompted President Trump to warn that he might invoke the Insurrection Act.

People around the world immediately began talking about something called the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act.

As television news showed cities across the country ablaze, property being looted, mass chaos, and people being killed and kidnapped in the street; people began to read and learn about the Insurrection Act.

The Constitution permits Congress to authorize the use of the militia “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.” And it guarantees the states protection against invasion or usurpation of their “republican form of government,” and, upon the request of the state legislature, against “domestic violence.” These constitutional provisions are reflected in the Insurrection Acts, which have been invoked numerous times both before and after passage of the Posse Comitatus Act, 18 U.S.C. Section 1385, in 1878. Congress has also enacted a number of statutes that authorize the use of land and naval forces to execute their objective.

The language in the Law regarding “domestic violence” suddenly turned the world’s attention to what will be exposed by President Trump as one of the biggest and most horrific scams ever perpetuated against the American people and human race.



Foreign agents called BAR (British Accredited Registry) members (attorneys who have taken oaths and sworn their loyalty to a foreign power) had infiltrated America’s Republican and Constitutional form of government and re-branded the words “domestic violence” (which means internal insurrection) to mean anything they wanted it to mean within the Sharia Law courts (i.e. Family Courts) they had diabolically set up where they completely remove the Constitutional rights of any man, woman, or child they wish, without any Due Process of Law or Trial By Jury.


Timothy Holmseth, 51, (formerly of) East Grand Forks, Minnesota, was repeatedly arrested based upon allegations from the police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota that he (Holmseth) violated an ‘injunction for protection against repeat violence’ that had been issued in the Domestic Violence Division (DVCE) of the Broward County Courts in Florida per Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law forms that had been filled out and filed.

According to Constitutional Law experts there is no such thing as ‘Family Court’ in the republican form of government in the United States. The ‘Family Court’ is actually a Sharia law court based upon what some experts (albeit crudely) refer to as “shit made up”.

Broward County, Florida is where Kruger told Holmseth babies were being taken from young scared mothers by CPS under threat of arrest, exportation, and other tactics used by the Russian Mob.

Holmseth has never been to the State of Florida and has no relationships in Florida.

Holmseth has never been investigated, much less charged with breaking any Law in the State of Florida.

But he needed to be silenced.

And the Deep State conspired to make it happen using those two words “domestic violence”.

In 2011, Michael Kaplan, a family court judge in Broward County (where Holmseth had never been), ordered that Holmseth could not communicate about certain things and/or subjects and/or people via “electronic communications”. The order was so absurd that it subjected Holmseth to arrest-on-the-spot if he was “thinking” certain things while he was talking or communicating.

Holmseth had not been accused of breaking any Law whatsoever. Yet, he was ordered by out-of-state ‘domestic violence court’ judge Michael Kaplan, to turn over all of his guns and firearm permits to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.



The Deep State had a guy dress up in a costume (black robe) in a fake courtroom and write on a piece of paper what Timothy Charles Holmseth could and/or could not talk about for the rest of his life. Deep State also decided Holmseth (who is not a felon and votes every election year) could never have a gun again (because they said so).

And then…

With their “shit made up” written on [toilet] paper…

Minnesota took it from there.

The police in City of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, and their attorney, Ronald I. Galstad Esquire, zealously enforced the Broward County ‘domestic violence’ court order from Kaplan.


There are huge problems with the way it was done that ultimately implicates everyone involved in Felony Kidnapping of Holmseth.

The court order against Holmseth from Kaplan did not make its way to Minnesota through the State’s Attorney’s Office in Broward County, Florida (as required).


The court order from Broward County, Florida had simply, somehow, magically appeared at the East Grand Forks, Minnesota police station.

And thus – the beginning of the true insurrection by Deep State actors protecting Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in Minnesota began to be documented.

Galstad, an attorney with Galstad, Jensen, and McCann, privately contracts as the city attorney for the City of East Grand Forks (a Minnesota corporation), Minnesota.

Galstad began zealously enforcing the Florida ‘domestic violence’ order against Holmseth’s speech, despite the fact the out-of-state (Florida) court order had not been properly filed, along with an Affidavit, with the Minnesota State’s Attorney’s Office as required by Minnesota State Statute.

Neither STATE (Minnesota nor Florida) followed the proper process.

It was all fraud.

It was all private.

It was all secret.


It was all enforced with guns, imprisonment, intimidation, and the torture of Timothy Charles Holmseth (details of which are presently classified).

In the summer of 2019, as Holmseth was facing a series of trials regarding criminal charges filed by Galstad under the Minnesota State Statute for HARASSMENT/RESTRAINING ORDER, Holmseth and McConnell began to communicate.

McConnell began to defend Holmseth on his show ABEL DANGER.

Would anyone ever believe that within four months, McConnell would be subjected to the same type of court order issued in the same Domestic Violence division of the Family Court in Broward County, Florida by Michael Kaplan (the same judge as Holmseth)?

But…that is exactly what happened.

McConnell was ordered by a Florida domestic violence judge (Michael Kaplan) to shut up or else.

Field McConnell is a former U.S. Marine and ‘911’ whistleblower against Boeing who blew the whistle on the Uninterruptable Auto Pilot that was secretly installed in Boeing’s aircraft.

Shortly before McConnell was arrested on November 4, 2019 in front of his studio in Plum City, Wisconsin, he’d begun to report about a child sex and human trafficking operation staging out of Broward County, Florida that stole babies and little kids using Child Protective Services (CPS) and moved them abroad through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.


In August of 2019, McConnell arranged with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force to air interviews conducted with CPS victims; interviews which were going to be reviewed by President Trump.

Holmseth is the news reporter for the PPTF, which arrived in Polk County, Minnesota when Holmseth was falsely imprisoned at the Tri County Correctional facility in March of 2019. The PPTF arranged for protection for Holmseth by U.S. Marshals and guided Holmseth to safety from the Sharia Law court that had no jurisdiction over him.

While Holmseth was imprisoned in Polk County his evidence was secured by the PPTF and members of the intelligence community. It was turned over to the Department of Defense. Holmseth’s information and investigative work product contributed to the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein.

Shortly before McConnell could begin airing the CPS interviews with the PPTF in November of 2019 he was abruptly arrested (kidnapped).

Just like Holmseth.

McConnell was arrested on November 4, 2019 for violating the Florida ‘domestic violence order’ because of things he did and/or said during his entertainment show on You Tube. McConnell was arrested by deputies in Pierce County, Wisconsin via a suspicious looking (fake) Arrest Warrant from State of Florida.

Constitutional experts that have reviewed the McConnell case say the warrant from Florida was not a Constitutional warrant.

Domestic Violence – This Time Against Field McConnell   

McConnell had been served an injunction from Broward County, Florida (issued by Michael Kaplan) that restricted his speech and right to keep and bear arms, per ‘Family Court’ documents that were originally filed in the Domestic Violence Division of the Broward County Courts in Florida.


Just like they did to Holmseth.

McConnell resides on his property in Wisconsin with his wife and has no domestic relationships in the state of Florida.

McConnell’s kidnap/arrest was based upon allegations he is guilty of committing ‘domestic violence’ for things he did or said on his You Tube show ABEL DANGER.

Just like Holmseth – Holmseth was accused of committing ‘domestic violence’ because of something he wrote on Twitter, and because he published already-public court records.

When McConnell was arrested in November of 2019, he was imprisoned at the jail in Pierce County, Wisconsin.

And what McConnell did next is VERY IMPORTANT.

McConnell steadfastly refused to accept any assistance from a BAR attorney and refused to give State of Wisconsin permission to transport him over state lines.

He was held for months without bail.

State of Wisconsin proceeded to violate federal wire fraud laws by forcing McConnell to appear in their court via a TV monitor from a different location.

Here’s what they did to former U.S. Marine Field McConnell.

After several months of confinement with poor nutrition and no sunlight, the State of Florida finally produced an Extradition Order for McConnell, which judicial officials with State of Florida claim was signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

There are rumblings that DeSantis’ name was forged.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed McConnell’s Extradition papers and he was transported to Florida against his will.

After arriving in Florida, McConnell realized he was never going to see the light of day if he did not accept the ‘services’ of a BAR attorney.

McConnell subsequently retained Attorney Howard Sohn and was then granted bond that included a gag order that prevents McConnell from talking to anyone unless Attorney Sohn is in on the conversation. McConnell has an ankle GPS monitor. He cannot have a telephone or computer and cannot communicate with the world. He cannot research or aid in his own defense.

McConnell – a U.S. Marine – has had Constitutional rights REVOKED through a Sharia Law process.

Field McConnell’s attorney, Howard Sohn, is a member of the Florida and Massachusetts BAR Association (British Accredited Registry).

It is not known if Mr. Sohn, an agent of a foreign power, ever registered with the U.S. Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). It is vital because Attorney Sohn is a foreign agent acting in a courtroom on the land of Florida.

It is not known if any of the BAR attorneys involved in prosecuting McConnell, Holmseth, or any of the other millions and millions of people who are victims of these foreign agents called BAR members, have registered as foreign agents with the Department of Justice as required by federal law.   

It is notable that…

Attorney Howard Sohn has not filed a NOTICE OF FEDERAL REMOVAL in the case of STATE OF FLORIDA V. FIELD MCCONNELL asserting the STATE OF FLORIDA lacks jurisdiction on the case. The case involves allegations Field McConnell committed a crime in Florida via the Web; while he (McConnell) was physically sitting in Wisconsin. Jurisdiction is the case would thereby be Federal.

Attorney Howard Sohn has not filed any Motion or Statement of Facts in support a NOTICE OF FEDERAL REMOVAL that would prove Field McConnell is not subject to an order issued from the Broward County, Florida Domestic Violence Division court via a Florida Supreme Court Family Form. Field McConnell is from Wisconsin where he resides with his wife and has no domestic relationships in Florida. There is no such thing as ‘Family Law’ or ‘Family Court’ under the United States Constitution. The ‘court’ asserting jurisdiction (power) over Field McConnell is not a Constitutional court, but, rather, it is a Sharia Law court functioning as an enemy of the People during a time of war.

Attorney Howard Sohn has not stated a claim or filed a MOTION regarding the fact that there is evidence that STATE OF FLORIDA, while demanding the court place a sweeping (unconstitutional) Gag Order on McConnell, which has left McConnell defenseless and incommunicado from the world, is simultaneously engaged in a massive and strategic, online defamation, intimidation, and smear campaign against Field McConnell in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 241.Conspiracy against rights

Attorney Howard Sohn has not filed a claim and MOTION that ‘Agents of the Principal’ are engaged in a massive and strategic, online defamation, intimidation, and smear campaign against his client, Field McConnell.

In fact…

It is believed Attorney Howard Sohn himself may be guilty of 18 U.S. Code § 241.Conspiracy against rights. Sohn effectively agreed to spy on his own client for the court, which is forbidden by Attorney Client Privilege.


The May, 2020 attack on America by ANTIFA could have been avoided if STATE OF MINNESOTA, STATE OF WISCONSIN, STATE OF FLORIDA, and the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT would have followed the U.S. Constitution and properly acted upon the information and actionable intelligence they possessed regarding an international crime syndicate run by high level politicians and rogue FBI and CIA agents within the United States that were protecting political candidates Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and more.

It is imperative President Trump invoke the Insurrection Act and arrest all the foreign agents and domestic terrorists that attacked the United States in their attempt to cover up an international human trafficking and child sex trade operation that is being run by their candidates Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and many more.

If it can happen to an award-winning news reporter and a U.S. Marine – it can happen to anyone.


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  1. The enormity of ALL of these things, all coherently connected together here in this huge, incomprehensible spider web of insanity, reads like a fictional novel, but you could never make this stuff up. Some folks are going to refuse to believe this could possibly be true – it is stunning, and even a bit shocking for me right now, to see it all laid out in order like this, so many dots connected; this is a vivid description of this TRUE STORY’s enormous significance – I can only imagine how someone who’s never heard of these things before now, will feel… Maybe the shock will help wake up a critical mass to the reality of this nightmare. So that we can finally face the nightmare (all together?) then defeat it and ALL WAKE UP from it, and finally LIVE FREE of it, free of that satanic influence on our planet (for the first time in MY lifetime.) That’s a fabulous dream, the opposite of this evil thing we need to deal with first. There are lots of corroborating reports as well, by others who also dig deep, similarly to you, dear Timothy, for the truth. Regarding Minnesota, CPS, “Family Court” This is an interview on Steel Truth with specific CPS cases described and details of the corruption:
    The Pen really IS, sometimes, Mightier Than the Sword….

  2. I really really miss Field he always put a smile on my face and made me get up and dance…I really pray Field is ok and knows how much we love him! Yes Timothy it is a down right shit show how our courts are operating. I watched a video this morning that showed the antifa manual…when are these terrorist going to be took down? It is pass time! As well as past time for the evil monsters who hurt the children to be 6ft under a jail cell. God bless Tim

  3. Thank you my brother from an other mother. I’ve been with you from way before #Cemex #Tucson #Arizona #Trafficking happened. My heart(God led me) told me from the beginning I really had to step up for my brother you. If not me who else? If not now when?
    You and I shared some brief conversations on twitter as I questioned Greg “Sawdust” Sawyers need to attack your legit reporting as I allready had researched heaps of It. He called me a third grade researcher for calling him out and blocked me. What a joker he is.

    The elite traffickers and rogue agencies attacking you was so obvious because this thing that you and brother Field McConnell blew the lid of will SHOCK the WORLD.

    I’m on my 7th twitter account and was suspended every time for reporting truthfully on you, Field McConnell and #PicazioGate and the trafficking involved. I will never give up. Twitter sifes with the people hurting and selling our children. It’s repulsive.

    I’ve made great friends with big hearts on the way on twitter. One is @GotToStand. She’s got my back.

    Wishing you to protect yourself with the full armor of God and continuing the silent war.

    I guess things are moving forward as you where ok’d to release all this info on yours and Fields treatment which people who’ve followed your situation has known for years.

    Keep the spirits high brother.


    Ps.Been followed twice by @genFlynn so that is all the confirmation I need that we are on the right track brother. Where we go one we go all. World Wide.

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