George Floyd False Flag and Timothy Holmseth’s telephone call from The White House

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Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from someone using the number of The White House

by Madeline M. Branson on June 8, 2020 at 8:59 P.M.

What does a call from ‘The White House’ to Timothy Charles Holmseth have to do with George Floyd or the future of world peace?

I’m going to tell you.

The Minneapolis city council has announced they want to disband the Minneapolis Police Department over the alleged death of George Floyd.

Oh my goodness…Minnesota is suddenly obsessed with the integrity of the corporate policy enforcers (that’s what police are – corporate employees) in their State.

Isn’t that special?

I’ll show you why Minnesota has a problem that stems from the phone call Timothy Holmseth received from ‘Trump Organization‘…oooops…did I say Trump Organization? Holmseth received a call from Trump Organization too but I meant to say The White House.

There is an ever growing choir across the world insisting evidence clearly shows the Chauvin/Floyd incident is nothing more than a false flag, diabolically staged, so Deep State organized crime could deploy rioters and looters to set fire to American cities (i.e. – start a war).

FOX NEWS is now reporting George Floyd’s family’s legal team wants United Nations to ‘intervene’ in the Floyd case.

Isn’t that special?

But…what if the Chauvin/Floyd incident was a false flag set forth for the express purpose of attempting an overthrow of the United States government – with the epicenter being Minnesota?

So…what does this have to do with a phone to call to Timothy Charles Holmseth from Clinton Global? Ooooops…did I say Clinton Global? I meant The White House (Holmseth received a call from Clinton Global, too).

Hold on…

We’re getting there.

The Western Journal is reporting ‘Disgraced Sheriff from Parkland School Shooting Received $50,000 from Strip Club Owner’s Wife’.

The article is regarding former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and a strip joint called the Cheetah Lounge.

Isn’t that interesting…

Timothy Charles Holmseth, the award-winning investigative journalist and FBI witness from Minnesota who accidentally locked horns with Jeffrey Epstein’s child procurement operation, after being given details of their international trafficking network, began receiving non-stop threatening telephone calls warning him to shut up or else.

Where was one of threatening calls against Holmseth made from…?

The Cheetah Lounge.

Threatening call to Timothy Holmseth from Cheetah Lounge

Holmseth was arrested (i.e. – kidnapped) by the city police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, and imprisoned at their private prison in Polk County, Minnesota called Tri County Corrections.

Holmseth was kidnapped for publishing something on the Web, which according to East Grand Forks Police, violated a court order against Holmseth issued in a Family Court in Broward County, Florida (Holmseth has never been to Florida and has no family there) that was never filed with Minnesota States Attorney’s office.

Actually, the police in Polk County, Minnesota kidnapped Holmseth many times.

Holmseth was kidnapped and imprisoned by police in Minnesota for publishing already-public court records that revealed information about CIA/FBI baby sales through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

Note: The police in Northern Minnesota that kidnapped Holmseth were not crisis actors.


Was State of Minnesota worried about their police behaving themselves, and obeying the United States Constitution, when their police continuously kidnapped a news reporter that was exposing a world-wide child trafficking operation and false flag operations?

Nope…crickets from good ole Minnesota.

In Minnesota – when it comes to police officers snatching up a news reporter for reporting on child trafficking – that’s just perfectly fine. No riots, looting, arson, or an outcry for United Nations to come rolling in (whereupon they will be defeated, easily).

What did Holmseth publish that resulted in kidnapping orders being issued from the Deep State?

Holmseth told the world on Twitter that he knew who was behind the false flags in Broward County, Florida – including the Parkland School Shooting and the Mail Bomber.

Yep…Holmseth made a post on Twitter…and a few minutes later Minnesota police officers were at his door and he was under arrest – telling him he violated a court order from a Broward County, Florida Family Court.

Holmseth received many threatening calls and communications against himself and his minor children, which he reported to the East Grand Forks police; the police did absolutely nothing to investigate or protect him (but they kidnapped him three times for reporting on Jeffrey Epstein and black market baby sales through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC).

So what does this all have to do with threatening telephone calls made to a news reporter in Minnesota?

It means this…

Deep State operatives were so emboldened by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper, that they didn’t even bat an eye at using the telephone at The White House to threaten a news reporter from Minnesota that was exposing their international child trafficking operations.

It means…

Minnesota has been overrun by a foreign enemy, and President Trump needs to enact the Insurrection Act, so he can deploy the U.S. Military against the domestic terrorists and insurgents that were brought into our country under prior Presidents to overthrow the United States government.

Take back our country President Trump.

It’s time.

Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from someone using the number of The White House


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from Clinton Global


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from someone using the telephone number of Trump Organization


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from someone using the telephone number of Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from someone using the telephone number of Donald Trump’s Doral Resort


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from State of Florida


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from Republican Party


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from Turner Enterprises


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from Adult Video Warehouse


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from State of New Jersey


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from Texas Equusearch


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from Legal Affairs


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from Miami Velvet


Timothy Holmseth received a threatening phone call from someone using the phone number of Tripp-Scott Law Firm




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16 thoughts on “George Floyd False Flag and Timothy Holmseth’s telephone call from The White House

  1. You’re a real man Mr. Holmseth! What an honor to be chosen by God to do this! Thank You Lord Jesus for raising these men up.

    Yes President Trump, it is time.

  2. tim ive been following you since day one brother.please bro these people are sick you know it watch yourself.iv e alsways believed you i had a major incident happen also but i have not told anyone about it.if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to im always here im a supporter of you and our great president i love our country and our president.wwg1wga never surrender

  3. Tim what clear proof should we use to show the collective the Floyd incident was staged? I know it was as riots all kicked off in perfect organized manner and I
    dont think a knee to the back of the kneck causes a person not to breathe. What do you have to help us awaken people?

  4. Dearest Timothy,
    I personally would like to thank you for all you are doing to help bring us back to what I call “Atlantis II”. You do not know me, but I have certain”powers” to aid in this endeaver. My maiden name is Nina Gambino and my father fought in WWI and WWII for the American patriots and my mother is a saint and her maiden name is Teresa DiStefano. My brother, Salvatore Gambino is the “Crystal” of the universe. My older sister, Mary was killed by the Deep State tactics I believe. I am 73 years old and presently reside in Poughkeepsie, New York. I have been fighting the devil since I became ‘awake’ in 2018 when we were to have the resurrection. My baby picture is stamped ‘proof’ in the center and on the back of it is my code energy number which is X5602. I was born on August 2, 1946 in the United States. The rest of my family was born in Sicily. My father wanted me to be born in the U.S. because of all the unrest going on in Sicily at that time. Satanists killed my two uncles as they were boarding the bus in Sicily and they have been after my family for centuries. My father thought that if I were to be born in what he thought was the United States things would be better but, unfortunately things got worse. They have attempted to kill me many times and have attacked my only brother(who is a professor of Mathematics at Marist College) My sister, Rose who was born on Saint John the Baptist’s birthday(June 24, 1941) and her husband own a pick your own apple orchard in Pouquagh, New York which is extensive and they have been attacking and threatening her and her family. They killed Donna Barton(my sister’s last name now who was married to her son, Peter Barton) and are still trying to kill me and my husband, Lawrence Robert McNeight. The doctors, especially at the Castle Point VA, who killed my father there, have been giving him medicine that made him have seizures while he was a New York State Trooper for 5 years and forced him to retire. He was a Spec 5 in Viet Nam and I believe was involved in the death of the wicked Mao Tse Tung. Because of that the doctors back in 1991 performed a lobotomy on him in West Haven, Connecticut. When I got him home he was more or less a ‘vegetable’. It took many years for him to get better because of his determination and will-power to survive. He is now retired and living in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. He still has been having seizures which are somewhat under control. The last one he had was last March when he was on his way to Poughkeepsie, help me move to my apartment. Where ever I move I am still being monitored and tracked. The left-wing radicals will never stop until they are unplugged and destroyed as you know. I have been in touch with a retired judge who remains annonymous because he said the government would kill him if they knew who he was. These beings who are running our government are the CIA Mossad and Israel, and they are Jesuits, Hebrews, Sebbatian Jews, Muslims, and One World Order robotoids who are controlling the human race. We are actually being remote-controlled by them and that is why most of the world is unaware of the root of the problem. The massive IBM computer which is in Long Island New York with the 22 Bilderbergers are actually still meeting at the crooked Vatican(in the tunnels way down under) along with the Pope who are behind this nefarious takeover of the world.Hillary Clinton’s Mafia).There is so much I can fill you in on, but I think it would be best if I spoke to you personally. Perhaps you could come to Poughkeepsie, New York where we could meet at some private location sometime. I don’t drive very far so I won’t be able to go to you. Thank you again for being a true patriot and believer in a spiritual power. I feel it is the only way to eternal salvation. Sincerely, Nina McNeight

  5. Tim, we’re so thankful for all you’re doing for us and for the children. Love you, brother. God bless you. God bless America. WWG1WGA

  6. Have you seen his TWIN??? A video that keeps getting taken down on twitter is a video of George Floyd’s so called Twin who called his brother Floyd, and then later on a letter from a lawyer of George Floyd’s says that guy isn’t him and he died 3 years ago.

  7. Mr. Holmseth, I saw something on your website that I cannot find anymore and sadly, I cant remember it.. I know there is a place… emil… ieml… something like that where you can put in your social security number and it will tell you how many times you have been swapped.. is there any way to find that out again?? Thanks..

  8. Dear Thimothy
    As always
    Thank you and take care of yourself
    I reported about it in my video .. a few hours later
    Video gone.
    Well, the lady from YT is also rowing like the rest of the swamp
    I will continue to report and if on a new channel .. no matter
    The truth comes out
    The light wins
    lg anne

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