by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on April 1, 2024 – USA

A cartographic sketch of an old man

Image of a man wearing a black jacket smiling at the camera

Murt displaying a photo of shooting Holmseth in head
William K. Murtaugh published a photo encouraging somebody to murder Timothy Charles Holmseth.

War Correspondent Timothy Charles Holmseth posted the following on TRUTH SOCIAL today.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth – War Correspondent – on April 1, 2024 – USA

The Boston Herald, New York Post, and others are covering the emerging story about the FBI abruptly refusing to release documents from their files regarding the infamous Mobster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger.

The FBI decided they need to keep all the files from the public despite Bulger [supposedly] being dead.

I filed in U.S. Court that William Kevin Murtaugh implied he is Whitey Bulger, and I shouldn’t piss him off. He’s posted my face with a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun and heading toward my head.

The Bulgers are friends of the Bidens.

Murtaugh (or perhaps, Whitey Bulger???) posted my photo again today on Twitter. He called it “APRIL FOOL”.

It’s not my best picture. Personally, I like the one where I stood near a Marina full of boats as a flag waved behind me that said, “TRUMP WON”. I stood still and waited for the wind to pick up so the flag would wave. It was worth the wait.




Timothy Charles Holmseth

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