by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on April 2, 2024 – USA

The infamous E~CLAUSE murder scenario that never made any sense – is starting to MAKE SENSE!

When accused murderer Neely Petrie Blanchard abruptly fired her attorney, Jack Maro, after realizing Maro developed a Defense Theory that involved three anti-Trumpers being called as “expert witnesses” in a “QAnon” “cult” “mind-control” defense, that would implicate President Donald Trump – she asked the court for a continuance, so she’d have time to obtain “effective assistance of counsel”.

Marion County Administrative Judge Lisa Herndon DENIED Blanchard’s request – forcing Blanchard into a first-degree murder trial within a few weeks. Blanchard was later seen in cuffs and shackles, exhausted and lugging boxes of Discovery from the courthouse after it was turned over by Maro. Blanchard had never seen most of the documents and evidence during her three years in jail with no bond hearing.

We now know why.

War Correspondent Timothy Charles Holmseth, who has multiple sources, including source(s) in Marion County, Florida, posted on TRUTH SOCIAL today regarding Havana Syndrome.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth – War Correspondent – on April 2, 2024 – USA

I’m examining evidence pertaining to Havana Syndrome.

I’ve been reporting on the SUSPICIOUS assassination of Christopher Edward Hallett who was shot in the head in his Ocala, Florida home on November 15, 2020.

Federal court records show I submitted evidence and information to the FBI that William Kevin Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida, suggested his true identity is that of infamous serial killer, mobster, and FBI informant James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. Murtaugh suggested he is Bulger and was given a different name by the FBI as part of a Witness Protection Program.

Murtaugh met with the Minneapolis FBI in 2020 to discuss “The Chaos Project” and Hallett, shortly before Hallett was assassinated.

Murtaugh was at the crime scene right after the shooting.

Daily Beast has been reporting the 60 Minutes segment that aired on Havana Syndrome.

FBI Murtaugh tweeted my face on a Daily Beast story today.



Holmseth’s post referred to Havana Syndrome, the FBI, the assassination of Christopher Hallett, James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, William Kevin Murtaugh, the Daily Beast, 60 Minutes, and other issues.

There is now an update.

Reliable sources are saying NEELY PETRIE BLANCHARD has filed NOTICE regarding DISCOVERY with the Marion County Clerk. The source asserts the Clerk of Court has received a filing that contains a story published by the Gateway Pundit entitled – U.S. Investigator on 60 Minutes: Russia is Behind ‘Havana Syndrome’ Attacks on More Than 100 U.S. Officials — They are Believed to be “Wounded by a Secret Weapon Firing a High-Energy Beam of Microwaves or Ultrasound” Causing Mysterious Brain Injuries

Evidence shows there was a conspiracy against Trump developed by the FBI, Jack Maro, and others, designed to be released in April 2024 as the final attack on Trump using the courts – deployed as a psychological weapon against the American people and to interfere with the 2024 Election.

Below are the names Blanchard discovered in a letter she received from Maro, where Maro advised he contacted anti-Trumpers to be “expert witnesses” in a Defense Strategy.

Joseph E. Uscinski, Brooke Binkowski, and Steven Alan Hassan were Maro’s “expert witnesses”. 

Uscinski is the author of several books including Conspiracy Theories and the People Who Believe Them, published in 2018.

Binkowski is a former employee of the website SNOPES – a website that has link for the public to “SUBMIT A RUMOR”.

Hassan is an author and published The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control.


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