ATTN: General Michael Flynn’s Digital Army – ACTIVATE

army activate

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May , 2020 at 10:28 A.M.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force is asking all digital soldiers to assist in research of the following names (see list below).

Gen. Flynn’s army is encouraged to create social media forums where evidence and information can be exchanged for research purposes.

The PPTF builds dossiers regarding international crimes (e.g. child trafficking) that are delivered in-person to General(s) in the U.S. Military.

The PPTF is responsible for saving thousands of children.

The following list will be regularly updated.


Michael Kaplan

MONTAGRAPH – a.k.a. – Dale Ellis Bennett, Roy Warren Marshall, Steve Quest

Agent 19

William K. Murtaugh – a.k.a. MURT

Wayanne Kruger

Tina Church, Specialized Investigative Consultants Inc.

Levi Page

Alexandria Goddard

Pete Klismet

Julie Tremp

Chad Cater

Tom Morrissey

Barbara Johnson

Art Harris

William Staubs – a.k.a. Cobra the Bounty Hunter

Gerald Brummell – a.k.a. Agent Margaritaville

DJ Jefani

Jeremiah Regan

John Regan

Rev. Richard Grund

Lt. Rodney Hajicek

Sgt. Aeisso Schrage

Michael Hedlund

Ronald Galstad

Donna Wagoner


Rev. Bob Enyart

UPDATED 05/05/20

Titus Frost

Rebecca 1965 – on You Tube

Roy Potter



George Webb

Jason Goodman

Divine Interloper on You Tube

Goldenmare on You Tube

Grey Moon on You Tube

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36 thoughts on “ATTN: General Michael Flynn’s Digital Army – ACTIVATE

  1. DJ Jefani is a husband/wife music team. They were on Patriot Soapbox for a while.

  2. Add Dr. Peter Hotez of Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine and The Sabin Vaccine Institute to that list. That’s a WHOLE other layer to this onion.

  3. Thank you for all you are doing! 50 years ago, nobody spoke about this!

    I can tell President Trump did not choose you for nothing! I will be praying for your strength & safety 24/7, sir!

    Dalhart, Texas is a HOTBED of pedos, not sure how much satanic stuff. Much happened there & in Amarillo in the 90s, other areas of Texas in the 70s & 80s…

    I share everything on Twitter, every day.



  4. Its there a more preferred Social platform that is less likely to get censored? Other then fb? I’m on twitter too. But just want to find out where everyone is creating their digital soldier evidence pages.

  5. I am sending you so many blessings everyday Timothy You will be fine You are sent from God
    I am helping in the digital army and I am a nurse expert researcher
    Here I go
    light and love

  6. I want to help i this but I dont know what I can do…I have no protections on my computer….heck I am already on some list anyway….I hav been very outspoken about the left, as often as possible


    T TonyReview updated: Oct 25, 2019

    I have worked at Xentel for years now and everything that I am about to mention is 100% accurate and accounted for as far as proving that these statements are true and not hearsay or slanderous in any way shape or form.

    I will just state the obvious and the most devastating blows against this horrible, crooked, and devious company.

    In the past 3 months we have gone thought this unbelievable ‘Heroin’ epidemic that is totally out of control and I am amazed that the St. Louis County Police Department has not ‘raided’ or arrested anyone from this business. I honestly would not be surprised if they have undercover officers working at Xentel.

    In the past 3 months we have had 2 employees that have overdosed on drugs. Both employees were involved in drug activity and the first employee was ‘dead’ for a few minutes in the office until some of the employees resesitated him and then the police/emt showed up. Since the employee obviously had drugs on him at the time he didn’t want to be taken to the hospital and refused any further medical attention.

    It is believed that this employee either overdosed on heroin or the oxycontin. Not physically seeing this employee take the drug I cannot determine what it was. I do know that he did overdose and his heart did stop beating, he foamed at the mouth, and his face turned blue, I know pot doesn’t do that to you. The second overdose happened within the past 3 weeks. Not being a drug addict I don’t know the levels of ‘overdosing’ but lets just say that this employee was going in and out of consciousness and was looking worse and worse by the second. The managers didn’t want another OD in the office so instead of calling him the EMT to come, they put this employee in a car and literally drove him to his house and dropped him off on his front yard.

    The mangers at Xentel St. Louis have allow the following to occur on a day to day business. All of the managers are aware of these problems and no one does anything to put a stop to it or even reprimand/call police on these actions.

    This is what happens on a day to day basis at Xentel. Employees deal drugs on a regular basis (more on payday than any other day). Drugs dealt on a regular basis are: heroin, Heroin mixed with Sleeping pills, Any type of prescription drug, weed, and possibly cocaine and crack (I have never seen anyone with coke or crack). The most popular is probably Weed, followed up by heroin. If the employees aren’t selling them, they actually have drug dealers come up to Xentel and they sell drugs with not a care in the world.

    I repeat, the managers all know this goes on and they have seen it as well. No one does anything. I have seen with my own two eyes, people using drugs, buying drugs, and selling drugs. We all call in cubicles and I have seen probably over 100 times, people snorting heroin or breaking up bags of weed to sell, right at their cubicle desk with not a care in the world. I have also seen drug dealers come up to work and ‘collect’ debts off of employees by threatening employees with violence.

    I have seen employees assaulted by another employees at work on the job. Some of the employees had been reprimanded, some weren’t. The sad thing is, I haven’t even delved into the stuff that goes on as far as people actually ‘working’ there.

    Facts about Xentel:

    Working conditions are below average, extremely dirty, unsanitary bathrooms, breakroom/kitchen, employees smoke in office ‘managers don’t know..wink wink’, Xentel does not follow proper procedures when dealing with ‘NO CALL’ list.

    Customers have been called numerous times on a daily and weekly basis. Callers asked to be taken off list and are still called. Callers over ‘localize’ calls, discrimination and fa

  8. Does this request refer to all of us who are following all you reports, or does this refer to particular agents/researchers who are directly under
    General Flynn? Also, how can we help these children in ways small-time players like me can?..IE: send soft, fluffy blankets in appropriate sizes to these children to cuddle in, as they lay in their hospital beds; send them loving, pretty letters, teddy bears?… Please respond to my email, if not here. I expect others would appreciate to see your reply. I feel so helpless, just watching this from afar… Thank you, again for your devoted service to all this precious younguns!

  9. how do i send the info i find out about the wolf packs? is there an email?

  10. Levi Page: Host of Crime & Scandal. He’s also on impart radio, Spotify
    Retweets Kennedy@kennlovem3 on Twitter, especially the one he hosted on YouTube, “Dangerous Conspiracy Theories from SRA, PizzaGate to Q Anon, pt.1. Will follow more later, I also checked briefly with:
    Rebecca 1965 – on YouTube
    She’s on Twitter, followed by General Flynn. She lives in Kotomo, Indiana, birthday, 1/31/65 God fearing, gun toting, American loves America. Her words on Twitter email is
    She Retweets Dodger a lot whom said that Timothy uses General Lynn’s name to st up a gang stalking group.
    Well, Timothy thank you & the task force for all you do. Prayers are with you. Will continue to check names as General Flynn has asked as time permits. God Bless you all

  11. Wayanne Kruger, Wayanne M. Kruger, Wayanne Marschner, Wayanne Raveglia, Wayanne Mae Bartak

    CA Birth Index 1905-1995
    Name: Wayanne M Kruger
    Birth Date: 27 Feb 1964
    Gender: Female
    Mother’s Maiden Name: Young
    Birth County: Ventura

    U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Vol. 1
    Name: Wayanne M Kruger
    [Wayanne Marschner] 
    [Wayanne Raveglia] 
    [Wayanne Kruger] 
    Phone Number: 244-2886
    Address: 588 W Marshall Blvd
    Residence: San Bernardino, CA
    Postal Code:92405-2747
    Second Phone Number: 244-2886
    Second Address: 588 W Marshall Blvd
    Second Residence: San Bernardino, CA
    Second Postal Code: 92405-2747
    Third Phone Number: 244-2886
    Third Address: 588 W Marshall Blvd
    Third Residence: San Bernardino, CA
    Third Postal Code:92405-2747
    Fourth Residence Date: 1987
    Fourth Phone Number: 244-2886
    Fourth Address:3397 Gloria Dr
    Fourth Residence: Thousand Oaks, CA
    Fourth Postal Code: 91320-2006

    Nevada Marriage Index 1856-2005
    Name: Wayanne Mae Kruger
    Gender: Female
    Residence State: California
    Spouse: James Gregory Bartak
    Spouse Residence State: California
    Marriage Date: 21 Jul 1980
    Marriage County: Clark
    Officiant Type: Religious celebrant
    Recorded Date: 1 Aug 1980
    Recorded County: Clark
    Book: 6010
    Page: 67261
    Instrument number: 67261

    U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1

    Name:Wayanne K Marschner
    [Wayanne Marschner] 
    Phone Number: 498-8665
    Address:3397 Gloria Dr
    Residence:Newbury Park, CA
    Postal Code: 91320-2006
    Second Residence Date: 1994
    Second Phone Number: 498-8665
    Second Address: 2060 Ave DE Los
    Second Residence: Thousand Oaks, CA
    Second Postal Code:91362
    Third Phone Number: 498-8665
    Third Address: 1460 Kendall Dr # Da10
    Third Residence: San Bernardino, CA
    Third Postal Code:92407-2831
    Fourth Residence Date: 1989
    Fourth Phone Number: 498-8665
    Fourth Address:588 W Marshall Blvd
    Fourth Residence:San Bernardino, CA
    Fourth Postal Code: 92405-2747

    Name: Wayanne M Kruger
    Birth Date: 27 Feb 1964
    Address: 1002 Green Oak Dr
    Residence Place: Novato, California, USA
    Zip Code: 94949-6758

    Name: Wayanne M Kruger
    Birth Date: 27 Feb 1964
    Address: 2170 Chileno Valley Rd
    Residence Place: Petaluma, California, USA
    Zip Code: 94952-9513

  12. I am so confused about Gerald Brummell – a.k.a. Agent Margaritaville??
    I thought you and he were on the same team with Field fighting these satanic pedophiles?

  13. Julie tremp has a Twitter acct. claims to follow Trump. Is also following Rebecca 1965, and others

  14. This is all like a puzzle, interlocking in same way, shape or form.
    A few have been tied to you Timothy as an author investigating them for instance, Rev. Richard Grund from Florida, an online minister & self proclaimed worshipper of Satan. His son, Jesse was the former fiance of Casey Anthony,who was murdered some assay as a scrafice.
    He has a paranormal service that goes to people’s homes to deal with demons.
    DJ Jefani are a man/woman team that made a Q Anon song that prayoingmedic mentions.

    John Regan. A filmography,Animation. G.I. Joe, Transformers,
    music store massacre, the flock, scream queen campfire, Sherwood horror.
    From earlier, Levi Page’s email, He also has a
    Facebook page.
    William Staubs, bounty hunter involved with the Florida case of Caylee anthony Found an article by Timothy Holmseth, Forks County paper,
    ECF Police Chief: Department “Absolutely not ” protection g pedophiles

    Will keep digging as time allows over the next few days.
    God Bless WWG1WGA


    Florida Not For Profit Corporation
    Florida Not For Profit Corporation
    Florida Not For Profit Corporation
    Florida Not For Profit Corporation
    Florida Profit Corporation

  16. Hi there, Here to keep it rolling… Dont want to live in the WORLD the CABAL is proposing…. see lots of research already done. checked…nothing on my end for these. Keep NEW ENGLAND in your view. GOD BLESS and lots of LOVE to the TEAM… Can not believe that good people are being treated like this! We Fight!

  17. If we are to activate, to where,and when does an individual,like myself, Report to? on stand by for further information.

  18. Hoping and praying the Wolf pack coming down are the locals, who have ran rule in our communities, and families, knowing that they are involved, but just trying to stay out of their way for the last 10 years. We never hear how the locals got involved, are still involved, what they do, how they do it, but I personally know that the are very damaging. Any information on the Fast and Furious and how it has affected the average home.

  19. William K. Murtaugh – a.k.a. MURT

    U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2001
    William K Murtaugh
    Residence Years:
    4918 Tam Dr
    Residence Place:
    Orlando, Florida, USA
    Zip Code:
    Phone Number:
    U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Vol. 1

    William K Murtaugh
    [William Murtaugh] 
    Birth Date:
    Oct 1950
    Phone Number:
    4718 Tam Dr
    Orlando, FL
    Postal Code:
    Second Residence Date:
    Second Phone Number:
    Second Address:
    4918 Tam Dr
    Second Residence:
    Orlando, FL
    Second Postal Code:
    Third Residence Date:
    Third Phone Number:
    Third Address:
    4303 Georgetown Dr
    Third Residence:
    Orlando, FL
    Third Postal Code:

  20. Omni-Eris (Michael C. Thompson) has regularly slandered Timothy Holmseth and Field McConnell. Perhaps he’s just a troll, but I hope that there are legal repercussions for him. Sadistic scumbag.


    Montagraph is as bad as they come. I had an experience about 10 years ago – the youtube patriot community that I was involved with – well, many of us were targeted by this guy and there were some sad stories of what happened to people’s lives because of his cyber terrorizing. My channel was getting hacked often. Montagraph would take clips of my videos and insert them into his videos, making terrible claims about me. I finally got off youtube when a virus hit my laptop – and it was a very bad one. The screen went black and at the top of screen it said it was a trojan virus of a VERY BAD nature. I junked that laptop immediately and had to buy a new one. I was changing all my passwords and accounts… it was extremely scary.

  22. Also, one of Montagraph’s twitter handles is montaqraph (with a Q, not a G). Near the top of that page is a picture of him and Pence shaking hands (photoshopped). Says its from Juneau, Alaska. He also has handles for OctoberReignz

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