ATTN : U.S. SECRET SERVICE – Craig Randall Sawyer believed to pose “severe and credible threat” to President Trump

Screenshot of Craig Sawyer Aiming at Target with gun

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 8, 2020 at 3:03 P.M.

ATTN : U.S. SECRET SERVICE – Craig Randall (Saw-man) Sawyer is believed to pose “severe and credible threat” to President Trump.

It is believed Craig Sawyer and/or his associates may attempt to kill President Trump and/or President Trump’s family members in South Florida.

He will be a guest speaker at AMPFEST is Miami.

Craig Sawyer is a CIA black operator.

Craig Sawyer recently began obnoxiously flooding his Twitter with pro Donald Trump messages which totally conflicts with his past actions, behaviors, and positions.

Intelligence shows Craig Sawyer is involved in a vast international child sex trafficking operation connected to Ukraine, South Asia, Thailand, and elsewhere.

Intelligence shows Craig Sawyer is an assassin.

Craig Sawyer’s increasing erratic and bizarre behavior indicates he has become desperate enough to make an attempt on President Trump’s life on behalf of his Deep State conspirators, because President Trump is dismantling the trafficking operations and arresting the traffickers.

Craig Sawyer has been specifically named by a trafficked child victim, Adrian John Wells, as a “pedophile” “kid basher” and “trafficker”.

There is further information about other victims of Craig Sawyer which will be turned over to U.S. Secret Service or Joint Special Operations Command contact.

It is the position of intelligence operators on the ground that Craig Sawyer should be brought in immediately for questioning. 

Craig Sawyer recently published videos of himself on Twitter and firing automatic weapons including an M-60. He said, “Let our enemies be splattered!!”. 

Craig Sawyer is part of an ongoing black op called “OPERATION CHAOS” with black operators in Florida including William K. Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida (murtwitnessonelive).

William Murtaugh recently traveled from Florida to Minnesota to meet with Minneapolis FBI, and, approached U.S. Secret Service agents at a Trump rally with a homemade WANTED/REWARD poster he created for news reporter (FBI witness) Timothy Charles Holmseth.

“OPERATION CHAOS” has issued a bounty for Timothy Charles Holmseth which Craig Sawyer is promoting on Twitter.

William Murtaugh, Craig Sawyer and other black operators are making false reports to the FBI about QANON, and attempting to create widespread chaos across the country via the Chelsea Clinton publication Daily Beast, and other publications, to spread false information that QANON is an organized kidnapping operation connected to President Trump.

Please go through The White House and/or U.S. Department of Defense to communicate with the established Point Of Contact regarding further details on the Craig Sawyer threat to the President.


In April 0f 2017, Craig Sawyer formed a fake child rescue group called Veterans For Child Rescue in Arizona. In reality, Sawyer is operating a very heavily armed paramilitary group that is engaging in overt acts of domestic terrorism against journalists, publishers, and witnesses to Deep State crimes involving child sex trafficking and crimes against humanity.

Extensive investigations and strong evidence from intelligence operators close to (and known by VERY HIGH LEVEL officials within) the White House concur  that Craig Sawyer and/or his associates poses a “severe and credible threat” to the safety and/or life of President Trump and/or President Trump’s family.

Craig Sawyer boasted in an online interviews that he is former SEAL TEAM 6 and created Veterans For Child Rescue with the help of the “top of the FBI” which at the time was James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, etc.


Craig Sawyer recently began flooding his Twitter account with pro Donald Trump rhetoric which is not consistent with Sawyer’s past behavior and/or positions.

Craig Sawyer recently began flooding Twitter with the message that he is a devout Christian which is known to be false.

Craig Sawyer is the former security detail of Hillary Clinton and Donald Rumsfeld. 

Craig Sawyer has FALSELY claimed to be close to President Trump and announced that he is traveling to Florida where he will be around the President and his supporters. 

Craig Sawyer’s ‘black operations’ have received the support of weaponized mainstream fake news outlets including KGUN in Tucson. KGUN published that Sawyer’s operation is comprised of FBI, CIA, Navy SEALS, and Delta Force.

Craig Sawyer learned Pentagon Pedophile Task Force became aware of his domestic terror activities and issued a death threat in writing via interstate communications to, and against, Timothy Charles Holmseth, news reporter, Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Sawyer told Holmseth his “team” which appears to be a very heavily armed paramilitary group is coming to get Holmseth.

Craig Sawyer is publishing fake Wanted/Reward posters for Timothy Holmseth.

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