Child Rape Victim speaks out against Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Craig Sawyer, David John Hurley

snippets of a report

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 10, 2020 at 7:38 P.M.

“I was in America. I was with Bill Clinton. I was with Hillary Clinton. I was with Jeffrey Epstein. I was with David John Hurley who was trafficking me. I was with Craig Randall Sawman Sawyer who is in Hollywood become a stunt man. U.S. Navy Seal, human trafficker, and kid basher pedophile like the rest of them. So, what does he advertise himself after the year 1983? He left the U.S. Army and became a U.S. Navy SEAL. Now he pretends he’s Vets For Child Rescue. Do you trust a pedophile advertising himself on Twitter as Veterans For Child Rescue? Reckons he goes around rescuing children out of human trafficking rings. This was a man that worked with an Australian Army soldier for months on end while I was in America as a child – helping that Australian  Army soldier cover America with a kidnapped child which was me Adrian John Wells. Do you really trust Craig Randall Sawman Sawyer?

-Adrian John Wells / August 18, 2020


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