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by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on March 21, 2024 – USA

Jack Maro is no longer the attorney of record for Neely Petrie Blanchard. Maro’s MOTION TO WITHDRAW as Blanchard’s attorney was GRANTED today.

Maro’s exit from STATE OF FLORIDA vs. NEELY PETRIE BLANCHARD was originally initiated by Blanchard after Blanchard discovered Maro was working against Blanchard’s interests. Particularly, Blanchard suddenly realized Maro was working with an FBI operative to develop an Anti-Trump Defense Theory involving “QAnon” – using Blanchard as a pawn. 


Until today, Attorney Jack Maro represented Neely Petrie Blanchard in the First-Degree Murder case STATE OF FLORIDA vs. NEELY PETRIE BLANCHARD. Blanchard is accused of shooting Christopher Edward Hallett, assassination-style in the head, on November 15, 2020, in his Ocala, Florida home.

Blanchard was arrested in Georgia hours after the Hallett murder and has been incarcerated in the Marion County Jail to this very day. Blanchard has never had a Bond hearing. Maro told Blanchard he is trying to keep her alive, and on one occasion, told Blanchard’s mother he doesn’t want Neely coming home from jail in a “pine box”.

To this day Maro has not been required to explain who is trying to murder his client. 

Blanchard reports she has been tortured and raped in custody. TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH REPORTS previously reported the following:


“It has now been reported by Blanchard herself, that when Blanchard tried to show Attorney Maro how she had been harmed in custody, Maro joked it off calling her “Rapunzel” – focusing on her “long hair” that had been growing while in a “castle” and referring to her wounds/scars as “battle scars” – but seeking no assistance for his traumatized client”.


Blanchard terminated Maro in March 2024, after she suddenly realized Maro had been communicating with FBI operative William Kevin Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida, and others, who had developed a Defense Theory that Blanchard was Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity which, Maro planned to support at trial using rabid Anti-Trumpers Joseph E. Uscinski, Brooke Binkowski, and Steven Alan Hassan as “expert witnesses”. The Defense Theory was to claim Blanchard was a follower of the “QAnon” phenomena; that President Donald Trump is involved with “QAnon”; and that Trump was behind a “mind control” “cult” involving “Sovereign Citizens” that ended up driving Blanchard crazy and homicidal.


Administrative Judge Lisa Herndon GRANTED Attorney Maro’s MOTION TO WITHDRAW.

Assistant Marion County States Attorney Amy Berndt argued to the Court that Neely Blanchard is a “Sovereign Citizen“.

According to a courthouse source, Berndt argued against Blanchard’s request for time to retain a new attorney saying to the Court, ‘This is all strategically being done’.

Berndt argued Blanchard receive no additional time to find a new attorney. It is noteworthy STATE OF FLORIDA vs. NEELY PETRIE BLANCHARD has been an active case for 3-1/2 years with one continuance after another that saw no objection by the Prosecution, Defense, or Court – as the four Trump indictments played out elsewhere. However, today, ASA Berndt became adamant that any continuance would be horrible.

This push by Marion County Prosecutors for an April 15th crescendo to their “Trump is a QANON Cult Leader’ case comes as New York AG Letitia James threatens to seize Trump’s valuable property in New York after the Court ruled against Trump in the infamous ‘Case that Wasn’t a Case’.

Also noteworthy is the fact Blanchard has categorically stated, “I’m not a Sovereign Citizen”. Sources familiar with the case have said Berndt’s argument is akin to telling the Court the Defendant’s Constitutional rights should be ignored because the Defendant is a ‘Southern Baptist’ or a ‘Republican’ or a ‘Democrat’ or ‘Christian’ or ‘Atheist’ or any other belief system – or lack of one thereof.

Judge Herndon asked Blanchard if she was looking for new counsel. Blanchard said, ‘yes’. Blanchard told the Court she’s only being let out an hour a day which is hardly enough time to find counsel.

ALTHOUGH, Administrative Judge Herndon GRANTED Maro’s MOTION TO WITHDRAW – Herndon DENIED Neely Blanchard ‘s request for a continuance to obtain effective assistance of counsel.

Herndon scheduled JURY SELECTION for April 15, 2024, at 8:30 AM. The decision by Herndon requires Blanchard, a prisoner in the Marion County Jail, to find an attorney in a First-Degree Murder Trial that carries the Death Penalty within 25 days or do everything herself by April 15. 

The courthouse source said Judge Herndon, from the Bench, actually attempted to coerce Blanchard into re-considering her decision to fire Maro. The suggestion Blanchard keep Maro would not benefit Blanchard, BUT, as evidence shows, would benefit the plotters who orchestrated the four coordinated indictments against President Donald Trump – who are believed to be seeking a fifth indictment based upon the plan that required Maro to succeed.


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