by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on May 6, 2023 – USA

The massive cover-up of child sex trafficking by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now collapsing under its own weight, after a woman in Johnson County, Texas was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday.

According to eyewitnesses at a court hearing held yesterday in Johnson County, Texas, Bonnie Thomas, the [fake] wife of David Lester Straight, was sentenced to five years in prison. While the details of the court hearing and charges remain murky, it appears Thomas was accused of violating probation on a matter from several years ago that involved a firearm.

David Straight was recently arrested at the same time as Bonnie Thomas, but for reasons still unknown, David Straight’s entire court file and information vanished from the government websites in Texas – while Bonnie Thomas’ information remained.

Thomas, who calls herself Bonnie Straight, is operating what she and her pretend husband David Straight call an “Embassy” in Keene, Texas, where they claim to be what they call American State Nationals.

Staging out of the Embassy in Keene, David Straight worked his American State National scheme, while Thomas would assist victims of Child Protection Services (CPS) and the court system. Thomas publicly stated in videos that the government and various agencies of law enforcement in Texas are kidnapping children through CPS.

While it is no longer a disputed fact that CPS and Family Courts are partnering with rogue elements of the BAR Association, and nearly every aspect of public and private entities to harvest children, the plight of the children has become the latest avenue for scammers, con artists, and grifters to advance very cynical agendas by pretending to ‘fight for the children’.

The merging of David Straight, Oregon, and Bonnie Thomas, Texas, as a husband-wife team, was done in 2021 through a fake marriage in Hawaii after David Straight’s involvement with Attorney Lin Wood and others, who planned to hang “Mike Pence” and members of U.S. Congress on January 6, 2021, began to be revealed by Timothy Charles Holmseth.

But now – with all eyes on Bonnie Thomas and her five-year sentence to prison by a judge in Johnson County, Texas, Timothy Charles Holmseth has lived to tell the rest of the story.


In October 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports reported that 2,100 children had been rescued by U.S. Marines from cages in California where they were being held captive underground.

The source, who was referred to by Timothy Charles Holmseth only as Pentagon 1, was later revealed to be David Lester Straight, who told Holmseth the 2,100 children had originally been kidnapped by Child Protection Services (CPS). Straight originally told Holmseth that about 100 of the children were not expected to make it.

Straight later told Holmseth during an update on the story that 300 of the children died.

In an even more disturbing aspect to the story, Straight told Holmseth some of the children were better off dead because they were not completely human (this was a reference to genetic mutants and gene splicing such as would make a child half human and half animal).

In May 2021 CBS reported on the 2,100 children story in an interview with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.


Today we are reporting an update to the story of the 2,100 children story, which reveals Straight later told Holmseth, in 2021, the 2,100 children that were kidnapped by the courts and CPS was actually in Johnson County, Texas.  



Timothy Charles Holmseth: You mentioned something about a county in Texas, or something? A bunch – they took like a thousand kids away and hardly none of them ever got re-united?

David Lester Straight: Twenty-one hundred

Holmseth: What County was it?

Straight: Johnson. And Tarrant County is even worse.

Holmseth: What County?

Straight: Johnson County. And Tarrant County is even worse.

Holmseth: Is there a number? Like, what year was that? The twenty-one hundred kids?

Straight: That was in 2019.

Holmseth: So in the year 2019, 2,100 kids were taken by the courts and how many were united?

Straight: Almost none – it was like seven.

Holmseth: And Tarrant County what was their number do you remember?

Straight: It was higher because it’s a more populated county.


This is a developing story.

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