[FAKE] President Trump Tweet says “Martial Law” declared per “attempted coup” “arrests” “Biden has surrendered his passport”

Donald trump's tweet about the martial law.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on December 19, 2020 at 10:37 P.M.

Publisher’s Note: In the event President Trump declares Martial Law it is likely he will use the EAS system to alert the public. 

*Update: December 19, 2020 at 3:54 P.M.

*All indications at this point is the Tweet in question was not a real Tweet by President Trump. 

** Update December 20, 2020 10:08 A.M

**President Trump confirmed via a Tweet he is not in the process of imposing Martial Law.


We have come into possession of an apparent Tweet made by President Donald J. Trump on December 18, 2020 at 6:24 A.M. announcing the President has declared Martial Law under the Insurrection Act.

The Tweet said, “Under the Insurrection Act I have declared Martial Law. This was an attempted coup. Arrests are being carried out all over the nation. Biden has surrendered his passport. More to come”.

The Tweet does not appear on President Trump’s Twitter timeline. However, below the Tweet itself it says the Tweet was removed from President Trump’s Twitter timeline.

It is a matter of public safety that we have concluded Twitter is actively removing or tampering with Tweets that are of great public importance. Twitter is actively removing attempted communications between the U.S. Government and the People, as well as communications between the People, regarding matters of public safety.

These seditious and treasonous actions by Twitter complicate the decision-making-process regarding publication of such information.

We cannot yet confirm or deny whether or not the Tweet was actually made by the President.

However, we have received credible intelligence reports that support the assertions made in the alleged Tweet are going to, in fact and reality, happen.

Therefore, as a matter of public safety we are publishing the unconfirmed Tweet.

We continue to investigate this matter.

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