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Vice Admiral Charles W. Moore Jr. - U.S. Navy (Retired)

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 16, 2020 at 9:03 A.M.


Rogue CIA, FBI, NSA, and military operators are planning a Coup against the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

GOOGLE and YOU TUBE are actively purging and suppressing this information.


Intelligence operations have uncovered evidence that shows treasonous Deep State operatives within CIA, FBI, NSA, and the U.S. Military (Hillary Clinton loyalists) secretly formed a parallel military force inside the United States that will be used to confuse the public when President Trump deploys troops.

The front man for the heavily armed paramilitary CIA black operation is Craig Randall (Saw-man) Sawyer, Arizona. Sawyer is operating under the guise of a fake child rescue group called Veterans For Child Rescue Inc.

Sawyer is presently traveling the United States while falsely claiming to be a President Trump supporter, anti-Deep State activist, and devout Christian.

Sawyer has been to Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois in the past few weeks.

Sawyer has been presented by the traitor mainstream media as a ‘hero Navy SEAL’ but, in reality, is the former security detail for Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Donald Rumsfeld.

Intelligence reports that Sawyer’s travels are being made for clandestine communications.

Intelligence reports that armies of enemy cells have amassed across the United State and are waiting for the green light.

Sawyer has been called a “pedophile” and “human trafficker” by multiple victims.

The black op involves former military officers including U.S. Navy Admiral Charles W. Moore, the “top of the FBI” (from 2017 – i.e. James Comey etc.) and others.

Vice Admiral Charles W. Moore Jr. – U.S. Navy (Retired)

The conspiracy to overthrow the government began in April of 2017  after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

The ‘child rescue’ group has been determined to be completely fraudulent and has rescued zero children, while bringing in approximately $1.5 Million in donations to fund the paramilitary and psychological operations.

The group has been engaging in organized domestic terror plots including death threats against publishers, reporters, and whistleblowers against pedophilia, child sex trafficking, and adrenochrome harvesting.


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