Hunter Biden Crack Pipe Photo Will Lead to Hell on Earth – FBI program PATCON

A man is sleeping with a cigarette in his mouth.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on October 18, 2020 at 11:29 A.M.

Most of the world has seen the infamous photo of Hunter Biden passed out with a crackpipe in his mouth.

But that photograph is nothing compared to other things – CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – on Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

In fact…

Hell on earth is on that hard drive.

In 2018, investigative news reporter Timothy Charles Holmseth interviewed former special forces operator Lawrence Dean O’Bryan who told Holmseth he worked personally with several U.S. Presidents including Barack Obama – he said he was George Bush’s personal hit man.

O’Bryan told Holmseth that part of his mind control training was for him to be duct-taped to a chair and forced to watch U.S. Congressmen rip a living baby apart (on the five points of the Satanic pentagram) with their bare teeth while they listened to opera music, took ecstasy, and snorted cocaine.


There has been a steady stream of death threats, and threats of sexual violence including rape by bestiality, made against Holmseth and his children.

Holmseth, who was deemed “credible” by the Minneapolis FBI in a national child kidnapping case, is an award winning news reporter from Minnesota who uncovered evidence (which was taken into evidence by DOJ and DOD) of an international child trafficking operation being run through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC – it is connected to Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Many of the threats against Holmseth have been made by Hillary Clinton’s former bodyguard Craig Sawyer, former Navy SEAL and the president of Veterans For Child Rescue Inc (V4CR), Arizona.

Holmseth exposed Sawyer for committing interstate wire fraud, and, showed V4CR is merely a front for a heavily armed domestic terror group that Sawyer created with the help of the “top of the FBI” in April of 2017 – shortly after Donald Trump became president.

Holmseth has been receiving continuous threats from people who claim to be part of an organization called “The Order”.

One person claimed to be “Tom Hanks”.

The Order, which is short for The Order of St. John, was an organization that was the target of an FBI operation in the 1990’s under what was called PATCON.

Evidence shows Sawyer and his associates purport to be very closely associated with federal agencies including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and military.

And this is where the fact pattern becomes a very compelling matter of National Security.

Evidence shows Holmseth is the target of a group whose members publicly claim to be part of the FBI. Much of the evidence regarding this was recently removed from You Tube by GOOGLE in a purge of targeted channels.

Assertions made by the group’s members, appear to be a strange co-mingling of the roles once held by FBI agents who were part of PATCON, as well as the groups being targeted/investigated by FBI/PATCON agents, such as The Order of St. John (The Order).

Simply put – the group’s members occasionally provide evidence that, at the least, creates the appearance they are working for and/or associated with the FBI, in a role that would appear to be that of an agent or informant of some kind.

However, overwhelming evidence shows the individuals who claim these close relationships with the FBI are filthy narcissus, who appear to be mentally disturbed, hardened, demonic, psychotic criminals that live in nasty destitute squalor such as rickety trailers and cheap motels.

They are not Quantico graduates. 

For instance, one member, Steve Quest, Colorado (a.k.a. Roy Warren Marshall, Dale Ellis Bennet, MONTAGRAPH) created and published a child torture film on You Tube called Little Piggy and the Umbrella Man that featured a small unidentified female tied to a chair in a shed with a pig mask on her face while she was tortured (a gunshot is heard at the end).

Quest, who was once named Dale Ellis Bennet, changed his name shortly after the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado. Quest claims association with the FBI and boasts he will never be arrested. When pressured by Holmseth, Quest said law enforcement investigating the Ramsey murder interviewed a ‘Dale Bennett’ but added that the man they interviewed did not look anything like himself.

JonBenet Ramsey

Quest publicly said online that he was pulled over by local police in Colorado who told him the “FBI” wanted to talk to him. He said a few minutes later an FBI vehicle pulled up and he was put in the back seat. He said the FBI agents were angry at him and told him he owed someone an “apology” for something he said online about the Sandy Hook shooting. He was then released.

Quest was not afraid of the FBI agents in the slightest. He mocked the FBI agent for his bad breath and said, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you didn’t have the decency to put in a breath mint’.

Quest claims he can obtain any telephone number in the whole world within seconds from his ‘illuminati database’  and was accidently caught wearing a Comcast jacket online (something he became very defensive about and claimed he got the jacket at Goodwill store).

During his Livestreams he has telephoned the numbers of President Trump, Trey Gowdy, Lindsey Graham, Adam Schiff, and many, many others.

In October of 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth authored a story entitled:

JonBenet Ramsey Update: Producer of child torture porn warns American public – he will HAVE YOU ARRESTED if you call Boulder Police Department – threatens to call in JOE BIDEN

Holmseth reported that during a livestream, Montagraph began name dropping telephone numbers he possesses including Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Google, the CEO of You Tube, and General David H. Berger.

Montagraph then announced he may call Joe Biden.

Holmseth also reported Montagraph has threatened to telephone Vice President Mike Pence.

Another member of the group, William K. Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida often claims to have a very close association with the FBI and publishes video of himself pulling into the FBI parking lot.

William K. Murtaugh, Apopka, Florida published dash-cam video of FBI headquarters in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota where he said he was interviewed for four hours

Murtaugh recently telephoned the U.S. Secret Service to report that a link to a June, 2020 story about a death threat made against President Trump and Timothy Holmseth had been published on Twitter.

There is no reason to alert the Secret Service to a news story (from four months prior).

Murtaugh illegally taped the call in Florida during his Livestream, and then weaponized the judicial system via the Secret Service, by encouraging the public to carpet bomb the Secret Service with the same call, which he said he hoped would cause the feds to seek out the location of Holmseth (who had merely filed a news report).

Murtaugh and Sawyer and others have produced and are promoting homemade Wanted/Reward posters of Holmseth whom they are trying locate.

Murtaugh recently muted his Livestream microphone to take a call from the “FBI” in “Minnesota”. During the call he simultaneously typed in updates of the call to the people in the chat room. He claimed he was giving a “deposition” over the telephone.

Murtaugh then created the impression the FBI was sending him to Arkansas to cover a child custody hearing.

But much like Quest, Murtaugh appears to be a complete low-life degenerate who, by his own public admission, has been surrounded by dangerous pedophiles, child pornographers, and child rapists for years and years. His reputation is so horrendous he once made the news in Florida for his very suspicious behavior during several missing child cases including Caylee Anthony and Trenton Duckett.

Evidence suggests members of the domestic terror group being run by Sawyer may have simply formed un-official/un-authorized spin-offs from terminated FBI/CIA programs and are now, more or less, impersonating legitimate federal agents, while, ironically, conspiring with rogue federal agents.

Evidence shows members of the group hold themselves out as informants and/or agents that are infiltrating militia and domestic terror groups, when in reality, it is they themselves that are actually the terrorist group.

Holmseth has been targeted for over a decade for uncovering the players of an international black-market baby sales operation.


Holmseth’s discoveries don’t end there – they contain information about highly sensitive federal government/FBI/CIA operations such as the Ruby Ridge shooting, the WACO massacre, the transformation of comedian Bill Hicks into intelligence operative Alex Jones – and it all leads to PATCON.

In 2018, O’Bryan told Holmseth he was the main shooter at WACO. O’Bryan told Holmseth the fire that killed 76 people including 25 children was started with a U.S. Army issue flamethrower.


The following is select snippets from an INTELWIRE exclusive that was published in October of 2007 entitled PATCON REVEALED: AN EXCLUSIVE LOOK INSIDE THE FBI’S SECRET WAR WITH THE MILITIA MOVEMENT

PATCON was the centerpiece of an extensive investigation of militia and white supremacist groups in Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.

From 1991 to 1993, at least three undercover agents working under the auspices of the FBI posed as members of a fictional white supremacist group seeking closer ties with established organizations.

The targeted groups “advocate violent overthrow of the U.S. government and the establishment of an Aryan nation,” according to the documents.

But FBI headquarters abruptly terminated the undercover operation — code-named PATCON — just three months after the disastrous siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

The timing could hardly have been worse; the networks targeted by the investigation were inflamed to violence by Waco. At least one individual targeted in the investigation — Andreas Strassmeier — was later linked to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Another target of the investigation was later linked to Eric Rudolph, perpetrator of the 1996 Olympic Park bombing.

Like the TRM, the Order of St. John also went by “The Order.” FBI sources penetrated the group so effectively that they were able to draw maps of the Benton compound.

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