Craig (Sawman) Sawyer reported to Webb County Sheriff, TX (FEMA FUNDS) – Sawyer Admitted to Child Smuggling

Sawyer Admitted to Child Smuggling, Fema Funds

Webb County
Sheriff Martin Cuellar
902 Victoria St
Laredo, TX 78040
(956) 523-4500
Fax: (956) 523-5067

October 16, 2021

Dear Sheriff Cuellar,

I am contacting you regarding Webb County, Texas’ participation in OPERATION STONE GARDEN and the FEMA funds Webb County has received regarding that federal program.

I would first like to know if you, the County Sheriff, are factually aware that Craig Randall (Sawman) Sawyer, Arizona, is riding in vehicles with Webb County law enforcement officers conducting what he calls ‘joint operations’ with his organization called Veterans For Child Rescue Inc – and what he calls his VIPR team?

I am also requesting information and/or the required documentation regarding Third Party Funding from Webb County, Texas to Craig Randall Sawyer, Arizona. Sawyer operates Veterans For Child Rescue Inc and Tactical Insider.

The Third Party Funding would be coming from FEMA funds directed to Webb County for OPERATION STONE GARDEN.

Below is a link to a video dated September 15, 2021 showing Craig Sawyer in a Webb County Attorney POLICE vehicle that says Operation Stone Garden on the vehicle. Sawyer is with Webb County Investigator Jose Ramirez in the vehicle. Attached are photos showing Sawyer and others with weapons etc.

I would direct you to the following news story to help you understand the magnitude and importance of my inquiry – link below.

Craig (Sawman) Sawyer PUBLICLY ADMITS to overseeing CHILD SMUGGLING

You should also know that Craig Sawyer was reported to U.S. Border Patrol headquarters by a U.S. Border Patrol agent for something the agent observed and deemed wrong, which likely involved Webb County officers because Sawyer is working with Webb County.

You can learn more about the criminal activity and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY of Craig Sawyer from Fort Campbell, Kentucky CID and Texas Governor Abbott.

Respectfully yours,
Timothy Charles Holmseth
United States Army Intelligence Support Activity

Attached: 29 jpgs

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