East Grand Forks city manager on his way out?

David murphy, east grand forks city manager on his way.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 8, 2019

‘Very disappointing’ is one of the ways David Murphy’s performance as City Manager for East Grand Forks has been described.

EGF City Manager David Murphy

While names are going to be withheld…

The sentiment within EGF government regarding Murphy involves comments he made to the Grand Forks Herald and Bismarck Tribune about a local news reporter who was interviewed by the FBI in 2010 regarding evidence of child sex trafficking he’d uncovered by government and judicial officials – some in Polk County, Minnesota.

On August 19, 2018 Murphy was interviewed by the Herald regarding Timothy Charles Holmseth’s claims that the City’s attorney, Ronald Galstad, and several police officers covered up evidence of kiddy porn of a missing child named HaLeigh Cummings.

‘East Grand Forks City Administrator Dave Murphy said he is the only city official Holmseth is allowed to talk to.

“Mr. Holmseth, in my opinion, wastes a lot of the city’s time and energy in sending in Freedom of Information requests and calls,” Murphy said, adding Holmseth uses a lot of the city’s records to support “baseless accusations” against city officials and police.

“Quite frankly, I find it disgusting because these are hard-working state officers,” Murphy said. “To have someone baselessly accusing them of being child sex traffickers is sick.”’ the Herald reported.

Murphy’s suggestion toward Holmseth’s mental health may have been a colossal blunder by Murphy.

Here’s why.

Court records in Polk County show Holmseth received a telephone call from Tina Church; the president of an Indiana corporation called Specialized Investigative Consultants Inc. Church is captured on tape telling Holmseth she talked to City Attorney Ronald Galstad on the telephone. She said she put the City of East Grand Forks on notice that if Holmseth is not involuntarily committed to a psyche ward, her attorney from Chicago would be suing the City.

She got what she wanted – sort of.

On August 30, 2018 Ronald Galstad capitulated to the extortion, which is linked to his behavior at Galstad Jensen and McCann, and told the Minnesota court Holmseth was not mentally competent – requesting a psyche eval.

The defamatory allegations appeared to be part of a plan.

At the time of Galstad’s defamatory assertions, Timothy Charles Holmseth, 50, East Grand Forks, Minnesota, had already endured ten years of online defamation by organized crime that claimed Holmseth was a delusional dangerous psycho that posed a threat to society and children.

Police reports show the defamation campaign was supported by elected government officials, judicial officers, and police in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Police records show Holmseth filed many police reports, including published sexual threats against his children, but nothing was ever done. On one occasion Holmseth received a telephone call that sounded like a baby was being sacrificed on the other end of phone.

On September 21, 2018 Holmseth passed a psyche eval administered by a psychologist selected by the court. Not only did Holmseth pass the test – but the evaluator appeared to include information and comments that did not bode well for the credibility of the local police and others.

Holmseth, an FBI witness, received threatening telephone voice changer calls for a decade that warned he is going to be involuntarily committed into a mental institution if he does not remove his websites and shut up.

Holmseth, who advised the Polk County Court that his attorney is filing a federal lawsuit against the State of Minnesota, named judicial officers and public officials in Polk County, Minnesota that conspired with cartel operatives in Florida and Indiana and to conceal an international baby and child sales operation.

Some think it’s time for Murphy to go.

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