Enemy insurgents smuggling automatic weapons and explosives into U.S. – Washington to Minnesota

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 14, 2020 at 10:47 A.M.


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4 thoughts on “Enemy insurgents smuggling automatic weapons and explosives into U.S. – Washington to Minnesota

  1. Wish we could have read the rest…seems like what he was saying got cut off (?)
    Wonder what he means by “Get Ready Ladies”…
    Curious is all
    Already had a feeling that if they wanted Further trouble in the streets the cop(s) would be allowed to go free…that was a given to stir up their made up Hornet’s nest…
    We are hearing from Floyd’s attorney (on fb) that George Floyd DIED 3 years ago and this guy was his attorney.

    ANGEL WALLACE has video of “Floyd’s” brother speaking in a crowd…
    He starts to call his brother GREG and then changes it to GEORGE….
    How bizarre is that??…
    TOO MUCH LYING going on….
    every day (it seems like), something new.

    HOPING Trump’s people can stop Antifa like they did once before…
    I PRAYED and will continue to Pray for all, as the Lord brings you to my remembrance.

    I look forward to your videos…no pressure Timothy…just commenting : )

  2. Here is the first letter from “the REAL Floyd’s attorney you can find his name on facebook, he is not hiding…

    By the way….did the president figure out that “the cop actor” was sending a direct message to HIM?

    Indeed he was. Police badges don’t get knocked around. They PHYSICALLY have to be Pinned that way !!

    My husband says, it is on a 45 degree angle!! (Code for: 45th president)
    We are calling him #CrookedBadege45

    The club owner where the fake cop did his security rounds says, ‘he worked for her
    for “17” years!’…Code for “Q” (17th letter of the alphabet)….

    We’re thinking this whole PLANNED event was to stir up trouble specifically for our president..

    So OBVIOUS the cop’s smug face looking into the camera.

    Now, The guy in the orange jumpsuit they say is the cop…is NOT the same guy we all saw on May 25th…the orange jumpsuit guy is Younger and widows peak on cop is lower and a few other details…look for yourselves.)

    Yet we also hear that there was child trafficking of women and kids in this club and evidence was in the Minn police station where the corrupt Mayor had everyone stand down while it all burned…

  3. Letter from the REAL George Floyd’s attorney:

    Apparently there is a letter from his lawyer that says the REAL guy has been dead for 3 YEARS !!
    and that the guy on the ground is a actor !!
    Attorney’s name is Timothy DAVID Japhet

    P.S. Thank you Timothy for allowing us to see you every few days so that we KNOW that you are still with us…HOPE you are always well & good
    Wish nothing but GOD’s VERY, VERY best for you, the President and lady Esther…i mean
    Queen Melania : ) You are ALL like GOLD to us and we pray for you All to be SAFE etc

  4. Which lies are the true lies? I am tired of lying liars who can’t get their lies straight.

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