Closed China Lake Military Base used for Children Torture

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on July 20, 2022 – USA

The following was posted on the GAB account of Timothy Charles Holmseth, today.



by Timothy Charles Holmseth – War Correspondent – on July 20, 2022, at 9:07 A.M. – USA

Evidence is emerging regarding David Lester Straight, and how he, along with factions of the U.S. Government and military, held enslaved children in cages underground in California.

In 2019 Straight told me he possessed “Secret Service” clearance to view videos of VP Mike Pence raping a little boy. Straight said he was appointed to three Presidential Commission by Donald Trump including “Judicial Corruption” and “Human Trafficking” and claimed access to the Department of Defense (Pentagon).

In October of 2019 I reported a story I received from Straight regarding 2,100 kids who were rescued by U.S. Marines from cages underground in California. Straight said he participated in the rescue. Straight said most of the children had been abducted by CPS.

In 2020, Straight told me about another rescue of children who were being held underground. He said the military rescued 400 kids that were underground where they were being held until their traffickers received an order (like one would order pizza). Straight said the military relied on intelligence prepared by Marcella Crandall, California, the real estate agent who Straight claimed was “Mary Magdalene” and carried the Jesus strand DNA.

In 2021, mainstream news reports began to reveal the truth about the 2,100 kids. “More than 2,100 children separated at border ‘have not yet been reunified,’ Biden task force says,” NBC news reported.

Straight knew about the 2,100 kids being moved by U.S. Marines and told Holmseth about it in October of 2019. However, after Biden stole the 2020 election, mainstream pushed a narrative that blamed the disappearance of the kids on Trump.

Evidence shows the children were trafficked – NOT RESCUED – and Straight is involved.

The following is a portion of text messages between Timothy Charles Holmseth and David Lester Straight in October of 2019.

HOLMSETH: “If you can say…were there any arrests made regarding the 2,100 kids


Straight then answered a question from Holmseth about China Lake.

STRAIGHT: “China Lake, CA had an earthquake large and deep enough that they discovered a near Surface dome of molten lava larger than under Yellowstone. Sulfa and other gasses are at toxic levels, all water is contaminated unfit to drink so base was quietly abandoned. It literally could erupt at any time with one of the next small and very frequent earthquakes. Even abandoned bases are not easy to get on to… and someone would have to bring water with… so with grease-cash they could have a perfect place to do their dirty work if they were willing to risk everything… with that I say no more”

Evidence shows Straight is now running a human/child sex trafficking operation through a Republic of Texas Embassy in Keene, TX.

Believe in me I’m with the High Command


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