EXCLUSIVE: Mad-Scientist pharmaceuticals used to prolong torture time for infants during adrenaline production

Timothy charles houston reports national security investigation.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 1, 2020

High level law enforcement investigators have received a trove of evidence that names traffickers who are committing crimes against humanity.

Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports has learned through high-level sources that a drug is being used by Luciferians to extend the torture time of babies and children while their blood is adrenalized.

Special nerve deadening agents Xylocaine and Bupivacaine, which are used in cocaine enhancement, are also being used by evil pedophiles as child torture extenders.

According to a very high-level source, the drugs are being trafficked for use by evil pedophiles to increase endorphins and adrenaline release into the child’s blood, by prolonging torture until death. Infant remains awake and fully aware until the end.

The information is in the hands of investigators and falls under both federal and military jurisdiction because it involves international trafficking.

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