EXCLUSIVE: Study Reveals Americans Are More Concerned About CPS Child Trafficking Than Vaccines

A woman holding a sign that says kidnapping by cps.

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on December 19, 2021 at 8:59 P.M.

Mama Bears are taking to the streets!

As mainstream media headlines bombard the American public with vaccine and COVID propaganda – a street-level study conducted by concerned mothers who took up alongside one proverbial main street in America, revealed the public was more concerned about CPS child trafficking than vaccines when observing two separate signs.

“Many people gave “thumbs up,” and gestures of agreement to the vaccine awareness signs, but the CPS sign received the most interaction,” said one of the mothers. 

“It began with just the two of us, two women filled with a burning desire to do more than go to church or make a jive post on social media,” said one of the mothers who conducted the test.

“So, we went and stood in front of a busy, popular storefront in our local town, holding signs. Her sign warned of the dangers of vaccines, while mine demanded an end to legal kidnapping by CPS,” she said.

The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force was provided with a summary of the test.

• A lady rolled down her window as she strolled by and yelled, “I was in the system. I agree with you!”

• A lady rolled down her window and asked me to explain my sign. “CPS is one of the largest child trafficking organizations in our country. They take children from good parents and give them to bad foster parents who frequently abuse them and even kill them.” She replied that she is a guidance counselor at a local school, and she believed what I said was true because she had seen many kids removed from their parents when their parents weren’t bad. As cars behind her began to honk, I told her to take a picture of my sign and go to Timothy Charles Holmseth’s website and research his reports. She took a picture, thanked me, promised to study and share the information as she drove away.

• Another lady rolled down her window and yelled, “I’m with you 100%!”

• Another car passed by, and the backseat rider rolled down his window and yelled, “God Bless YOU! CPS is Satan!”

We calculated the number of cars that drove by per minute multiplied by the 4 hours we were out there, which roughly equaled a total of 2,400 cars that we were able to impress with the message on our signs. Three of those cars stopped to ask about the CPS sign in which I instructed them to take a picture, research Timothy Holmseth’s website and share it with everyone.

This experience showed me that more people are affected by CPS than I initially thought.

Many people gave “thumbs up,” and gestures of agreement to the vaccine awareness signs, but the CPS sign received the most interaction.

I suggest everyone copy this sign and distribute Timothy Charles Holmseth’s website to local communities. More people are suffering at the hands of CPS than we can imagine. Let them know they are not alone.

Communities need to come together. This is a start. If a couple of moms can do it, then so can you.


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