An Angry Image of Ex President Donald Trump Looking

Re-Published on December 19, 2021 from The Professors Record on Telegram at

Many commenters are upset that Trump has not forcefully denounced Fauci and the vaccines.

I think the reason is self-evident.

The propaganda media have always been the real threat and enemy to the President and the American people.

If Trump declared the vaccines to be unsafe, we would still be under a complete government shutdown.

By making a war time decision, he forced the enemy to play their cards earlier than they wanted, and in the process, the hypocrisy and lies of big pharma have been exposed.

Trump made everyone aware of the therapeutics that work to treat Covid-19 starting back in March 2020.

Did you listen? Is their any lack of information out there for you to make an informed decision now that we’ve identified the propagandists?

Everyone with a brain knows that Ivermectin and HCQ work to treat COVID-19 and that the experimental vaccines are unnecessary.

You have been awakened and see the propaganda machine for what it is.

We the People are sovereign. We the People believe in choice and personal responsibility. Let’s act like it.

Trump does not, and should not, supply your thinking on what I or you put into our bodies.

Trump made the only decision he could make. A costly one, yes. But the only decision, nonetheless.

Trump is a genius.

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