by Timothy Charles Holmseth on June 19, 2020 at 11:44 A.M.

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  1. I just don’t understand why this isn’t common sense. Anyone who is wearing a mask is just virtue-signaling.

    • NOT TRUE…
      MANY are NOT allowed into GROCERY stores or other ESSENTIAL places UNLESS you have the darn thing ON….
      I HATE that we have to do this.
      If the stores Don’t comply the governors will send their goon-squads to shut THEM down!!
      So these stores MANDATE that we the people HAVE to comply…

      I HATE wearing this bogus bull pucky….but WHO will go grocery shopping for us?

      I WISH Trump could make these TYRANTS stop!

      There are some….who are complying because they are ILLEGALLY here and they DON’T want to be roused by ANYONE….so they wear them outside or inside.

      Some wear them because they are VERY afraid.
      I know cause i heard them talking in the post office one day.

      And yes….there are others who INVESTED their money buying masks or making them to match their clothing or one for every day of the week…infact their are some on Amazon that say, MAGA !!! : )

      You know… for those of us who KNOW better, it is VERY hard for us to be forced into having to “OBEY”.

      It’s ONE STEP AWAY from an RFID chip or “MARK” that one would HAVE TO GET, in order to BUY or SELL (according to Revelation in the Bible)

      What’s the difference??????
      There is NONE !!
      P.S. I heard the white House Press Secretary say, when asked, that the reason why She does NOT wear a mas is because it is a “SUGGESTION” that the CDC guidelines have stated….yet Governors such as Newsom in California – MANDATE that everyone has to go back to wearing MASKS as of YESTERDAY!!

      My guess is that they are going to pull this in the states that have the HIGHEST ELECTORAL Amounts, so that by the time the election is held, that the places like Calif will once again be on LOCK down and therefore won’t be able to get out to vote

      • Barbara – the key is to use the law to oppose the ordinance. The ordinance allows for medical exemptions, although this is not emphasized. Under HIPAA law, no one is allowed to question your condition. Simply tell the store that you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask.

        • Well we could say…
          “MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!” (like the abortion rights people do)
          it does not matter, cause at the end of the day,

          These store owners dictate what they will allow and what they will not.
          They may have boards that vote on this sort of thing BEFORE making it THEIR policy…
          They CHOOSE to OBEY these luciferian, control freaks as the “last word” these governors spew.
          Currently the Calif governor REQUIRES mask wearing. Their word supposedly SUPERSEDES cdc ‘guidelines’ that uses the word recommends…NOT…required.

          I just want to buy some milk!!
          so yes…i can refuse to wear a mask
          but they may not buy my excuse….and then what?

          LAWSUIT time?
          Guess i’m gonna be busy looking for an attorney who will even TRY one such case….any recommendations??

          P.S. There are MANY who don’t take too kindly to mask wearing and DON’T like being mandated to do ridiculous bs things….
          But we also don’t like lying, saying we have a medical condition, (if we don’t)

          • I’m in CA & more & more people are refusing to wear a mask! We look at each other & laugh! Trick is for example at Fema camp walmart,dangle the mask on your ear or wear a bandana around your neck. Not even all workers are wearing masks now. I’ve only had 1 asst mgr who knows me well tell me I can’t check out. I lost it! I called the 800 # & they called the mgr while I marched my butt to check out WITHOUT a mask along w/half the rest of the customers. Even the dems hate Newsom. I also strile up conversations w/any employee & tell them to get outside to breathe air before they die of carbon dioxide poisoning haha! The more we stick together, the faster we win this fight! God bless!

  2. Scientific journal Lancet earlier this month concluded that wearing face masks does limit the transmission of the coronavirus. A separate study from Cambridge and Greenwich universities found mass-adoption of face masks would prevent a second wave of the disease. Masks can save your life, Timothy Charles Holmseth, and the lives of others. Be safe out there folks.

    • Yet WHO can you trust?
      Are these periodicals still around cause they are in the pockets of these same globalists wanting to get Trump out? Probably…
      UNfortunately we can trust NO ONE but Christ.
      and we are told to TEST the spirits whether these be of God or not…

      We see HOW these same universities have clubs that promote BAD behavior to get “in” not to mention the UBER liberal communist professors they hire to teach…
      So NO, i for one am NOT going to Trust ANYTHING coming from their “hallowed halls”.

      There have been PLENTY of nurses and Doctors who have come out DISPUTING the claims of the CDC and the WHO.
      My guess is that they would say that the info you cited above,
      is NOT true.

    • Why do we only see “studies” that support the current politically-driven narrative? There’s nothing healthy about regularly limiting oxygen intake and breathing in carbon dioxide.

    • Lancet has several studies that have been retracted. Caught using fraudulent data. Where is the link to this so called study. I searched lancet and Masks, found zero. So either put up your proof or do not even mention it. Lancet no longer has a credible reputation any more. BUT, here is a story about the recent Retraction Lancet had to do as their study was found to be a hoax.
      EXPOSED: WHO Admits it Used Fake Lancet Study to Stop Hydroxychloroquine – Killing Tens of Thousands**
      Jun 9, 2020

      So basically Lancet did another story using fake data, got caught again. It had stopped all studies on the Best Cure and preventative out there, Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc.
      If need be, I can grab the retracted study, but I bet there is a link in the story.
      Your still holding on to the need to wear a mask. Time to wake up. The Medical industry is into this fraud as well. Where their is money there isgreed, there is corruption. The Database used Surgisphere, was recently created by non-medical people, filled with hoax data to fit the clients need, Lancet, to prove Hydroxychloroquine was a bad drug, which it is not. Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates with Big Pharma wanted to bury the $25 Full dose cure for so called Covid for one Fauci, Gates, and Big Pharma had patents and lots of money tied into Remdesivir, which cists $1000 a pill. Plus the Vaccine Gates wanted to get approved that changes you DNA, a new, never used before tech. They cannot patent Hydroxychloroquine as it has been on the market for 50+ years with no side effects. The patent is expired on HCQ and one can no longer get one, so big pharma cannot make money on it and out goes their vaccine, which had a lot more in it than acure of any kind. Estimated that 50 million would havedied from Gates vaccine. I have that article as well. Bill Gates isn’t even a doctor. He use to own Microsoft. Heis a sicko eugenics person that believes vaccines is the perfect tool to reduce the population, genocide. Yet Gates or anyone in his family have never had a vaccine of any kind. Because he knows what he puts in them. Gates vaccine was the endgame. All because people believe what the MSM tells them is the gospel truth.
      I know you will not even look at the article little lone do your 8wn research, or you would neverhave made those statements in thefirst place.

    • Lancet studies have been proven to be false “science”.
      MASKS do NOTHING to stop a virus and do MUCH HARM to the wearer as is listed in the bulletin above. You would literally have ZERO air intake if you used a mask that would prevent stop a virus microbe. This FACT has been known since the turn of the 20th century.

      1918 Flu Pandemic – American Experience Documentary

      NARRATION: In many places, officials rushed through laws requiring people to wear masks in public.

      NARRATION: All of America, it seemed, put on masks. At last, many thought, they were safe.

      NARRATION: But masks didn’t help. They were thin and porous — no serious restraint to tiny microbes. It was like trying to keep out dust with chicken wire.


  3. Timothy, I sent the following message to Daniel Lee a couple of days ago, and now that you’ve posted this, I want to make sure you get a chance to look at this “white paper” too. I was not searching for this subject at all, and was stunned when I read it. Here is my message:
    I stumbled across this Scientific Study during one of my web rabbit hole excursions. It describes the method of slowly depriving a person of oxygen by using a filter/mask at a notorious prison in Switzerland. It is titled O2T – “Oxygen Torture.” A ‘scientific’ torture method which is slow and virtually undetectable. Combined with other things like air pollution and other toxins, medical conditions, immune system health, and stress it can be fatal.
    So, now I’m wondering, with all the paranoid, fearful, stressed out mask wearers walking around, are they all being slowly deprived of oxygen? Is it the same as the experiments in Switzerland, being tried on a wider “control group?” Here is the link:

    • GOOD INFO Crystal…THANK YOU for sharing with all of us.
      Something to SHARE on our SOCIAL media pages

  4. Dear Timothy…

    THANK YOU for posting this.
    I will SHARE it on facebook.
    Always look forward to your snippets of information.

    May the Good Lord place a hedge of protection around you to keep you Safe.
    Only HE can give you REST from the wicked one.
    May you always sleep well and BE at PEACE…Jesus LOVES you.
    STAY Strong IN THE LORD, Timothy
    You are in GOD’s ARMY
    You are ultimately in the HIGHEST Command…

  5. EXPOSED: WHO Admits it Used Fake Lancet Study to Stop Hydroxychloroquine – Killing Tens of Thousands**
    Jun 9, 2020
    So those quoting Lancet studies, their last 2 studies were found to be using fraudulent data to fit the narrative they were looking for. In this case to bury Hydroxychloroquine $25 full cost to cure COVID for Dr. Fauci’s and Bill Gates Remdesivir $1000 a pill solution. Unknon how many would be needed to cure it, as it is new, never used before. Lancet tried to bury a Cure and prevention drug Hydroxychloroquine for Remdesivir as Big Pharma could get rich off of the vaccine and Remdesivir. Not all of the medical field is out for your best interests. Best wake up and question everything. Use common sense and stop blindly believing someone or some company. Astheir are criminals all around you.
    Wait till you get the full disclosure this fall. Your brains will flip in your skulls. The fact that your on this site, quoting studies from companies that are in this for money or an agenda that has killing all but 500,000 in this world should make you a whole lot more questionable as to what your being told on the MSM, Big Pharma, Vaccine Companies. You want to wear a mask, try a plastic bag, its quicker. Or buy a box of masks from a reputable company. You will see right on thebox, this mask will not provide protection from COVID-19 or any other virus. It will also go on to warn you about wearing them for extended periods of time. Fir exactly the reasons Tims articke mentions and many more. It can cause Heart attacks, and many more severe medical conditions and will weaken you immune system which guarantees you will get sick from something you would normally not get sick from. Our immune system uses viruses, bacteria, germs, nutrients, minerals and vitimans from our environment to build up our immune systems. Remove us from our natural environments and we will indeed get sick. Thats what they are counting on.
    Do your own research. Tired of doing it for all the lazy people. Let them wear their masks till they die.one oess idiot to deal with.

  6. US surgeon general urges Americans to stop buying, wearing masks amid coronavirus
    Mar. 02, 2020 – 4:50 – Surgeon General Jerome Adams tells ‘Fox & Friends’ that hand washing, not wearing masks, is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. VIDEO on Fox News**
    Imagine that. The exact thing we are suppose to be doing every single cold & flu season is the same thing we should be doing for COVID-19. We also do not quarantine the healthy, we quarantine the sick. Think logically.

  7. Masks are only useful if you are close enough to spit on someone. If you keep your distance, they are worse than useless. Viruses don’t breed in them, but they do accumulate and get re-inhaled. Bacteria, mold and fungus do grow in and on masks; you have a little pitri dish on your face all day. I can barely stand having the thing on for long enough to get in and out of the store, but I feel terrible for the people working in stores and restaurants; sometime I see them peel back the masks to reveal severe acne and irritation. One woman had both a headscarf and a mask (a victim of 2 hoaxes!!) and her skin was a mess. With the plexiglass shields they have on the registers, there is no reason for them to wear masks. Up here in Boston, the local media encourages even worse, by portraying people out walking their dogs and running, away from everyone, with masks still on, as if the virus were floating around like koodies from outer space. At least 3 people in China have died from wearing masks while exercising, one got a collapsed lung and a woman in Pennsylvanian passed out while driving and hit a tree. It’s amazing how gullible the public can be.

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