Merrick Garland  

by Pentagon Pedophile Task Force on January 19, 2023 – USA

The following was submitted to United States Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Below has been redacted.


From: Timothy Charles Holmseth

808 Carmichael Rd.

PMB 156

Hudson, Wisconsin




In Re: 3:05-cr-00343-JM – United States District Court – Southern District of California – International Black Market Baby Sales – FBI Assassination Plot

#1 Complaint NAMBLA

To: Merrick Garland

United States Attorney General

333 Constitution Ave NW

Washington DC


Attorney General Garland,

I am contacting you because an FBI agent named XXX XXXXX is conspiring with Navy SEAL TEAM 6 special operators, that are executing Tier One Operations on American soil, and conspiring to assassinate me.

For reference you can review U.S. Court case 3:05-cr-00343-JM – United States District Court – Southern District of California.

In the aforementioned case, you will see an FBI agent named XXX XXXXX XXXX North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which resulted in the arrest and criminal charges brough against several men in a sex tourism case. XXX XXXXX undercover pedophile for the FBI.

As your records show, in 2009, I was interview by the Minneapolis FBI regarding information I obtained about a convicted sex offender from Hastings, Florida named John Regan who was dressing as a pastor. John Regan was identifying himself to searchers for a missing child named HaLeigh Cummings, as being an “undercover pedophile” for the “FBI” as well as a “CIA agent”.

I was told by Wayanne Mae Kruger, Arizona/California, that John Regan was stealing babies and children with XXX, XXX convicted felon XXXXX and selling the children on the international black market through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.

I am contacting you because XXX XXXXX contacted me from an email at XXXXXX and told me a former Navy SEAL TEAM 6 operator, XXXXXXXX, was going to kidnap me and transport me across State lines. XXXXXX told me he was going to torture and murder me. Another member of their group, James Hill, told me they were going to kidnap my daughter, take her to the Fort Campbell Military Base and have a dog rape her while they film it. I also received a message from retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Charles William Moore Jr., who told me he is friends with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, retired General Michael Flynn, and Donald Trump. Moore told me I needed to stop my new reporting on matters of child exploitation and human trafficking. This group also threatened to murder my escrow agent, Randi Lynn Erickson, Minnesota.

Evidence shows John Regan is XXXXX.

I am requesting the DOJ commence an investigation into this matter immediately.

Very respectfully submitted,

Timothy Charles Holmseth

War Correspondent

Cc: Rep. Jim Jordan, Weaponization of the Federal Government Sub-Committee

Chairman – House Judiciary Committee

2056 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington DC





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