FIELD MCCONNELL UPDATE: The Children’s Crusade to Launch You Tube Channel

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 10, 2019 at 1:30 P.M.

Tracy Remington and Dr. Goodvibes are preparing to launch a You Tube channel for The Children’s Crusade.

The Children’s Crusade was founded by U.S. Marine and Boeing Whistleblower Field McConnell who has dedicated his life to protecting children from the horrors of sex abuse and human trafficking.

McConnell has been kidnapped off the street and is presently being held prisoner in Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

Return often for updates as they prepare for the launch.

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Timothy Charles Holmseth is an award winning news reporter and investigative journalist. He is an FBI witness in a national profile kidnapping case. He captured rogue CIA and FBI child traffickers on tape discussing their operations. He has been targeted for a decade. In 2019 Timothy Charles Holmseth became part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Timothy Holmseth is the only reporter authorized to report original content for the PPTF. There is ONE MAN between Timothy Holmseth and President Trump.


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