Florida man calls Pierce County (Wisconsin) Sheriff to file police report against news reporter covering 5G tower story

pierce county wisconsin

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on April 6, 2020 at 12:02 A.M.

The Florida man who made the news (see below), shortly after he had to apologize for claiming to possess information about a missing child named Trenton Duckett, is at it again.

William K. Murtaugh, Florida, called the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office in Ellsworth, Wisconsin today and filed a police report against Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer) after Holmseth reported a large (5G) tower had sprung up in Ellsworth, Wisconsin.

Murtaugh made the police report while he was on a You Tube livestream show called THE TASK FORCE FOR TRUTH.

Murtaugh claimed Holmseth, an award-winning news reporter, committed a crime by reporting the story (see video report below).

Holmseth has concerns because Murtaugh once wrote Holmseth emails demanding sexual information about his (Holmseth’s) children for a story he was writing.

Murtaugh said he is the owner of a website called www.radionewz.net

Holmseth received questions about his children’s private parts from that website.

Murtaugh recently suggested during a livestream that he is a federal agent working on an international child sex trafficking operation.

5 G TOWER POPS UP IN Ellsworth, Wisconsin


In the chat log below, allegedly authored by Murtaugh, he (Murtaugh) boasts of kidnapping children from malls and raping children to death.


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  1. In order to purge the pedophiles from our world, we will need to have a permanent dragnet on these crimes for the future. People are still bitten by poisonous snakes, even though most have been displaced by urbanization. That does not mean that their victims are any less dead. This effort must be permanent. We must never stop weeding our beautiful green garden.

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