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For all those that did not hear what the President said :

Okay patriots. You’re bound to get blasted by the left about how orange man bad is telling people to go drink bleach, and how you’re crazy to support him. I did all the work already, just copy and paste this:

Trump asked about light and disinfectant injected into the body. There are two existing therapies. UV therapy as well as ozone therapy. The one that has the left all riled up is ozone therapy. This has been used for cancer patients. O3 gas is infused into the body as a DISINFECTANT to improve the intake of oxygen while ramping up the immune system, thus more efficiently killing bacteria and viruses. You can google it if you want. Trump asked the expert off to the side if testing was being done relative to applying this to the coronavirus. But of course NBC CBS CNN and company would take his words out of context to make it sound like he looked at the camera and said “hey let’s all drink bleach”. Disinfectant inside the body is indeed dangerous and should only be done by a doctor.
A footnote: if you take high amounts of vitamin C yourself, you will wind up with a buildup of hydrogen peroxide inside the body. Hydrogen peroxide is a DISINFECTANT. This is why vitamin C is so effective against viruses on its own.”

By Lynn Tanner

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  1. My whole family gets UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) with ozone a few times per year in FL. I have met people in the IV room who cured Lymes disease, colitis, cancer and so many other illnesses. here are 2 doctors from Cuba who say they cure disease with 10 pass ozone therapy in Cuba.

    1. Dear Carol,

      Can you direct me to the place in FL you mention please?
      Look forward to seeing you in the Waiting Room.



      Aka: Panayiotis Andreou Ellinas, MD, MPH
      E-mail: PrimumNonNocereEllinas@gmail. Com

    2. We are in Oklahoma, we have 4 clinics throughout the state performing the UBBI withvozone for decades….we have lost 2 doctors to odd readons…which is why we do not advertise. ..AMA FDA WHO wants to stop us all….we tried to send Potus our info on the therapy to help with the virus, we think it got intercepted 🙁

      1. @Martha Maybe send it to all Republicans; one of them will likely pass it along. Or give it to Timothy. There’s only one person between him and the president… I’m sure he can get it to Trump.

  2. What is Chlorine Dioxide?

    Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an Effective and Efficient Disinfectant

    How to make 1 liter of 3000 ppm Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) (English and Spanish instructions)
    (Use 5 ml of 3000 ppm CDS for every 3 liters of water.)

    CDS ingredients:
    – 1 liter of distilled water.
    – 75 ml of 22.4% sodium chlorite solution. [Salty water]
    – 75 ml of 50% citric acid [Vitamin C] (or 4% hydrochloric acid)

    (Further details for preparation in the description box of video – know what you are doing.)

    MMS is a weakened solution of the above.

  3. Donald Trump did nothing wrong he’s acting on the behalf of the United States of America and he’s doing what a present is supposed to do taking care of the American citizens the Democrat Party or bunch of morons

    1. Sorry i met to say President Donald J Trump is the best president this nation has ever had he’s doing what he president is supposed to do taking care of America and American citizens Democrats are a bunch of losers and a bunch of morons bunch of evil people

  4. True!! Around 1979 to 1980 we sold Amway products!! We often had conventions where hundreds of us gathered!
    At one of the rally’s we were informed about the advantages of taking Vit C!! The formula was for ever day use one to two thousand Mg a day was good!! But if you felt yourself coming down with a cold or flu to up the amount to 10,000 mg a day!! Usually a couple days and you were back to normal!!!
    Be great if our medical groups would take a look and give their approval!!

  5. I know about hydrogen peroxide and it’s use for treating illness. It was used in the early 1900’s to cure people of pneumonia by Intravenous drip of 3% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. You can also drink it in a lower dilution on a regular basis (on an empty stomach) to help cleanse the body on the inside and kill bad bacteria. People should be educated about this.

  6. Raymond Clapper, you are correct. At our integrative medicine doctor some people are getting hydrogen peroxide IVs. I asked the nurse how to decide whether to get the Utraviolet Blood Irradiation with ozone vs the hydrogen peroxide IV. The peroxide IV is not real expensive for what it does – $99, I think. He said the doctor does muscle testing. Muscle testing is also really good to do each year.

  7. Colorado Company Testing UV light tool (called “HEALight”) to heal INSIDE THE BODY!:

    UV catheters – Laser Generated Side-emitting Fibers for Anti-microbial Applications

    A new type of catheter that emits high-intensity light killing bacteria

    Victory… to the light! 🙂

  8. (Hope these comments are helpful to readers.)

    Thiomersal is an organomercury (MERCURY!!!!) compound, a well-established antiseptic and antifungal “disinfectant” agent used in vaccines…

    Formaldehyde is also a “disinfectant” added to vaccines.

    Ask yourself why DJT might want all the media and corrupt doctors to come out and say how dangerous injecting a “disinfectant” into someone might be?

    Just sayin’


  9. Sharing this…

    OZONE – This Dr. sent research and info the White House. There is a clinical trial going on in NYC with people what have the virus. This Dr. went into Ebola and cured it with Ozone Therapy. I know a lot about this as I began researching everything for my mom who has cancer. She started doing 10-pass ozone and in just after 1 week of 1 pass her CA-125 dropped from 25 to 13…she came down from 66 post surgery. Its one of those things you have to experience and see the data. It works. Cancer and viruses hate oxygen. This is why all the research say to exercise as it oxygenates the body. Cancer patients have higher outcomes with exercise and plant-based diets…plants have more oxygen. Vitamin C – 12,000 daily, 50gm of long Vitamin C IV’s…. you can also take hydrogen peroxide baths which oxygenate. I am just an ordinary guy, I didn’t know much about all this before Sept. of last year but many a sleepless night researching and I found out a lot.

    Dr. Brownstein – 110 patients with CV treated and fully recovered with ozone, hydrogen peroxide and high dose C. this blog/video is from an actual patient that was dying. There are several blog posts around CV worth reading

    Got my home ozone machine through and do ozone water, ozone ears every day. there is also ozone oil you can make for wounds. Low cost.


    Still researching:
    1. MMS
    2. Meythalyne Blue
    3. DMSO – which was legal and widely used until the “powers that were” took it down. Pretty amazing, bought some and put it on my 83 year old dad’s arms as he had black and blue marks and had been outside working in the yard and cut himself. I put some on cotton balls, put a bandaged on each and in the morning all marks were gone. I was stunned. Wanted to cry and then wanted to find out more and started reaching and was thrilled. It is truly amazing. It can be used for a stroke with recovery. I shared this with a friend and she told me her husband did DMSO IV (in California) for back pain. What happened is all the feeling in his toes came back and the color came back into his feet. It didn’t repair the nerve endings in the back area but the other effects were pretty incredible and she is a firm believer in it.

    I honestly thing this is the beginning of the end for traditional medical and big Pharma.

    And, once you learn, like I did that the powers that were destroyed all the herbal medicine schools and destroyed peoples lives to bring in satanic, reverse “medical” crap you will never go back. I was shocked this fall, but it makes sense and I watch my mom and dad and how it has improved things. Am I careful of what I buy and who from, absolutely. I also find it interesting that the company who I bought the DMSO from in the Fall was then shuttered by the FDA and the sole TV report on it wasn’t accurate at all, I know because I bought their products and they were full of light and very high quality. What I saw not the internet about them was so twisted…but now that I know what is going on with the planet it makes sense.

    Lastly, I found and it was a lifesaver for many reasons. I learned a bunch, they also give info on immunity building. I learned about cancer cures like Helixor which is used in Europe as a regular treatment – it is mistletoe and right now John Hopkins is doing a clinical trial on it. My mom’s natropath had it and she gets injections. There are several types of mistletoe depending on the type of cancer you have. I thought we would have to go out of the country but it is available in the states. MD Andersen has done a tone of clinical trials as well on alternatives including high dose vitamin C. We fired my mom’s traditional surgeon/oncologist and went to an integrative oncologist in Chicago so tat we could combine the best of both worlds. And, she is also working on her energy and healing the emotional side and working on a quantum physics level. Making the choice to live is the first step then, the universe/God guides the way — ask the questions and you shall receive the answers…we kept asking to be guided to the right people, solutions, treatments and keep asking every day and it all shows up to light the way….this is a truth in the Bible but we are not educated to ask – we can ask for a better world like this:

    – What would it take for the world to be in total peace in harmony now?
    – Universe can you please show me how loving this planet can be?
    – Universe can you show me something beautify today?
    – Universe, God can you please guide me to the truth of who I am, the truth about the planet and the truth as to why I am here?
    – Univers, God can you please show me how fast all the demons can leave this planet and never to return to me or this reality ever again?
    – Universe, God can you please bring me strength, love, eternal light and have it also fill everyone and everything on the planet?
    – Universe how does it all get better than this?
    – Universe can you show me what more is possible?
    – Universe can you show me and the world how to create beyond all of this?

    Many blessings one and all.

  10. I wanted to also share a few other things I found out:

    1. I learned that each oncologist/hospital gets a kick-back from the chemo companies of about $12K a patient they sign up. They do not disclose this to the patient. How can they not be biased? We got 2 traditional options and the during one of them a nurse share shared how many patients are getting chemo each year. I pulled out my cell phone and did the math…$180 million from chemo alone per the kick-back. Doesn’t include the money they get from the insurance companies.

    In business, If I took a kick-back I would be fired. How can this possibly be legal? And, shouldn’t they disclose it so that people can make informed choices? Someone needs to sue the hospitals because their “informed consent” is crap. We should know their profit margins. They are not in it for the healing.

    2. When the satanic media tells me crap like hospitals can’t afford more gowns, products, masks I know that is absolutely not true, they are highly profitable. Now, the money could be getting siphoned off by the satanic cults. But their math doesn’t make sense at all. Think of it this way — WHO just did a fundraiser on national TV saying they needed money and the prez was a bad guy for cutting their funding. However, WHO is owned by a billionaire family that is worth at least $500billion dollars… but, get the stupid people to donate when they already don’t have much…this is crazy stuff

    3. Hospitals are making up to $39K per CV patient, they are telling employees to write CV on the paperwork, this ensures everyone still has jobs and income…under this all is a tone of fear of not being able to provide for families or pay down student loans etc.

  11. This is the study he was talking about! MMS or Chlorine Dioxide destroy poisons that have been generated by the disease, that is why thousands of malaria patients have gotten up out of their beds and gone home just 4 hours after the second dose. In addition, a viral disease, such as the flu last for at least 12 hours, but it can take alot longer than that. We know that chlorine dioxide only remains present for about 1 hour, that means you must take chlorine dioxide every hour for an extended period of time to keep the viruses from forming. Chlorine Dioxide prevents the special virus protiens from forming, and thus the virus die.

    The larger pathogens are killed instantly, but the viruses are basically prevented from growing and are killed over minutes or hour. I would also like to inscribe about (AIDS) which stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, It is chronic, potentially life-threatening condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By damaging your immune system, HIV interfers with your body’s ability to fight infection and

    With CLO2 the immune system becomes at least 100 times more efficient. In fact, I am treating these sort of chronic diseases through CLO2 as well as Ozone therapy. As far as Ozone therapy is concerned, it can be used to treat medical condition by stimulating the immune system.

    Ozone therapy can be an effective treatment for autoimmune disease when circulated throughout the blood, it stimulates the immune system by promoting the release of certain proteins and hormones that cause the body to rebalance its immune system. The immune system normally guards against germs such as bacteria and viruses.

    Furthermore, heart diseases are treated through Chelation Therapy as it removes metals that have built up in the body. It can rejuvenate the heart and blood vessels, improve liver and kidney function, increase blood flow to the brain and more.

    However, All of these treatments involve destroying anaerobic and aerobic micro-organisms such as bacteria, parasites, pathogens

  12. My assessment is that Trump was attempting to downplay the otherwordly abilities fot his virus that have been attributed to it by the coporate media, through the demonstration of it’s susceptibility to simple hygiene and health advice. He was having to tread carefully so as not to make any definate claims or advice, especially surrounded by double agents in his task force (work for CDC).

    To further the cause of misinformation the media jumped on one comment, took it entirely out of context and have succeeded in further muddying the water.

    To conclude, both Vitamin C (Ascrobic Acid) and vitamin D are potent anti-oxidants that sweep up free radicals in the body (including stress hormones). Now is the time to upregulate, implement all those health goals we’ve never had time for, to heal ourselves, our relationships with each other and the Earth.

    Love to all and keep up the pursuit of truth,

    Fletch D

  13. Hi Greg, Your post gave me chills – of happiness. I am a breast cancer survivor – (2004 at 39 yrs old) and a DES experimentation preemie. Lost my Mom to it (BC) 18 months prior to my diagnosis. I was ignorant then. After I watched The Truth About Cancer, I bought the whole package/books, tapes. Anyway, God Bless you for posting and reaffirming to me that I am probably doing some things right for my family. Some bad things do have positive consequences, but we really should not have to suffer in the first place. It is a tough road and your Mom is so very lucky to have you! My Mom made the choice to die, sadly. btw – I had Vit C IVs after each episode of getting all my silver fillings removed/replaced. I often think of the Erin Brockovich movie – What price to you put on your ‘breasts’, in my case – or my Mother not knowing my son….
    I am going to go through your info in depth. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Hi Carol – Just wanted to share a few more things…

      We found out that uterine cancer which is what my mom has starts with the hormonal system and that most people on the planet are iodine deficient. I have been researching Nascent Iodine verses Lugos Iodine and chose to take both and give her both. We are doing about 30 drops a day in water spread throughout the day, that is the therapeutic dose. For me it is about building up immunity to not get disease. I found for more cancer protocols and info on Selenium. the other element that is low or missing in many is Selenium. I am focusing on plant-based selenium by MegaFoods or Dr. Group at the Global Healing Center. But recently I bought the Selenium tung oil that I found through Dr. Sircus website link because my mom doesn’t have to swallow it and and it is super high potency which is what she needs right now. I was also researching Dr. Wolfe out of Canada and he discusses Calcium and calcium ion that that if we are depleted we get cancer and if we do not address it cancer can come back. All of the doses that the FDA provides are way to low to promote healing. I think the best way given we are all unique is to learn how to body/muscle test each supplement every day. Sometimes my mom needs 7 drops of selenium, then on a different day she needs 4, then on another day the body is asking to skip it. Its like you have to become in relationship with your body asking it what it wants or needs and it answers back. I am learning this more and more. I used to just eat and do whatever or go to a fast-food restaurant with the arches and I would start to eat and my throat literally started to twist and I started to recognize that was my body’s way of saying no, I don’t want this. Took me a while to get clear on this. Another really strong herbal supplement that is anti cancer is Curcumin (Tumeric) and Boswellia (Frankincense). Another one is Paw Paw (Gaviota). For my mom who has a hormonal type of cancer we added Turkey Tail by Host Defense as they did a clinical trial I thin for Breast Cancer. Also, we were told that painting the breast/uterine/cancer area with iodine each night will help. We use Frankincense oil from Young Living Oil on the cancer areas each night as well as a drop under the tongue and on immune points. Most of the over the counter heath food store stuff is ok if you are just working to prevent disease but once you have it you need the highest quality and potent stuff. I will say MegaFoods brand of plant-based supplements is pretty darn good. I also like Host Defense mushroom products – liquids are easier for her to take. Superior Labs is where I get the Boswellia Extract, tumeric Gold and Pure Graviola. For the super potent supplements – North Shore Nutriceuticals in Skokie, IL they have a Curcu- Essentials. Here’s something I remember from studying the work of Dr. John Ray and body electronics – he said we cannot heal and release trauma and other things if we do not have the proper level of mineral and nutrient saturation in the body. So, if we are low on minerals, as much as we desire to grow and change our body is stuck. I put liquid minerals in my water and take Fulvic Minerals in =water. I also stopped drinking tap water and use distilled water that I remineralize and that seems to work. I recently came across a water clearing device that takes the imprinting out of the water (per Dr. Emoto’s work) and has it on his website. Chris Wack who cured himself of stage 6 colon cancer without chemo discusses a few superfoods that are amazing for bodies – one being spiralina – I found and have been giving it to my mom in a glass of fresh juiced carrot juice and she can drink it easily. We are also going to get a hyperbaric chamber for my mom in the coming weeks to help off-set the side effects of chemo and support her body. I am still going through all this and hunting for what works and if we have to go to Hope4Cancer in Mexico one day we will but for now we are working on the budget we have.

  14. Hi Greg, Thanks again for all of that information. I agree with all of it. It is a journey. I am glad your Mom is interested and willing to do all of this.

    I know you have a lot on your plate but I will offer one last thing that I think is the root of everything. Look up Doctor Koyfman out of GA. Cleansing. My husband and I pretty much did the entire program – not because of me but because he needed to get his gallbladder removed asap. We even juice fasted for 21 days. It was the best thing we’ve come across. My husband saved his gallbladder. My son did what he was allowed (he was in 8th grade) and completely cleared up all acne and so much more. His personality came back to being a happy member of the family. I had osteopenia and low white count from chemo for years which were both resolved. After cleansing my muscle testing showed I needed nothing – no vitamins, no supplements – basically everything was as it should be from my diet. Prior muscle testing showed a long list of supplements needed and food sensitivities. We regularly do the digestive and liver cleansing to this day.

    I would not try to liver cleanse on your own. It is very dangerous to cleanse without proper supervision. Your Mom would benefit greatly from lymphatic cleansing, too. Cleansing is the key to everything, IMO. I saw it with my own eyes. The regular doctors didn’t know what to make of the gallbladder being restored to health or my osteopenia disappearing. They had told me I would need to be put on a bone builder monthly med and then I came back the next year and the report was perfect. I had already had 3 previous reports showing osteopenia so it was legit. The Liver is key. God Bless you and your family. God Bless Timothy and the PPTF.

    1. Thanks Carol – we will look this up as we were looking at how to best cleanse the liver due to chemo. What can we do to get the chemo out of the body ASAP she’s only going to have her 2nd chemo and already noticing the effects on her fingers/toes. We have done some cleansing foot pads and some clay foot baths. I know more is going to be needed and supporting the liver and kidneys. Because she is 77 its not as easy to get her into detox baths and just taking all the supplements takes her all day. We appreciate this info will look into it right away

  15. Hi Greg, Someone told me to take the expensive Senekot. That was a big help at getting that chemo out the second day. Ask the doctor, if she is noticing constipation. Digesting food is actually hard on the body. Sometimes the simplest things can be the best. Try simplifying her diet, if she is agreeable. Juicing organic vegetables – carrot, green apple (pectic pulls toxins) and beet juiced will detox the liver, soften gall stones and liver stones and detox kidneys plus nutrients get absorbed quickly… win win. You can use a Champion Juicer. Read Norman Walker’s story – Nor Walk – we have his juicer 🙂
    Gerson is a great therapy that works… I’m sure you know. If she can handle it – I would suggest making fresh juice for her – not smoothies, not Bullets – strained juice. Your love/energy making it for her, nutrient dense, positive frequency…. Have her drink a glass of juice every hour or 2 as needed to keep her full of nutrients, high ORP. No food, if she feels good drinking the juice. Hold the juice in the mouth for a bit, swirl lightly, then swallow. Nutrients will absorb through the mouth, too. She can use a straw if the juice bothers her teeth. Take small sips so the nutrients can absorb. Rather than guzzle it down 🙂 Then a healthy organic dinner – salad, broccoli, celery, brown rice….ghee. Food combinations are big. Fruit by itself. Organic watermelon by itself. Watermelon detoxes the kidneys but must be eaten by itself. Try to cut out dairy and sugars as much as possible….Organic Tea – Rose Hip or Dandelion…They really push red meat during chemo…. I ate it. During cleansing we cut out meat, bread and dairy (and coffee) for 8 months – it was not hard to do because the juices are so nutrient dense and you feel so good. I’m up in the air on meat. Eat meat with green vegetables. Don’t eat meat with starches or fruits. White Oak Pastures in GA – the only meat I trust.
    Another simple thing is Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar – a tbs in her water or soak her hands in water with acv. I hope this is helpful for you and your Mom.
    Earlier, I forgot to send Blessings to President Trump and Melania, too.

  16. Thanks Carol – Just read this to my mom. She has a carrot juice in front of her with a tablespoon of greens mixed in and she was arguing with me about juicing because she is shifting her mind pattern. I also made a small bit of salmon with broccoli and quinoa. And, red cabbage with some apple cider vinegar, ground carrot from the juice and onion. We were told by The Block Center no dairy, no meat, no sugar, only ancient complex grains, watching the kinds of fruits. I just bought her a new Omega Juicer as I couldn’t afford the Norwalk right now. video said the omega can get us by until I can get a Norwalk. We changed from her previous juicer and I notice the difference as the energy of the juice seems smoother and more pleasant. We will soak her hands and feet that is a great idea. Will do that tonight. And, I did find a natural version of Sennekot at Whole Foods. I also found Kate Farms meal supplements – plant based organic and the 1.5 peptide gives her 500 calories so I have been giving her that to ensure the calories are up, she lost so much weight it is scary. And, I can give her the 1.0 and it is 325 calories…trying to get her up to 1400 calories a day at least.

    1. Greg, President Trump said we can’t let the cure be worse than the problem, or something along those lines. Made me think of chemo. That chemo is just so rough. I had a hard time, lost 30 pounds, mouth sores, bone marrow biopsies, scares, blood count problems, ER visit, etc and I was young….terrible.

      My heart breaks for her/you. She does need to keep her weight up. Maybe she should just concentrate on the healthy diet, UBI with ozone, her chemo, listen to 528 hz healing music on youtube and not worry about cleansing until after she gets done.

      The funny thing is we pay around $18,000/yr for insurance we don’t use, thankfully. Then we ‘happily’ spend $1000s out of pocket to save a gall bladder, preventative therapeutics, and to stay off pharmaceuticals. I do wish you and your Mom a successful outcome. Have the doctors indicated that she is winning? I truly hope so!

      1. thanks Carol. We are doing “conscious chemo” which is done based on circadian rhythms of the body, when modulated this way it is less toxic to the body, and there are nutrient IV’s before, during and after. only the chemo is covered by insurance, the IV’s cost us about $4,000 each round. And, cannabis suppositories that we make help to keep the blood counts stable. Would have never thought we would be using this herb but when it is done truly responsibly for cancer, autism, seizures and so forth it is a gift. I had to do a lot of research on it. And, frankly was shocked. I had no idea Israel was so far advanced. I had no idea that the US holds a patent on cannabis…how they can do that when it isn’t federally legal is beyond me. So many universities are studying it. Anyway, getting off topic. We are using Whole Tones music frequencies but I did look up the frequency range you mentioned and found a nice recording that took out pain from the body. Thanks so very much for sharing.

  17. Greg, Wow. You are an amazing son. I remember being in the IV room several months ago and a woman was talking to me about her breast cancer treatment. (We recently did a lot of IVs because my son had to get tons of vaccines – such a quagmire – for clinicals (College) hospital requirements.) It was her second bout. Speaking of other countries, she said they sent her blood work to Greece – the only lab that does it – where they worked up a plan based on turning the gene expressions on or off to heal her. I am not sure exactly all that was involved. She did say it was working. I don’t know what stage she was though. No chemo. I am not sure if it was all supplements and IVs but it was pretty incredible and precise. She mentioned she didn’t have any bad side effects. All my best to you!!!

    1. I think I heard fo the Greek bloodwork. I need to look into that further. I think I read it has to do with circulating cancer cells It is beyond me why blood work like this can’t be done in the US. Crazy.

      Also, passing this insight along to everyone – Get bloodwork done annually by a naturopath. Have them pull a deep panel for all your vitamin and nutrient levels, including hormones, blood counts, oxygen levels and even a CA125. This way you can do all the supplements, keep the body in balance and not get sick. It is pretty easy. And, its not covered by insurance but its cheaper than getting sick. I look at vitamins as being an act of self-love. You take them to self-nurture because you care about yourself and want the best for yourself. So, an investment in vitamins every month is like buying toothpaste. Simple things like just making sure you get enough Vitamin D reduces cancer risk by 64%, eating mushrooms, taking fish oil, getting enough iodine. Not the levels the FDA says but real, up-to-date levels. The American Cancer Society spends very little money on researching cancer prevention…let that one soak in…

      Also, here is another resource for anyone that reads this and has cancer or other immune issues — Anvirzel, an Oleander Extract:
      –It has anti-cancer properties (only attacks tumor cancer cells and not normal cells with no adverse side effects)
      –It is anti-viral
      –It stimulates the immune system
      –Neuroprotection properties
      –Anti-bacterial properties (for instance against lyme disease)

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