GEORGE FLOYD MURDER: What You Don’t Know About The Minneapolis, Minnesota Cops Who Murdered Him

George Floyd  

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on May 27, 2020 at 12:17 P.M.

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  1. David Hutchinson took office as the 28th Sheriff of Hennepin County on January 7, 2019.

    As Sheriff, he has focused on issues of staff and community wellness, community safety, and providing a workforce that mirrors the residents of Hennepin County. He is nationally recognized for his work on providing officer wellness and medically assisted treatment for incarcerated individuals experiencing opioid addiction. In the first year of his administration, Sheriff Hutchinson created an internal wellness unit called Tri Wellness in order to help his staff deal with the stresses of the law enforcement field. He firmly believes that keeping deputies mentally, physically and spiritually healthy will lead to better service for the public.

    In response to the changing responsibilities of law enforcement, he created two new divisions within the agency: The Community Outreach Division, and The Criminal Intelligence Division. The Community Outreach Division is focused on improving bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve and includes programs such as the Community Engagement team and Sheriff’s Youth Program. The Criminal Intelligence Division is focused on data-driven policing, using information to identify crime patterns, forecast criminal trends, generate investigative leads, assist with the identification of suspects involved in criminal activity, and much more.

    Sheriff Hutchinson is dedicated to strengthening relationships with partner agencies and local law enforcement offices. He currently serves as Technology Chair for the Major County Sheriff’s Association, and as Secretary for the Major County Sheriff’s Association Foundation Board. He is a member of the Minnesota Post Board and serves on the board of YouthLink and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s Violence Prevention Steering Committee.

  2. I have been following you for years. I have been waking up since the early 1990’s. Maturing and gaining knowledge has been a challenge for me due to past and still some present barriers. I have been requesting help from different government entities within the State of Alaska and Oregon for decades as I have been waking up. Being a former victim of sex trafficking begining in Oregon foster care system from the age of 15 and the military during the end of this same period due to me twice enlisting in the Army prior to my turning 18. I was discharged the day after I turned 18 after being gang raped on my first leave after graduating my AIT. Long history to my documented and undocumented biography. To start with I would like to send you an email that I sent the the staff member in Governor Dunleavey’s office in Juneau Alaska and cc’d to senators, congressman, reps, etc that have known and been involved in my cases and claims over the years and this only entails a small number of the large amount of them there are. This most recent one entails me again requesting assistance as a sex trafficking victim along with a couple of the other cases they are supposed to be investigating. So if you feel this is something you might be able to use to assist me please email me and let me know so I don’t send you something that just plugs up your email. since all my efforts in Alaska over the years have not been able to assist although I have documented proof they were asked by me for help. This is really disheartening because I voted for dunleavey and was hoping for better results. That being said I would like to tell you that I am so grateful for what you have done over the years even though your life has been threatened, you have been tormented, tortured, kidnapped and the list goes on. You NEVER STOPPED YOU NEVER BACKED DOWN. You have been one of my greatest role models along with several other reporters I have grown to know through the #Q movement. To bring this to a close I will simply say Thank You from the depths of my heart. Signed a Survivor.

    1. May God Protect and Bless You!
      Stay in the fight! It is a fight worth winning! “If Yah be for us, who can be against us!

    2. Thank you for offering to share your information. I feel the same way about Timothy Holmseth as you do. There were times in the past that I would loose touch and I feared he was in horrible trouble or murdered! Some day soon, everyone will know about the brave individuals who have purchased our freedom, by staring fear and danger square in the eye and not backing down. We are really blessed.

  3. It sure did appear Timothy had his seat belt on. Stupid law anyway, it should be a right — motorcycles can drive but people protected in cars have to wear a seat belt. Yes, it is more safe but it should not be a law. I think it is obvious that this is harassment. It sure appears that this cop was instructed to stall and harass. The things that piss me off the most are people who believe they are better than others. Cops don’t work for the people anymore they work for tyrant thugs and many of them become tyrant thugs themselves. God Bless the Good Cops!

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